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Tsimane Fishing Report Week 4 2024


The second week of the season began with a lot of rain, but that did not prevent us from catching good-sized Dorado, with several catches around 14 and 16 pounds. We were also able to catch two Pacú with insect imitations, and a Catfish (surubi). With the high river, we took advantage of the continuous arrival of Sábalo, which makes the Dorado very active. 

This week we had clients from both Singapore and Colorado.


On our third week, Sécure Lodge hosted a group of six American anglers coming for the first time.

At the beginning, two days of heavy rains helped the river to rise enough to bring a run of Sabalo to the upper part. Dorado were very active during those days, and we had many good-sized fish landed on top water flies such as poppers and GDG.

By midweek—and just for one day—the water turned dirty and the fish felt it, slowing down and resting in deeper areas. Right after, with dropping and clearing water, they came back. Feeding frenzies on the banks almost everywhere gave the anglers the chance to experience one of the most exciting fishing situations: Dorado smashing Sabalo in 10” of water.

At the end of the week, the rains appeared one more time and the river flooded; this time without sediment so the activity didn’t turn off. We landed many including three of the biggest fish of the week. Tim Becker landed the biggest of the week—a 20-lb. popper eater—in one of the last casts, right in the home pool before going back home.


The fourth week was the best of the season so far. Heavy rains increased the level of all the rivers, giving us incredible chances with hunting Dorado, Pacú, and also some Surubi. During the first days of the week the main Sécure River gave us very good catches. Then with the rains, a big flood arrived but the fishing in the Agua Negra and Chimoro River continued to be excellent.

By the end of the week landed several dorado above 20 lbs., five large Pacú, two Surubi, and some nice Yatoranas.


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