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Guide to the Best Flies for Peacock Bass Fly Fishing in Brazil

The enigmatic Amazon Basin, stretching a staggering 6.7 million square kilometres across Brazil, is an angler’s dream. Beyond its dense rainforests and meandering waterways, it hosts one of the most sought-after freshwater game fish – the Peacock Bass. Vibrant and vicious, this fish represents a challenging but rewarding pursuit for those who dare to take it on. This guide is tailored to guide you through the intricacies of the best flies to use when fishing for the Peacock Bass in the heart of Brazil.

Understanding the Peacock Bass

A Lovely Peacock Caught On An Agitator Fly

A thorough understanding of the Peacock Bass is a prerequisite for any successful fishing trip. Native to the Amazon river system, these fish are members of the cichlid family. Their vivid hues, ranging from gold and orange to green and blue, make them a spectacle in the water. However, their beauty is just the tip of the iceberg. Known for its aggressive behaviour, the Peacock Bass is celebrated for its forceful strikes and rigorous fights, often testing the mettle of even the most seasoned anglers. For a more in-depth look at the Peacock Bass, you can read our species spotlight blog.

What’s the Significance of Picking the Right Peacock Bass fly?

A Fantastic Brace Caught On Whistlers And Deceivers

In the diverse ecosystem of the Amazon, the Peacock Bass is spoilt for choice regarding prey. Their diet is varied from small aquatic creatures to a variety of fish species. Their discerning nature makes the choice of lure essential. The right fly can mean the difference between a day of constant action and going home empty-handed. Optimal flies simulate the Bass’s natural prey, triggering their predatory instincts.

Essential Flies for Peacock Bass Fishing in Brazil

A Range Of Pole Dancers, Agitators, and Deceivers

  • Peacock Agitator: This fly, the brainchild of John Fuch, is tailored for the Peacock Bass. It’s an absolute must-have in the Amazon.
  • Reducer: Its vibrant colours and streamer pattern make it apt for the waters of South America, simulating a swimming prey.
  • FlashTail Whistler: This fly adeptly mimics the Amazon’s baitfish, ensuring it captures the Peacock Bass’s attention.
  • Rob’s Space Invader: A creation of Rob Anderson, it stands out due to its brilliant hues and lifelike resemblance to baitfish.
  • Gamechanger: This Blane Chocklett design revolutionizes baitfish patterns with its remarkable movement.
  • Charlie’s Airhead: Mimicking a struggling baitfish, it’s known for attracting the opportunist Peacock Bass with its erratic motions.
  • Standard Clouser Minnow/Half and Half Clouser Minnow: A versatile lure, it’s particularly effective in shallower waters.
  • TK’s Doctor Davis Deceiver: An impressive fly that perfectly imitates a small baitfish, at just 6 1/2″ long and some variations also featuring a small rattle, it makes for a fantastic dirty water fly.

Some Fantastic Peacock Bass Banger Poppers And Whistlers

  • Amazon Special: Enrico Puglisi infuses this design with a delightful mix of colour and shimmer, ideal for the jungle’s environment.
  • Dorado – Baby Peacock: Another Puglisi design, this lure plays on the more extensive Peacock Bass’s cannibalistic nature.
  • Lead-Eyed and Unweighted Lefty’s Deceiver: Its adaptability makes it perfect for diverse water terrains.
  • Lefty’s Shark/Cuda Fly: A fantastic all round fly, that attracts not just sharks, but Peacock Bass love them too, with the red/orange being a fan favourite.
  • Master Jack Popper: A Troy Bachmann design creates surface disturbances that Peacock Bass find hard to resist.
  • Banger Popper: Known for its pronounced surface commotion, it’s sure to attract the attention of any predator in the vicinity.
  • Pole Dancer: Charlie Bisharat’s masterpiece, this fly employs a unique side-to-side movement that imitates vulnerable prey, making it irresistible to predators.

In Conclusion

Another Giant Peacock Bass Nailed On An Agitator Fly

The Amazon is more than just a fishing spot; it’s an experience. With the right flies in tow, anglers can immerse themselves in the sheer thrill of battling the mighty Peacock Bass. The blend of adrenaline, the splash of colours, and the tranquil ambience of the Amazon culminates in an unmatched angling adventure. Proper preparation is vital; with the right flies, you’re already halfway there. Tight lines and happy fishing!

In this video, Untamed Angling CEO, Rodrigo Salles, shows you how to catch Peacock Bass on the fly. This video will not only show you some of the flies discussed above, but it will also teach you some essential fishing tips. So sit down, get comfortable and let’s get started!

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