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Delta Eco Lodge Argentina The Perfect Add On Trip

Tour Code ARG027

Fishing In Buenos Aires

Delta Eco Lodge is the perfect ‘add-on trip’ for anglers visiting or passing through Argentina and looking for a couple of extra days at the start or end of their holiday. Situated in an ideal location, less than an hour from downtown Buenos Aires, it’s the perfect stop for travelling rods before the flight back home. For example, if you’re visiting Worlds End, Bella Sofia, Las Buitreras or even Jurassic Lake Lodge and don’t want to travel back home all in the same day, then Eco Lodge is an ideal holiday add-on.

Based on the second section of the Lower Parana Delta in Buenos Aires’ northeastern province, it offers anglers the chance to experience some first-class Golden Dorado fishing. Few cosmopolitan cities have such a fantastic abundance of wilderness right at their doorsteps, and due to the unique nature of this zone, UNESCO designated it a “Biosphere Reserve” back in 2000. The area where the lodge is based is where the legendary Parana River Basin, the second largest of its kind in South America, ends its journey and flows into the Rio de la Plata. This 90,000-ha ecosystem consists of thousands of creeks, streams, channels, islands, and rivers, all providing the perfect habitat for the predatory Dorado.

Please note: This lodge is available only as an add-on to an existing trip, and we don’t currently offer this destination as a standalone holiday. However, if you’d like a week’s Golden Dorado fishing, you can view the full range of tours we offer here.

Golden Dorado Fishing

The Golden Dorado, also known as the ‘River Tiger’ or ‘Jaw Characin’, is an apex predator with a large head and powerful jaws filled with razor-sharp teeth, often referred to as the steel-jawed hunter. They combine beauty, ferocity, and a range of acrobatic tendencies, all of which are prized attributes, making them one of the most distinguished gamefish you’ll find anywhere. Renowned for their range of behaviours and moods, influenced heavily by seasons and habitat. They can be very complex, and deciphering the challenges is often part of the fun when fishing for them.

As their look and attributes suggest, they are highly predatory, feeding on minnows (sometimes not so small), other bait fish, namely Sabalo, frogs, mice and other creatures, with a reputation for attacking anything unlucky enough to swim into striking range. However, despite these tendencies, fishing for them is only sometimes a numbers game; success comes with patience and practice. The thrill of fooling these bright fish, on any given day, across an array of conditions, makes fishing for them so special and unique, and just one of the things that see travelling rods return year after year to fish for them.

Dorado typically ranges from 5lb to 10lb pounds; however, they grow much more significantly in some fisheries and fish over 20lb are common. The current IGFA world record Golden Dorado stands at a whopping 55lb 11oz, caught in 2006 in the Uruguay River in Argentina.

Fishing The Parana Delta

Fishing at Delta Eco Lodge is an authentic wilderness experience which often surprises guests with its proximity to Buenos Aires. It’s the ideal escape or ‘add-on’ trip for one or two nights for anglers travelling to or passing through Argentina.

The fishing at the lodge gives visiting anglers a chance to wet a line on a variety of water, with everything ranging from small creeks to lagoons and larger rivers; depending on preference, it’s also possible to fly fish and spin fish, with the majority of anglers preferring the former.

For those fly fishing, the appropriate tackle is vital, and the lodge can and will provide a range of high-quality loaner equipment (at no extra cost); however, if you want to take your own, that’s fine. Balanced Trout and Salmon fishing tackle is ideal for the job. The standard Dorado outfit ranges from 6 to 9-weight rods, depending on conditions, river size and the average weight of the fish you will be targeting, but typically, 7 or 8-weights make the best all-rounders. Floating and sinking fly lines are used, with tropical fly lines best, due to the climate.

The fishing at the lodge is a mixture of boat fishing, from custom skiffs to wade fishing, although the fishing rarely involves wearing waders. Wet wading is the rule, with any exceptions usually announced in advance.

Daily Fishing Programme

The fishing programme at Delta Eco Lodge gets split between two sessions: morning and afternoon. Typically the fishing stops around 6.00 pm as it gives the lodge time to transfer guests back to the airport ready for their journey home. However, if you’re staying for more than one day, it’s possible for the fishing hours to change, as they do at certain times of the year as standard. 

Before you set out for the day on the water, a hearty breakfast gets served before you meet your guides and start your day fishing the exciting waters of the Parana Delta. 

Note: The guides at the lodge are professional and specialise in fly fishing; they’ve been navigating the local waters and fishing for Golden Dorado for more years than most. We recommend taking their advice to get the most out of your trip. The team is headed by co-owner Noel Pollak, who also happens to be one of the world’s top Dorado experts.

Lunch, also included, can be taken back at the lodge or prepared in advance and taken onboard. All drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are included. For those staying overnight, appetisers and dinner gets served at 8:30 pm. 

To learn more about the Golden Dorado and Delta Eco Lodge, visit our YouTube channel.


The lodge has been constructed in the ‘Delta’ style and is a traditional wooden structure built on stilts. It has a maximum capacity of eight guests and six anglers, which ensures intimacy and personalised attention. Each room offers two beds and a private bathroom, although single rooms are possible and available on request, which must be made before your trip.

Food & Drink

Delta Eco Lodge offers outstanding cuisine consisting of local meats, fresh fruit and vegetables and delicious deserts. A traditional Asado (BBQ) will also be held once during your stay, and you can sample different cuts of meat and beautiful salads.

Breakfast is served al fresco during part of the season, and full-cooked breakfast is also available, together with fresh fruit, yoghurts, home-baked bread and jams and a selection of cereals.

Extra Activities

Canoeing around the lodge area is a pleasant side activity. Bird watching is fantastic as well. Other activities include exploring the cultural life at the Delta and visiting museums, ecological reservoirs and restaurants, among others.

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The below itinerary is flexible should you require additional fishing days or additional free days to explore; we can tailor this itinerary to suit you personally. Feel free to talk to our travel consultants, who can explain all options available.

DAY 1:

A professional driver will pick you up at either the international or domestic airport in Buenos Aires or at your hotel where you’ve overnighted. You’ll then be driven to the marina, where a guide and skiff will await. Depending on traffic, the journey is about 30-45 minutes. The boat ride from the marina to the lodge is about 25 minutes through the Delta, which is an experience in itself.

Once you arrive at the lodge, you can relax and prepare for the next day’s fishing.

Overnight Accommodation: Delta Eco Lodge (Twin rooms) F/B


For the next two days, you’ll be fishing the waters of the second section of the Lower Parana Delta in Buenos Aires’ northeastern province for the hard-fighting Golden Dorado.

The fishing at the lodge gives visiting anglers a chance to wet a line on a variety of water, with everything ranging from small creeks to lagoons and larger rivers; depending on preference, it’s also possible to fly fish and spin fish.

The fishing programme at Delta Eco Lodge gets split between two sessions: morning and afternoon. Typically the fishing stops around 6.00 pm, when you’ll head back to the lodge for appetisers before dinner gets served at 8:30 pm.

Overnight Accommodation: Delta Eco Lodge (Twin rooms) F/B

Day 4:

A professional driver will transfer you back to the airport for your return flight home.

Depart Buenos Aires

Day 5:

Arrive the UK


The season runs from October to May. .

Golden Dorado

Season: October to May
Peak: October to May
Weight: 2lb to 15lb+
Average Weight: 6lb


Season: October to May
Peak: October to May
Weight: 2lb to 11lb
Average Weight: 4lb

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  • Transfers to and from the lodge
  • All accommodations as per itinerary
  • All meals at the lodge
  • All soft & alcoholic drinks at the lodge
  • Two days of guided fishing
  • Loaner fishing tackle
  • Fishing license


  • Personal holiday insurance
  • Tips for guides and all camp staff

Optional extras

  • Single room (depending on demand)
  • Single skiff (depending on demand)
  • Non-angler surcharge

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