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Versteralen, Fishing Report 12th June 2024

After a fantastic week here in Vesterålen with many hours at sea and wonderfully varied fishing, we can confirm yet another new camp record and a truly great catch! Currently, it’s becoming increasingly rare to see those really big lingcod due to overfishing on the often local and sensitive stocks. Therefore, we are especially delighted to fish in such an […]
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Å, Lofoten Islands Fishing Report 31st May 2024

Incredibly good week for all the boat teams that have come up to the camp here on Å. We’ve had nice weather most days with the sea as calm as a mirror! Fishing has been great too. Already on the first day, Alex, who was out with Biersteker and co, could announce on the radio that a larger halibut has […]

Vesteralen, Fishing Report 29th May 2024

What a magical week we’ve had here in Vesterålen. The thermometer has shown 20 degrees the last few days, and the winds have remained light throughout the week! Thus, we have also been able to choose fishing spots freely and have had several long trips during the week. With rising temperatures, the peaks have been filled with baitfish, and then […]

Nappstraumen, Fishing Report 22nd May 2024

Now that the last few days have passed, it’s been an awesome and fun time fishing, both for cod and especially halibut. Due to the weather on some days, we were limited in where we could go. We’ve experienced everything from 20 degrees to half a snowstorm within 48 hours. But the weather hasn’t stopped us from heading out when […]

Vesteralen, Fishing Report 16th May 2024

“What an awesome week we’ve had here in Vesterålen! A varied fishing experience targeting various species and crazy amounts of rain have been the highlights of the week, and it’s been great. Last Sunday, when the winds were low, we ventured out to the cod areas again, which were just as good as before. In just 1.5 hours, we had […]

Nappstraumen, Fishing Report 9th May 2024

In recent days, it has been quite windy. However, thanks to our unique location, we have been able to go out fishing every day. We have just sought shelter and been limited in which areas we can fish. This has not resulted in worse fishing. One day, Calle was out with the guys who have been with us in the […]

Versteralen, Fishing Report 9th May 2024

Over the past week, we’ve really had some beautiful days here outside of Vesterålen. The weather has been great, and although Monday was tougher, the boats still managed some good fishing! There’s been a bigger focus on cod fishing recently, but a good amount of time has also been spent on halibut among the boat crews – and they’ve proven […]

Vesteralen, Fishing Report 29th April 2024

Spring up here in Northern Norway can offer all four seasons in one day, but the last two days have been nothing but summer! When all forecasts promised sun, no wind, and 10 degrees Celsius, we took all the boats to an area that recently delivered a good catch of cod. But in the last few days, there has really […]

Vesteralen, Fishing Report 26th April 2024

The season has really kicked off now at all our camps in Northern Norway, and here at our new camp in Vesterålen, they are starting to fill up in the coming weeks. As the camps fill up, the weather gods have really been on our side these last few days. So much so that we finally were able to go […]

Havoysund, Fishing Report 23rd April 2024

Now we’re finally underway in Havöysund and it feels absolutely fantastic. With a wonderful group in the guide boat and another group in a different boat, we’ve been at sea for several days, battling tough southeast winds all week that occasionally picked up significantly. We managed to get out to the cod areas a few times where we found plenty […]
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