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The best Family Fishing Holidays

For many years Sportquest Holidays has been sending happy customers all over the world in search of their dream fishing locations. What we have started to find is that the angler is now, more and more, wanting places to go that are a little more family-friendly. Some fishing locations around the world, you will find the accommodation to be ok and there may not be anything else available apart from fishing. This isn’t normally an issue if the fishing is excellent and people will put up with adequate accommodation if the fishing is red hot, however, when it comes to taking non-anglers, then peoples requirements change.

With so many different types of fishing, we have tried to accommodate everyone when it comes to looking for family-friendly holidays from your fly anglers to your Norway sea anglers, it’s important to be able to accommodate everyone’s needs. We have listed below what we think are our most family-friendly locations around the world that offer non-anglers a great holiday experience as well as keeping the fishing experience first class.

So if you and your family are looking for that break that you have all been looking forward to so much to then here is our list of family fishing holidays that will appeal to many different families. If you would like to speak to any of the team then feel free to call us anytime on 01603 407596 or email via

Family Fishing Holidays – Sea Fishing

Norway Sea Fishing For Families

If you are looking for family fishing holidays in Norway, then Mefjord is the destination for you. Not only is this an anglers paradise with super-sized specimens coming out of the waters at various times of the year but there are also a huge variety of activities to keep the whole family entertained such as hiking into the local mountains where you may encounter some of Norway’s most spectacular wildlife including Reindeer and Sea Eagles or why not book a day out on the Safari luxury boat and they will take you out looking for Whales and just spoiling you all day with the sights and wildlife found along the coast of Norway. Mefjord is also renowned for its Northern lights shows, the lack of artificial light here makes seeing these wonders of nature a huge possibility.

At this destination in Norway, we have many different options regarding accommodation from large Luxury Northern Lights apartments to your more traditional style Norwegian cabins. Its is also possible to stay in our hotel, which has been fully renovated in 2020 and is attached to the restaurant and Bar where they serve lovely freshly made meals. It is also possible to arrange an all-inclusive package and if you really want to push the boat out, why not treat your family to a one-way helicopter transfer to really show you what Norway is like. If you would like to watch some of our videos from Mefjord, you can find the full Youtube playlist for this destination here.

Family Fishing Holidays – Big Game Fishing

Crocodile Bay Costa Rica

Crocodile Bay is a world-class resort that has it all! Anglers can journey out onto one of the many boats to battle with the big game fish that frequent these waters whilst non-angling family members enjoy the many activities the destination has to offer. Crocodile Bay has activities such as zip-lining through the forest canopy, rainforest expeditions and ocean trips whale watching. This is probably one of our most popular family fishing holidays and we are happy with sending any family here as we know that the staff are very used to taking the best of care of the non-anglers of the party. Costa Rica is a real experience for any family that will leave the entire family with some long-lasting memories. The resort is an all-inclusive resort so no need to worry about extra expenses, we include a huge range of items for breakfast, lunch meals are always freshly prepared, then afternoon snacks then evening meals which we can assure you that everyone’s needs will be taken into consideration. We will even throw some spa vouchers to keep you all entertained. If you would like to watch some of our videos from Crocodile Bay, you can find the full Youtube playlist for this destination here.

Madeira Blue Marlin Fishing

The attraction to Madeira, apart from the huge Blue Marlin that get caught, is the fact that its a short flight from the UK and its also a direct flight from most UK airports making it a lot easier for families to navigate to, no transferring at other airports, nice and straight forward. The hotel we use caters for all manner of visitors from large families to dedicated fishing holidays. They have fabulous golf coarse onsite plus the staff of the hotel can organise great days out into town for the wonderful markets or just a relaxing stroll around the stunning marinas while taking in the sights and sounds of Madeira. The hotel offers lots of different varieties of room configurations from large family rooms to more private double rooms, so whatever sized family travel we will be able to offer a stunning room for all. When you combine a day on our big game boat with your holiday, the boat is for use by you and your family only. So if it’s just you then you will be on the boat on your own or if the entire family want to join you then it’s up to you. If you would like to watch some of our videos from Madeira, you can find the full Youtube playlist for this destination here.

Zancudo Lodge Costa Rica

This resort in the heart of the Costa Rican jungle will appeal to the more adventurous family who is after not only a holiday but an experience. The wildlife at the resort is like stepping into a David Attenborrow programme but can be seen by simply stepping out onto your balcony. The noises and smells around this Zancudo Lodge will definitely make you feel that you are in paradise as fresh air is the main order for the day. Also, the resort is one of the only resorts in the past of Costa Rica that is beach fronted, most are set back away from the beaches but not this one, so you can simply step out of your private bungalows and be faced by the stunning flat calm Pacific Ocean. If you like to go out each day when you are on holiday then you are going to be in for a treat as they offer so many different eco-tours that will keep the most active families busy. The other advantage of Zancudo lodge is that you really do not have to take anything with you apart from clothes and a smile as ALL fishing equipment and tackle is provided, and that includes if you want to popper fish, fly fish, baitfish or troll they will completely cater for your needs. If you would like to watch some of our videos from Zancudo Lodge, you can find the full Youtube playlist for this destination here.

Family Fishing Holidays – Fly Fishing

El Pescador Belize Saltwater Fly Fishing

For the saltwater fly fishermen looking to take their partners or the whole family then El Pescador in Belize is more than used to catering for families of all sizes and ages. The holiday itinerary on our website is just a suggested one to give you an idea of what can be put together and the other attraction to this destination is that the fishing isn’t sold in set weeks, meaning if you wish to have just a couple of days fishing and then a couple of rest days then back to it then this can easily be catered for. We can help advise on what else the resort can offer in terms of non-fishing activities and for a small example, we can help organise diving sessions, horseback riding, days out into town and many other tours available. Alternatively, you can wait until you arrive and book your tours at your own leisure that way if you fancy having a lazy day around the pool or a stroll along the white sands you are not tied down to certain days. A holiday to Belize will leave the whole family with memories to last a lifetime. If you would like to watch some of our videos from El Pescador, you can find the full Youtube playlist for this destination here.

Family Fishing Holidays – Freshwater Fishing

Gillhams Resort, Thailand

If you love your freshwater specimen fishing then Gillhams in Thailand is going to be right up your street. With stunning lakeside private bungalows perfectly adapted to family holidays, this will please everyone. The staff and owners of Gillhams are more than used to dealing with small to large families and will look after non-anglers by offering days out to the local markets, trips to the river to bathe the rescued Elephants to Thai cooking lessons or you can simply laze around the infinity pool and soak up some of the tropical suns. The meals at Gillhams will appeal to young or old and with the extensive list of food on offer, everyone will find something that they fancy. If the younger generation travelling with you fancy having a go at the wonderful fishing on offer, there is a growing on the lake located just behind the main lake which offers small-sized fish and they will provide some smaller rods for the children to use. This is a great way of getting the younger generation involved and you never know, they may love it that much that they pester you to go back next year, which we are confident, you wouldn’t mind. If you would like to watch some of our videos from Gillhams, you can find the full Youtube playlist for this destination here.

As you can see there are many destinations around the world that have been picked to offer the whole family an experience, they neither favour the angler or non-angler but will treat everybody the same with a huge amount of pride in what they have to offer. There are no compromises on the above holidays, you will not have to sacrifice quality fishing to keep the family happy and this goes the other way, they will not have to sacrifice their experience to cater for the fishing.

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The staff at Sportquest Holidays have years of travel experience and also have years of travelling with their own families so offering customers family fishing holidays is close to their hearts and know what people expect, therefore they are very confident that the above will appeal to many people and are very confident that you all will have the best time and will want to return year after year. If you would like to speak to our experienced team then call 01603 407596 or email via and they can look at tailoring a family holiday around you and the dates you have available.

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