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Report: Vesteralen, Fishing Report 23rd August 2023

Autumn is in full progress here in Northern Norway, and the temperatures are slowly but surely starting to drop. Many typically associate autumn with rough weather and cold conditions, but that hasn't been entirely the case this week. Even...

Report: Vesteralen, Fishing Report 31st August 2023

As temperatures drop, it seems that our flat friends have begun to migrate towards shallower waters. The consistently good weather throughout the week has also contributed to several boats achieving success in Halibut fishing in recent days. We've also...

Report: Vesteralen, Fishing Report 18th April 2024

The second week of the season is now over here in Vesterålen. Recently, the winds have really put us to the test, making it difficult to get out into the open sea. But we've persevered, and finally, the good...

Report: Vesteralen, Fishing Report 26th April 2024

The season has really kicked off now at all our camps in Northern Norway, and here at our new camp in Vesterålen, they are starting to fill up in the coming weeks. As the camps fill up, the weather...

Report: Vesteralen, Fishing Report 16th May 2024

"What an awesome week we've had here in Vesterålen! A varied fishing experience targeting various species and crazy amounts of rain have been the highlights of the week, and it's been great. Last Sunday, when the winds were low,...

Report: Vesteralen, Fishing Report 29th May 2024

What a magical week we've had here in Vesterålen. The thermometer has shown 20 degrees the last few days, and the winds have remained light throughout the week! Thus, we have also been able to choose fishing spots freely...

Report: Vesteralen, Fishing Report 9th May 2023

This week's guests got to participate in some exciting and varied fishing. On the first day of fishing, the focus was on finding Cod. The fish were very scattered, and getting them to bite was a little more challenging....

Report: Vesteralen, Fishing Report 25th May 2023

You can say, to put it mildly, that the week that has been has offered everything between good and bad weather. At the weekend we had extremely strong winds from the south-west, which at times made us completely blown...

Report: Vesteralen, Fishing Report 5th June 2023

There is no doubt that the weather has been tough lately. At the latest yesterday morning, it snowed, and a few cm had settled on the ground. Which is very unusual as the calendar showed June 1. And last...

Report: Vesteralen, Fishing Report 7th June 2023

It has without doubt been a tough week in terms of the weather, and it has really affected our ability to go out to desired fishing spots. But we have also occasionally had longer periods where the wind has...

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