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bluefin tuna

Species Spotlight: Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

Name: Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

Also known as: Tunny, Northern Bluefin Tuna, Giant Bluefin Tuna

Scientific Name: Thunnus Thynnus

BLUEFIN TUNA Description

The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna is the top predator and true giant of the sea, reaching sizes in excess of 1000lb this fish reaches lengths the same as a small-sized family car. These warm blooded amazing fish are easily recognized by their blue colouration on the top half of the body and a grey colour on the bottom half. The Bluefin Tuna possesses amazing strength that some say is unrivalled by any other fish in the sea. You can find out more about Bluefin Tuna Fishing over on our YouTube Channel.

Average BLUEFIN TUNA size

These huge fish can reach sizes well over 1000lb but the average-sized fish that are caught are around 300lb in weight.

Where to catch BLUEFIN TUNA

The Bluefin Tuna is highly migratory and moves across the oceans year after year, huge shoals of monster-sized fish turn up in locations such as the Atlantic and Mediterranean sea, Nova Scotia, the United States, Gulf of Mexico and the Canary Islands along with much more recently the Irish sea and Scotland.

BLUEFIN TUNA Fishing Methods

Bluefin tuna is a ferocious predator,  they need to be fished for with either bait or by trolling lures. This is done by fishing off a boat as the water these fish inhabit is normally a long way offshore and deep. One of the best methods is to chum the water with bits of fish and create an oily slick drawing the fish in. Once these fish are close enough, live bait can be dropped in front of these fish which will soon be smashed by any fish in the area.

Another method for fishing for these hard-hitting brutes is by trolling teasers behind a boat, enticing the fish up and then dropping a bait or a trolled lure into these fish until they hit it ensuring the angler is then in for a very good fight. You can find a perfect example of this in the video from our lodge in La Gomera below.

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