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Sportquest Holidays Guide to Self Drive Boat Fishing in Norway

Over the years of driving boats in Norway we tend to take it for granted that everyone knows how to drive them their selves, but sometimes this is what puts people off from travelling to this stunning fish packed country. Yes, you get an orientation when you turn up but this is normally fairly quick and then you are left […]
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Mortimer and Whitehouse – Behind the scenes of the 2022 Christmas Special

In 2019, the producers of the famous Mortimer and Whitehouse fishing programme contacted us about arranging a trip for the duo’s one-off 2022 Christmas special. Norway was the chosen destination, considered by many as the home of Christmas, and a perfect setting for Bob to try to convince Paul that the festive season is truly ‘the most wonderful time of […]

Catch and Release Fishing – Fish Care In Norway

Many more people are now practising catch and release when away on their fishing holidays, although it is always lovely to take a fish or 2 for the pot, however, it is also lovely to see them returned to the water. Catch and release fishing is a great way to keep many fish stocks up where they should be. With […]

Norway Sea Fishing Tips For A Successful Fishing Holiday

So you have found yourself in the fortunate position where you are considering a sea fishing adventure to northern Norway to tangle with some of the deep-sea fish that Norway is so very famous for, this is when you may come across certain questions or have some Norway sea fishing tips that you may need to consider before parting with […]

Species Spotlight: Wolffish

Species: Atlantic Wolffish Scientific Name: Anarhichas Lupus Also known as: Seawolf, Atlantic Catfish, Ocean Catfish, Devil Fish or Wolf Eel.  Description The Atlantic Wolffish has a general external appearance of a blennie, and its long eel-like body is smooth and slippery, with its scales almost hidden under its skin. It features an even dorsal fin that extends the whole length of its back […]
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Sea Fishing Clothing for Norway

A very common question I get asked is ‘What sea fishing clothing should I pack?’So we have listed below some information that may help you have a more enjoyable time when fishing out in Norway. The conditions in Norway can change at the drop of a hat so it’s important that you travel well prepared if you don’t and the […]

The Best Hosted Fishing Destinations

Every year our hosted trips become increasingly popular and sell out very quickly. This is due to them being cheaper than travelling as a single angler, the expert advice, the experience of our hosts, and the exclusive destinations we have. Below we have listed our favourite hosted trips, in no particular order. Crocodile Bay fishing resort – Costa Rica  Every […]

Sportquest Head Norway Fishing Guide – Paul Stevens

On a recent trip to Norway to film the 2022 Halibut competition, alongside good friend Paul Stevens, our head Norway guide and destination manager, I chatted to him about his passion for saltwater fishing and his love for Norway, as well as his envious list of PB’s.  Paul, who has been a key member of the Sportquest team since the […]

Why you need to buy travel insurance at the same time you book your holiday

If you’ve booked a holiday and are already counting down the days, we advise taking the time in advance to buy yourself travel insurance. While none of us want to think about things that could go wrong in the time between booking and jetting off – for example, illness, bereavement or redundancy – taking out a policy early could potentially […]

Halibut fishing techniques Norway

As more and more people travel in search of the mighty sportfish, the Halibut, you will find that people will come up with brand new ways to catch Halibut and it’s this that leads to the progression of specifically catching and targeting Halibut and the progression of Halibut Fishing techniques Norway. Back when I very first visited Norway I struggled […]
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