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Shooting Dove From The Sky

Benefits To Taking Your Game Shooting Abroad

So the UK game season can offer the world’s most exciting and impressive shooting estates and opportunities for the most budding shot. But the season only lasts so long, and at the end of all the hype and enjoyment, we come to an abrupt and disappointing end. With shooting in the UK likely to be affected by the fallout of the CV-19 Pandemic there are a number of reason why shooting abroad for the next season might be a good idea.

4 Great Landscapes From Argentinaa

The rolling hills of sunny Argentina

Many of us still yearn for that adrenaline rush from being under those fast-flying birds, and for that, there are destinations whereby their seasons exceed ours. This being a massive selling point for a keen enthusiast to extend their season and to enjoy the extra sport.

But for some, it’s just to get away and experience other advantages to shooting holidays abroad. And that there are aplenty.

4 Great Landscapes From Spain

Partridge hunting at Palacio Conde de Zanoni lodge, Spain

Shooting abroad can offer splendid hospitality

Shooting overseas offers many appealing opportunities and attracts guns and non-shooting partners for the splendid hospitality and service which is second to none. You will find that the staff are polite, attentive and very accommodating. Exceptional accommodation and amenities are what which people find very appealing, as not everyone shoots so wish to spend lazy days in the comfort of the lodge.

France shooting

The magnificent Château de Villette, France

Shooting abroad beats the english weather

Let’s not forget the warm sunshine which steals most of our UK shooters to warmer climes. Why would you want to stay in the miserable corners of the British Isles once you have had your fun? Not to dismiss shooting in an open muddy field, but would you not like to relive it all walking to your peg in a shirt with the soothing sun warming your back whilst enjoying a drive? It’s the alluring cold beverage after and the meeting of friends and fellow peg pals around tapas al fresco in the shade.

Eating After A Shoot

A lunchtime break at the El Despeñadero Estate

Experience new cultures when shooting abroad

Culture plays a large part in the escape of us Brits abroad. It’s the new experiences that a different country can give us whether it be historical tours, different cuisines including delicious wines and a subtle and easy way of living. Excursions and entertainment plays its part for many travellers and shopping experiences in the cities can make for some truly memorable visits.

These days in the sunshine are mind-blowingly beautiful and the shooting is incredible. For those that wish to shoot in the Spanish hills, for instance, there is the added bonus of having a secretario accompany you and load too which means they count your birds shot, which of course is very different to over in the UK as you will only pay for the ones you shoot rather than for what the team may have shot. For some, if you are inexperienced or unlucky in the line you don’t miss out.4

Jacana Lodge shooting lodge

All in all there is lots to say about shooting abroad and apart from it benefitting their economy and livelihoods it also gives you a trip of a lifetime or a little getaway at the end of an exciting game season in the UK.

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