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Multi Lake Adventures Thailand – Fishing Report 17th January 2022

Our guide in Thailand has been in touch with the great news that fishing in Thailand is now back underway and that his latest clients from France and the UK had a fantastic trip with plenty of nice fish.

He also sent us some news on Thailands ‘Test & Go’ scheme, which the Thai authorities have put in place for visitors from outside the country. The ‘Test & Go’ scheme now means that visitors to the country only have to spend one compulsory night, in a quarantine night in a hotel.

You can read all the details on Thailands ‘Test & Go’ policy here.

The ‘Test & Go’ formula is as follows: You must first apply online for your pass. Once the authorisation is obtained, you can travel to Thailand. When you arrive at Bangkok airport, you are taken care of, and everything is straightforward and very well organised.

First of all, you have to do a COVID test on arrival. Then the minibus takes you to the hotel you have chosen from the proposed list. You then have 5-6 hours to wait for your test result. If you are negative, you are free to go wherever you want the following day. So apart from applying for the pass on the internet, everything is relatively simple and well organised.

These are precisely the steps that travelling anglers Alan and Jerome took, who were Francois first anglers of the new year. Francios wrote…

The new guests arrived on the 12th of January for a three-week stay, and it was an absolute pleasure to see fishing friends again, after being almost unemployed for nearly two years!

We started the fishing with three days of lure and deadbait fishing for the predators of Ratchaburi and Kampaeng Sen lakes. The fish hadn’t seen an anglers lure or bait for nearly two years and hammered everything we offered them – the action was non-stop, and we ended the three days of fishing with an average of 40 to 70 fish per day. We had around 20 Arapaimas, countless Redtail Catfish, Alligator Gar and Pacu, and that’s without counting the innumerable cases of lost fish!

The fishing was so good that we stopped fishing early each day to enjoy a massage before enjoying some special Thai cuisine.

After these stressful, difficult times, it’s so lovely to finally be able to experience a taste of freedom, the happiness of living and the enjoyment of existence, and I’d love for you to join us here in Thailand.

This country has not been nicknamed the COUNTRY OF SMILE for nothing! We are waiting for you and the fish are too!


If you’d like to join us for a fishing holiday in Thailand, guided by Jean-Francois, one of the most famous and respected guides in the country, then visit our Multi Lake Fishing Adventure tour page.

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