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Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports

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El Pescador Fishing Report 25th May 2023

Beautiful weather. That was the key for the week.  We had some groups from Orvis in this week, which is always a great time. We saw a lot of good Tarpon, jumped a bunch of them, and landed a few. Permit were plentiful at times but, as always, finicky and spooky. Some nice ones were landed, so a good permit […]
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Providence Atoll Fishing Report 19th May 2023

Week 4 of the Providence March – May 2023 fly fishing season saw us welcome 8 return guests and 4 new additions, all under the care of Justin from The Fly Shop. After a quick orientation of our mothership, we began readying everyone’s gear for another week of flats fishing action. The predicted weather for the week looked like it […]

Providence Atoll Fishing Report 17th May 2023

The third week of our season saw us welcome a full group of completely new faces, both to the Indian Ocean and to Providence Atoll. The buzz of excitement reverberated through our mothership as we prepped everyone’s gear for the 6 days of flats fishing nirvana that lay before us. The first day saw our group exposed to fly fishing […]

El Pescador Fishing Report 10th May 2023

This week at El Pescador Lodge in Belize, was another great week, with a lot of good weather and good fishing. Our regular trade winds from the east were in effect, making for a very comfortable week on the island. We had a couple of grand slams and came close to plenty more. WEATHER WeatherTradewinds from the east from 9 […]

Cosmoledo Atoll Fishing Report 6th May 2023

The Cosmoledo Atoll had fantastic weather this week and a vast choice of waters to fish from. The week faced the tail-end of the April full moon spring tide, with the full moon being on the change-over day. The anglers were fortunate to enjoy the back end of the spring tides, which slowly tapered off into neaps as the week […]

Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 5th May 2023

The week kicked off with a 0.8 m low and a wild Bonefish Sunday. The sun was out in full force, the water on the east was crisp and the big Bones were tailing hard on the edge of the lagoon for most of the day. Post-Sunday, however, it was a tough week for guests and guides alike, having to […]

Farquhar Atoll Fishing Report 3rd May 2023

Farquhar’s diverse fishery gave our small group of anglers ample opportunities to target an array of species, despite some challenging weather conditions this week. The anglers had a fantastic start to their week, catching some big Bonefish, up to the 60 cm mark.  Going into midweek, a nice GT was landed, as well as some trophy fish hooked and lost, […]

Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 3rd May 2023

Big fish only! With the transition into neaps, everyone knew the Kingies would be tougher to find on the sand, meaning more time spent in the lagoon and on the coral fingers. The Triggers seemed spookier than usual if that is even possible, but some of the big Geets came out to play. The visibility was some of the best […]

Cosmoledo Atoll Fishing Report 3rd May 2023

The last week on Cosmoledo was over the neap tides, leading up to the new moon spring tides. The first few days on the atoll had a fair amount of wind which meant the anglers had to pull out some good casting skills. Throughout the week, the gents had to very quickly perfect their casting, bringing in more fish as […]

El Pescador Fishing Report 25th April 2023

The weather was pleasant on Ambergris Caye this week, with only a few instances of rain and mostly sunny skies. Some nice Permit landed, and while we saw many more most were not taking our offerings. As for the Tarpon, we weren’t seeing as many as last week. Our guests managed to jump a bunch and landed six. Tarpon will […]
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