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Travelling With Guns To France

If you want to take your guns to another EU country then you will need to get a European Firearms Pass even if you’re already a GB holder of a shotgun or firearms certificate. The EFP supports your existing firearms or shotgun certificate and so it will expire on the same date. You should apply for an EFP by making a request to your local firearms licensing department, there is no fee and you should expect the process to take approximately two weeks.

Here is some information you’ll need when travelling to France with your gun but bear in mind that when travelling as laws concerning possession of firearms vary by local state and international governments

  • You will need your European Firearms Pass and your Shotgun Certificate
  • You will need to notify the airline in which you’re travelling with that you are travelling with firearms. You may want to enquire prior to travelling as limitations and fees may apply. Always declare each firearm each time you present it for transport as checked baggage and it will need to be in a hard carry case and be sure to declare to customs that you are travelling with shotguns or firearms.
  • To shoot in France you will need a validated Permis de Chasser. For this purpose, your Shotgun certificate counts as a Permis and can be validated for 3 to 9 days. You can apply for this online via the website of the hunting federation for the department of which you will be shooting.
  • The box for the details of the Permis is freeform and will accept the details of your Shotgun Certificate.
  • You will find the costs may vary depending on the size of the game you will be shooting, small game or large game (deer, boar etc) and also whether you wish to shoot in just one department or more. The process should only take a few days.
  • Keep with you the information as you may be asked to show your validation at the start of the day.
  • You will need to show proof of insurance so keep that with you too.

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We hope this has helped you with the basics when it comes to travelling to France with your gun. If you have any more questions, let us know below. If you would like to contec tus in the office regarding a shooting holiday, you can contact our shooting expert, Peter Collingsworth, on 01603 407596 or by emailing

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  1. Sarah Brown

    Hi Peter, my shotgun is currently stored in London. I wish to take it to France next month but I’m not sure what documents I should provide to the border controllers (apart from my firearm permit). It has been very confusing since Brexit. I contacted the French authorities but they don’t have a clue. Many thanks.

  2. Graham Neville

    I would like to go on holiday to France and Spain can i take my shotgun with me to do clay shooting?

  3. Richard

    hi Rob have you had any luck yet with the french police / , like you i.m in the same the EFP is know longer any good. getting no help.

  4. Rob

    I am struggling to find what I need to transport my shotguns to France since we cannot get a EFP since Brexit ? I have checked with Police Firearms and they just say contact the French Police? tried and failed

    any one know how I can get them there

    1. Fred

      You need to contact the French Customs (not French Police)

  5. Khadim

    What do I need to travel with a gun to France

  6. Kevin Sinclair

    What about target rifles. Now the EFP is not issued in the UK.
    What forms are required to enter France with a target rifle or to travel through France to Germany

  7. Richard

    I’m not sure about that as police do not enter closed land, I think, that the insurance is if you are walking fields and across country with your gun, as you know the French have deferent times and rules for shooting. like you I have land I also have public liability insurance, and only shoot vermin on my land around the lake, as by the French law you cannot use an air riffle for vermin control so I went for a 22 rimfire I have taken my gun many times over to France never been asked about insurance not saying I’m right, but have all other documents that I should have, I also notify them at passport control. I have never been told or asked for gun insurance, do we need insurance to travel with your gun in the UK ? Regards Richard

  8. Keith Fenton

    Hi … is it any different if i just want to shoot on my own land??
    Vermin etc

    1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest

      Keith this only applies to people who wish to travel with guns to France, not sure what you mean with your question?

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