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The Ultimate International Travel Plug Adapter Guide

Whether you’re a seasoned wanderer or prepping for your first international adventure, there’s one tiny yet essential tool you shouldn’t forget: the travel plug adapter. Don’t let your travel plans be disrupted by incompatible plugs! An international travel plug adapter is a must-have gadget that ensures your devices stay charged wherever you go.

Why Do You Need a Travel Plug Adapter?

The world is divided, not just by borders and languages but by electrical plug types, voltages, and frequencies. From the two-pronged types in the US to the three-pronged versions in the UK, the variety is astounding. Hence, to ensure your devices work seamlessly across continents, a travel plug adapter is your best companion.

How many different plug adaptors are there?

There are approximately 15 different types of plugs used worldwide, classified from Type A to Type O. Each type has its unique design, voltage, and frequency.

  • Type A and B: Common in the Americas and parts of Asia.
  • Type C: Widely used in Europe, South America, and Asia.
  • Type D and M: Predominant in parts of Africa.
  • Type E and F: Popular in Europe and parts of Asia. … and the list goes on.

Choosing the Right plug Adapter

  1. Single-Country Adapters: These are designed for travellers visiting just one country. They’re lightweight and specific to the plug type of that country.
  1. Universal Adapters: These are all-in-one units that can adjust to fit multiple plug types. They’re slightly bulkier but incredibly versatile. Ideal for globetrotters!

Tips for taking technical devices abroad

  1. Purchase a Universal Adapter: This will cover you for all your travel arrangements for now and in the future.
  2. USB Ports: Many modern adapters come with built-in USB ports. Given that many of our devices (phones, tablets, cameras) charge via USB, these adapters can be a real bonus.
  3. Check Your Devices: Most modern devices are dual voltage, meaning they can handle voltages from 110V to 240V. However, always double-check your device’s voltage capacity to avoid mishaps.
  4. Extension leads: These are perfect if you have multiple devices. They offer surge protection and can be paired with a single adapter to charge all your gadgets. You can purchase a 4 gang (4 plugs ) extension lead from any DIY shop, plus this into one adapter and you can still charge 4 devices at once.

Below, you will find a handy table detailing the voltages and plug socket type that each country uses as standard:

Country / RegionAdapter plug Type in Country / RegionVoltage in Country / Region
Abu DhabiG230 V
ArgentinaC, I220 V
AustraliaI230 V
AustriaC, F230 V
AzoresB, C, F230 V
BahamasA, B120 V
Balearic IslandsC, F230 V
BarbadosA, B115 V
BelizeA, B, G110 V / 220 V
BoliviaA, C230 V
BrazilC, N127 V / 220 V
British Virgin IslandsA, B110 V
CameroonC, E220 V
CanadaA, B120 V
Canary IslandsC, E, F230 V
Cape VerdeC, F230 V
Cayman IslandsA, B120 V
Central African RepublicC, E220 V
ChileC, L220 V
Christmas IslandI230 V
Cocos IslandsI230 V
ColombiaA, B110 V
Cook IslandsI240 V
Costa RicaA, B120 V
Ivory CoastC, E220 V
CroatiaC, F230 V
CubaA, B, C, L110 V / 220 V
Czech RepublicC, E230 V
DenmarkC, E, F, K230 V
DubaiG230 V
EnglandG230 V
FijiI240 V
FranceC, E230 V
GabonC220 V
GambiaG230 V
GreenlandC, E, F, K230 V
GrenadaG230 V
GuatemalaA, B120 V
Guinea-BissauC220 V
GuyanaA, B, D, G120 V / 240 V
HaitiA, B110 V
HondurasA, B120 V
HungaryC, F230 V
IcelandC, F230 V
IndiaC, D, M230 V
IndonesiaC, F230 V
ItalyC, F, L230 V
KenyaG240 V
KiribatiI240 V
MadagascarC, E220 V
MadeiraC, F230 V
MaldivesC, D, G, J, K, L230 V
MauritiusC, G230 V
MexicoA, B127 V
MozambiqueC, F, M220 V
NamibiaD, M220 V
NetherlandsC, F230 V
New ZealandI230 V
NicaraguaA120 V
NorwayC, F230 V
OmanG240 V
PanamaA, B120 V
Papua New GuineaI240 V
PeruA, C220 V
PortugalC, F230 V
Puerto RicoA, B120 V
RussiaC, F220 V
SeychellesG240 V
SloveniaC, F230 V
South AfricaC, D, M, N230 V
SpainC, F230 V
Sri LankaD, G230 V
SudanC, D230 V
SwedenC, F230 V
TanzaniaD, G230 V
ThailandA, B, C, O230 V
Turks & Caicos IslandsA, B120 V
United Arab EmiratesG230 V
United KingdomG230 V
United States of AmericaA, B120 V
UruguayC, F, L220 V
VenezuelaA, B120 V
VietnamA, C, D220 V
Virgin Islands, BritishA, B110 V
ZambiaC, D, G230 V


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