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Havoysund, Fishing Report 23rd April 2024

Now we’re finally underway in Havöysund and it feels absolutely fantastic. With a wonderful group in the guide boat and another group in a different boat, we’ve been at sea for several days, battling tough southeast winds all week that occasionally picked up significantly. We managed to get out to the cod areas a few times where we found plenty of fish, although we struggled to find the larger specimens.

During the cod fishing last Saturday, something amazing happened when we moved over a peak and there was a simultaneous hard hit on Dan and Jan’s rods in the guide boat—it was windy and rough at sea, and we quickly realized when both reels screamed with line that we had a double hook-up on halibut. We managed to land both fish, measuring 130cm for Dan and 147cm for Jan—absolutely crazy and moreover, it was their first halibuts ever, so a big congratulations to the guys who handled it exemplarily!

Yesterday, we started early and headed north with the guide boat. Besides a beautiful morning, we had an incredible nature experience near the North Cape when we encountered a whole pod of humpback whales having a feast like no other, with capelin on the menu. We were able to admire these impressive animals up close for a long time.

Yesterday was spent fishing for halibut during the rising tide after a successful cod fishing in the morning. We had a good feeling and great conditions for success. Marcus in the guide boat was the last one in the boat to catch his first halibut, which he often heard about from his good mates in the boat as the banter flowed freely among the guys. However, the tone would change after a real beast appeared on the sonar and swallowed Marcus’ bait, and he suddenly found himself with a doubled-over rod and a reel that screamed as the fish made some absolutely insane runs. We managed to land the fish and measure it at a fantastic 178 centimeters, and what more can one say than it was a truly insane first halibut for Marcus who had never caught one before. She was of course released after some great photos, and the guys felt really satisfied after a long and fine day at sea.

Our other guests who steer a boat themselves spent their day in a different area in pursuit of cod, and besides catching fine smaller cods, they caught a really big sea cat! They never weighed the fish but I can confidently say that it weighed at least 6-7 kilos, a really fine piece.

Tight Lines // Douglas & Andreas


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