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Preparing For Skrei Cod Fishing, Norway

When we enter a new year here at Sportquest we start to get very excited as we know the season for Skrei Cod Fishing, Norway, is coming. Anglers will be heading to Norway’s fishing villages in numbers to target one species in particular and that fish is the Skrei Cod. Now, these Skrei Cod are not like normal cod that […]
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Sunset On The Beach

How To Prepare For A Beach Fishing Trip

Here we will take you through the ways I would prepare for a beach fishing trip anywhere around the world, from Norway to Namibia. These tips will work in any country you are fishing as the variables to take into account are the same it is just the fish you will be targeting that change. Tides One of the most […]

Why Choose A Hosted Sea Fishing Holiday With Sportquest

For many years now we have been approached by single anglers or even small groups who have always wished to travel to Norway on a big sea fishing adventure targeting the fish they have seen so many times on social media and in the magazines, only to be told that if they travel as a smaller group than 4 then […]
Short Haul Flights

Short-haul flight Fishing Destinations

For many years Sportquest Holidays have searched the world high and low so we can bring you some of the most exciting fishing destinations known to mankind and not always do we have to look far. Some of the best waters can be found by only travelling a few hours by plane. Places such as the might River Ebro in […]

Braid vs Mono Saltwater Fishing Debate

The age-old debate in fishing still rages on, what fishing line is best, do you go for the stretchy, forgiving properties of monofilament line or do you go for all-out strength against diameter properties of braided lines. Here I will go through the advantages and disadvantages of using both from boat and shore fishing environments. It really is a Braid […]

Catching Halibut On The Float

Sportquest Top Tips on what you will need to Halibut float fish, how to set the float rig up and when to use it. When you think of Halibut fishing in Northern Norway or Iceland your mind is instantly drawn to using shads, pirks and standard dead bait rigs as these are tried and tested methods to target Halibut. One […]

Best Sea Fishing Lodges in Norway to Target, Cod, Halibut and Coalfish

Many anglers travel to Norway in search of that once in a lifetime monster catch. With so many different destinations to choose from, we have narrowed the list down to our three top fishing lodges in Norway where we think the chances of catching a potential world record is at their greatest. Many anglers travel to Northern Norway each year, […]

Saltwater Surface Popper Lures for Coalfish

As you drift along on the cold Norwegian waters winding your saltwater surface popper lures in, the lure itself creating bubbles and disturbance in its wake, out of nowhere the water around it erupts, with both fish and lure now airborne. You tighten down and the rod doubles round violently, excitement takes over your whole body as its now fish […]

Top Sea Fishing Destinations IN NORWAY

Sea fishing is an ever-growing sport enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. We send 1000’s of anglers away each year on our sea fishing holidays where they have the chance to target some truly monstrous beasts from the deeps. Over the years we have been providing anglers with the best sea fishing adventures to all manner of Norwegian destinations that […]

Tips On Plaice Fishing From A Boat In Norway

Sea fishing in Norway offers anglers lots of different opportunities and a wide range of species, from fishing for Large Cod in deep water to shallow water fishing for Coalfish off the surface. One species that you really should set aside some time to target is the Plaice fishing from a boat. Not one of the biggest species in Norway […]
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