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Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports

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El Pescador Fishing Report 5th December 2023

This past week at El Pescador brought us back to the familiar rhythms of the sea with winds shifting into their usual patterns. Anglers enjoyed the thrill of Permit fishing under the bright Belizean sun and a lively east wind. Though always a challenge, our guests rose to the occasion, landing some impressive Bonefish, particularly on the sand flats. The […]
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Farquhar Atoll Fishing Report 15th – 22nd November 2023

This week, Farquhar hosted a more exclusive group with five well-known returning guests testing their fly fishing skills on the flats. Two of the anglers, Nikita and Ilya came with the main goal of catching Permit, so the majority of their stay was spent chasing the elusive golden nuggets. Nikita is not one to shy away from any good opportunity […]

Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 18th – 25th November 2023

Another unforgettable week on Alphonse with some incredible bone fishing and some extremely noteworthy GTs. The weather and fish both played their part, with multiple fish caught on clear windless days, just what the Seychelles is known for. The neap tides meant that there was lots of water on the flats and with that, came the congregation of massive shoals of Alphonse bonefish. The majority […]

Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 11th – 18th November 2023

Hungry fish and excellent conditions lead to one of the best weeks of fishing of the Northeast season so far. It was certainly one for the books and we are thrilled for the guests who were here to experience it. The talk of the week was a massive resurgence of GTs on the flats. After a fairly tough week prior, […]

Farquhar Atoll Fishing Report 8th – 15th November 2023

Six weeks into the season and another ten anglers arrived at Farquhar with high expectations that were soon to be exceeded. The week started off perfectly with several amazing catches, of an array of species. Five GTs were landed by the team, with Matt stealing the GT show landing his first ever GT at a whoppingg 111 cm. While waiting […]

Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 4th – 11th November 2023

Another great week of fishing for the nine anglers that stepped into the diverse fisheries of Alphonse Island and St Francois Atoll. All of our recognised ‘Big 5’ species were caught, and plenty of opportunities were presented. In the true nature of fly fishing, some were lucrative, while others were missed. With calming winds and strong currents on account of […]

Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 28th October – 4th November 2023

What a week it was for the anglers who found themselves on our little island paradise for the week! The northwest season is now in full swing with lots of hungry an willing fish around. We welcomed the return of surface-feeding Milkfish on the outside of the atoll. Father and son, Noah and Fernando took full advantage and each landed […]

Farquhar Atoll Fishing Report 25th October – 1st November 2023

Farquhar opened its arms to 10 eager anglers this week who gave it their best on the flats and, once again, the atoll produced some amazing fish. Lance opened the week of fishing true style, landing his very first Bumphead Parrotfish. As the week progressed, the weather made for tough fishing and many of the guests took to the deeper water […]

Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 21st – 28th October 2023

The week proved to be slightly tougher than the weeks prior. Whilst many fish were still sighted out on the flats, the bite was definitely a bit slower than expected, some inclement weather at the start of the week most likely contributing to this. However, this did not stop our group of determined anglers who still managed to bring some […]

El Pescador Fishing Report 8th November 2023

Despite predictions of an incoming tropical storm, Lady Luck smiled upon El Pescador this past week. While the Caribbean was spared a swirling tempest, she did leave us with remnants of low-pressure clouds and rain. But not even temperamental weather could dampen the spirits of our anglers from Montana and the Pacific Northwest venturing into salty flats for the first […]
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