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Our top Norway Destinations for Skrei Cod Fishing

The Skrei Cod season is proving to be very productive at three of our camps in North Norway, with several magical 30Kilo fish hitting the lures, and fish of this calibre, are what anglers dream of.

We offer a range of tours all around northern Norway to target the Skrei Cod, however, the three destinations that we cover below are our top picks for hooking up with that dream 35kg+ fish.

Nappstraumen, NORWAY

The next destination on our list is Nappstraumen on the Lofoten Islands. The Skrei Cod fishing here has been better than previous years and when weather permits, anglers can expect some fantastic Cod fishing. We have also had a few Halibut landed at this camp, but when the weather is good, the anglers have been heading straight out to catch the big Cod.

Mefjord, Norway

The next destination on our list is Mefjord. As the destinations above, the Skrei Cod have turned up and the anglers targeting them have had some pretty huge ones like the fish below which came in at 66lbs. This is the main reason why we have based our next hosted trip to this location as the Cod are in, and they are hungry so lets hope the anglers on the trip can cope with the Cod fishing this destination has to offer.


Loppa is a municipality in Troms og Finnmark county, in northern Norway. The fishing camp is situated in the sheltered town of Bergsfjord, opposite the island of Silda.

Due to Loppa’s extreme northern location in Norway, it sits close to the Skrei Cod fishing grounds, not too far from the famous Norwegian destination of Soroya. The name ‘Skrei’ literally means ‘to migrate’, and that’s exactly what millions of Cod do every season, make the journey from the Barents sea back to their spawning grounds. The Skrei fish grow to some incredible sizes, and fish of over 30lb to 40lb are not unusual, and every season fish to epic proportions of over 60lb and even 70lb get landed by travelling rods.

Å, Norway

This spectacular sea fishing Norway destination is exclusive to Sportquest Holidays. Our Sea Fishing package to Å includes everything you need for an action-packed weeks fishing.

The Cod fishing grounds are a little further afield, and after short 40-minute boat steam, you will find yourself in deeper waters where the Cod like to feed. The area is known as the Northside of the Lofoten Islands, and the grounds here vary in depth from 60m – 150m, perfect depths for shoals of hungry Cod. In previous years, we have landed Cod to over 60lb in the summer months, but you should set a target of around 35lb in the summer months on average.

Soroya, Norway

Soroya fishing camp is one of the world’s best sea fishing locations and currently holds the world record rod and reel caught Cod at 104lb. With this in mind, we have partnered up with Big Fish Adventures to offer UK anglers the Exclusive opportunity to venture to “the land of the big fish”.

The destination of Soroya fishing camp is world-famous for the big fish that inhabit these waters; in the winter, the monster Skrei Cod move into the area and provide visiting anglers with some truly fantastic sport. It is not only the tremendous Cod fishing that Soroya is world-famous for, but this area also produces some extraordinary Halibut fishing in the Summer months with 2 metres plus fish caught here every year.


If you would like to learn more about these destination and how you can join in on one of our yearly hosted trips to Norway, you can contact our sea fishing expert, Paul Stevens, on 01603 407596 or email If you would like to take a closer look at all of our Norway Skrei Cod tours, you can do so here.

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