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Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports

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Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 26th May 2022

Another successful week here at Alphonse with five skiffs out on the water, this week being the last full week of the season! We experienced some very strong winds this week as we approach the monsoon season, wind or no wind – our adamant guests went out and still managed some incredible catches. Starting with the ghosts of the flats […]
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Cosmoledo Atoll Fishing Report 26th May 2022

Week 25 at Cosmo we had neap tides this week with very little water movement. The wind was unfortunately not on our side either, but nonetheless everybody stayed positive and did the best with the cards they were dealt! The catch of the week goes to Andrew Wollaston who managed to capture a GT that stretched the tape measure to […]

Farquhar Atoll Fishing Report 26th May 2022

A week filled to the brim with all species: Bumpies, Triggers, Bones and GTs. Seven guests joined us on Farquhar this week, with the weather playing its part for most of the week some fantastic catches were had throughout. Charles had a great week as he landed three decent GTs as well as a good number of Bonefish. Father and […]

El Pescador Fishing Report 26th May 2022

Anglers had very good fishing at El Pescador through much of the week, but strong winds made conditions more difficult by the weekend. We had three grand slams and one super slam for the week. Congratulations to Chad S. and Brian S. with Capt Jeo, Taylor with Capt Gordy, and Alex C. and Capt Jose on a super slam. WEATHER […]

Nubian Flats Fishing Report – Week 5 – 2022

The 2022 Nubian flats season has been one for the books with many amazing catches, some serious weather and amazing scenery. The last group of the season had a 14 day trip in the Deep South. With the trip being longer than usual it allowed us to try new spots and different techniques such as more blue water fishing chasing […]

Nubian Flats Fishing Report – Week 4 – 2022

For the forth group of the Nubian flats season we went north to explore the vast flats that it has to offer. After a long season of extreme wind and seas, we finally had some beautiful conditions. Things looked good and we set off in high spirits. Getting to our first location around lunchtime, the day after the group arrived, […]

Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 24th May 2022

Another busy week here at Alphonse with seven skiffs out on the water. An epic week of guests with some fantastic catches. With monsoon season upon us we did experience some strong winds, but this didn’t stop our anglers from getting out there and managing some incredible catches! Due to the wind blowing from the south easterly, it pushed a […]

Cosmoledo Atoll Fishing Report 24th May 2022

Week 24 we had spring tides with huge water movement here on Cosmoledo Atoll. Unfortunately, the weather was on the bad side of things, resulting in us having three days without boats on the water. Meaning a great challenge which always thrives into ones sense of adventures, fishing on foot! We fished around the island we call home “Wizard.” Regardless […]

Farquhar Atoll Fishing Report 24th May 2022

Despite the challenging weather conditions as the southeast wind had a firm grip over the Atoll this week there were still some incredible catches throughout the course of the week. We had three Italians join us this week, Sergio, Renanto and Gianbattista. Sergio, being new to the saltwater flats had a bit of a slower start to the week and […]

Providence Atoll Fishing Report 23rd May 2022

Welcome to the third week of the Providence March – April 2022 fly fishing season. This week saw us welcome a mixed group of anglers from the UK and the US. Some of the guys were regulars to the Providence experience while others first-time visitors to the wonders of this unique Seychelles atoll. The previous 2 weeks of fishing action […]
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