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Mid Week Amazon Basin Fishing Report January 3rd-4th,2021

What a weeks its been out in Brazil on the hunt for a multitude of species like Peacock Bass and Arapaima. A with over 210 being landed in just a day and a half, the fish on definitely on the bite. I’ll now hand it over to the head guide to break down the time on the water! –

Weekend Tally

The Randy Long group of 7 anglers landed 210 peacocks during a half-day on Sunday and all of Monday, including 4 over 16 pounds and 2 large Arapaimas. The last departing group before Christmas landed over 1000 fish in this fishery, with three 19 pounders including Aruana, Arapaima, Sardinata, Tambaqui and Apapa; and 2 Arapaimas over 40 lbs.  

Water Levels

Fishing has been very good for the last 16 consecutive weeks, and forecasts indicate that the Omero, upper Itapara and Kabori water levels should be falling into reasonable levels, which is expected at the end of December.

We have moved our standby operations into these areas. See how these water level dynamics coincide with the large blue and white map labelled “Previsao Climatica”.   

Dry Season-Zone N. West: Water levels on the northern tributaries of the Negro River have not begun to drop, which is not normal for this time of the year. Therefore, we have moved most of our stand-by operations out of this zone on the lower Xeriuini into the Kabori, also in 

Dry Season-Zone N. East. & Dry Season-Zone S. East: Water levels in this area 150 miles south of Manaus are high, which is normal for this time of the year.   

Dry Season-Zone S. West: Water levels in this area 450 miles south of Manaus are high, which is normal for this time of the year. 

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