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Loppa Bergsfjord Norway Live Your Big Fish Dreams

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Sea Fishing Loppa

Loppa is a municipality in Troms og Finnmark county, in northern Norway. The fishing camp, situated in the sheltered town of Bergsfjord, opposite the island of Silda, is renowned amongst the sea angling community for its array of fantastic fishing opportunities. Located on the mainland part of Loppa, it has no road connections to the rest of Norway and is only accessible by ferry from the nearby villages of Sør-Tverrfjord and Øksfjord. With such a remote location, the waters in and around this beautiful destination are not overfished and are rich with marine life. They offer travelling rods the opportunity to target and catch good numbers of specimen-sized Cod, Halibut, Coalfish, and a range of smaller ‘backup’ species such as Wolffish, Redfish, and Plaice.

Situated just 30 kilometres south-west from the famous island of Soroya, Loppa is known as the ‘big game’ fishing destination of Scandinavia and offers anglers the chance to fish the open ocean and sheltered fjords, rendering it almost weatherproof.

The camp owners, Cornelis, Patricia, Jaap and Hubert, live and breathe fishing and hunting and are incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable in both fields. Patricia and Cornelis live and work in Bergsfjord and they know everything about the area and the beautiful fishing spots and are always on hand to help out and answer any fishing related questions you may have.

Specimen Sea Fishing

Loppa is a rewarding challenge for all visiting anglers and features a wealth of fishing spots, both in the open ocean and sheltered fjords.

The island of Silda, located just a stone’s throw from the camp, measures 8 kilometres long and 4 kilometres wide and acts as a significant protective wall for the village of Bergsfjord. As a result, the waters close to the camp are generally calm, whatever the weather and very few, if any, fishing days get lost throughout the season – meaning it’s almost entirely weatherproof.

Around the island of Silda, the underwater topography is varied, and you will find many plateaus with depths ranging from 15 to 100 metres, with deep drop-offs between 250 and 500 metres. These spots can produce some excellent, varied fishing and are popular, especially if the weather is too rough to venture further afield.

On calm days when conditions allow, the island of Loppa itself offers some of the best sea fishing. Only a 15 minute steam from the docks, it’s a popular spot in the spring for Skrei Cod and in the summer for Halibut. There are several large underwater mountains to the island’s west side, such as Peder Hansasskallen, Tomasskallen and Kvaennangsgrunnen, where depths rise from 250m up to just 40m.

Big Fish Destination

The main three species that attract travelling rods to Loppa are the Cod, Halibut and Coalfish, as with most of our destinations in Norway. However, there’s also a range of other backup and smaller species on offer, such as Wolffish and Redfish.


Due to Loppa’s extreme northern location in Norway, it sits close to the Skrei Cod fishing grounds, not too far from the famous Norwegian destination of Soroya. The name ‘Skrei’ literally means ‘to migrate’, and that’s exactly what millions of Cod do every season, make the journey from the Barents sea back to their spawning grounds. The Skrei fish grow to some incredible sizes, and fish of over 30lb to 40lb are not unusual, and every season fish to epic proportions of over 60lb and even 70lb get landed by travelling rods.


A bottom-dwelling fish, found in depths ranging from a few metres to hundreds of metres, in most ecosystems, they are near the top of the marine food chain. A well-equipped predator, they feed on almost anything they can fit in their mouths, from baitfish of all sizes to crabs and squid. The Halibut at Loppa get landed to epic proportions, with specimens of 90kg to 100kg not unusual, fish of 50kg to 70kg regularly landed, and fish of 20kg to 40kg considered average size.


The Coalfish, ‘Coley’ or ‘Saithe’ as it’s also known, are members of the Gadidae family and are beautiful looking saltwater fish with streamlined bodies. Pound for pound, they’re one of the hardest fighting sea fish. They feed primarily by hunting other fish and scouring the seabed for any food found there; the juvenile fish tend to be found close to the shore, particularly in rocky areas, moving out into deeper waters as they grow.

First Class Fishing Boats

To match the first-class fishing, Loppa also offers an array of first-class boats. Working exclusively with the Wildeboat 650 XW S, the boats are supplied from the Bergsfjord-based shipyard Wilde Slipp and are specially developed for fishing the waters in and around Loppa and Scandinavia.

Measuring 6.7 metres long, they feature a wide spacious design and are much more stable than many other fishing boats used in Norway. In addition, they can accommodate four to five anglers and include a sheltered cabin. Powered by a 150HP Yamaha/Honda engine with a maximum speed of 70km per hour, they are perfect for negotiating the fjords and open ocean. All come equipped with life jackets, fishing rod holders, fish finders, depth gauges, tracking systems, and emergency flares. Each boat also has AIS in case of an emergency.

The Wildeboats are supplied clean, with a full tank of fuel and must be returned in the same way. The refuelling can be done on the jetty by using jerry cans provided, and the costs for refuelling must be paid on the spot by credit card or cash. The bill will always be in Norwegian NOK.

To find out more about the fishing and boats on offer at Loppa in Norway, visit our YouTube channel


At Loppa, there’s a range of accommodation on offer, and all of it is spacious and acts as an ideal base to fish from for a week.

The Fisher’s Mancave

The Fishers Mancave is the top accommodation situated at the jetty and can accommodate six people. It features three double bedrooms, a bathroom and a fully equipped open plan kitchen, which offers a dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, coffee machine. A large smoker and Weber BBQ are also available with the house on request.

Halibut Heaven

The house named Halibut Heaven is relatively new and is situated just 150m from the boats. It can sleep a maximum of eight people over three different bedrooms, two with two beds and one with two bunk beds. Situated on the waterfront with a fantastic sea view and sundeck, it’s fully equipped with everything anglers need to enjoy a comfortable stay. A large smoker and Weber BBQ are also available with the house on request.

Cape Cod

Suitable for up to nine people, Cape Cod is situated just 100m from the boats and has a perfect view over the water. The accommodation has a fully equipped open kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, coffee maker and accessories.

Onsite, there’s a filleting room (which is also perfect for drying clothes in) and three large freezers, one for each house, where anglers can store any fish they wish to bring home.

A small supermarket is situated just a 3 minute walk away.

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Day 1:

Depart Any international Airport (See Details)

Arrive Oslo Depart Oslo

Arrive Alta

Once you arrive in Alta you will need to collect your bags and make your way to the Alta ferry terminal and catch the ferry to Bergsfjord. (Ferry Ticket not included)

The ferry journey from Alta to Bergsfjord takes around 3.5 hours. Once you arrive in Bergsfjord a representative from Loppa will collect you and your baggage and transfer you to your accommodation.

Overnight Accommodation: Loppa Sea Fishing (Twin room) S/C

Day 2 to 4: Fishing Days

You’ll be fishing the fish-rich waters off northern Norway’s coastline around the area of Loppa. Many of the best fishing marks are just a short boat journey away and have a deep history of producing some giant Cod, Halibut and Coalfish and an abundance of other smaller species, such as Haddock, Plaice and Wolfish.

Overnight Accommodation: Loppa Sea Fishing (Twin room) S/C

Day 5 to 7: Fishing Days

As you have your own boat, you can fish as much as you wish and at certain times of the year, it remains daylight 24hrs a day. Depending on the weather you can fish the open ocean or some of the sheltered spots close to camp, both areas offer some excellent fishing marks and produce good numbers of specimen Cod, Halibut and Coalfish, as well as a range of backup and smaller species.

Overnight Accommodation: Loppa Sea Fishing (Twin room) S/C

Day 8:

Early morning a representative from Loppa will transfer you back to Bergsfjord ferry terminal ready to catch the ferry to Alta. The ferry journey from Bergsfjord to Alta takes around 3.5 hours.

Once you arrive in Alta you will need to make your way to Alta Airport ready to catch your flight home.

Depart Alta

Arrive Oslo Depart Oslo

Arrive Home

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The season runs from March to September.


Season: March to October
Peak: March to April
Weight: 10lb to 50lb
Average Weight: 20lb


Season: March to October
Peak: June to September
Weight: 20lb to 200lb
Average Weight: 40lb


Season: March to October
Peak: June to September
Weight: 5lb to 30lb
Average Weight: 10lb


Season: March to October
Peak: All Year
Weight: 5lb to 15lb
Average Weight: 7lb


Season: March to October
Peak: All Year
Weight: 1lb to 10lb
Average Weight: 3lb

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  • All international flights
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  • All accommodation as per itinerary
  • 6 days fishing via self-drive boat
  • Fishing boat with Sonar, GPS, VHF & radar
  • Freezer storage for your fish
  • Bed linen, towels and final cabin cleaning


  • Ferry Ticket
  • Extra activities
  • Food and drink
  • Boat fuel
  • Final boat cleaning

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  • Fishing tackle hire
  • Floatation suit hire
  • Flight upgrades
  • Additional luggage
  • Departure from other UK airports

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Loppa is quite a famous destination/region in Norway and now I've been out there I understand why! We had a terrific week landing all the species we visited, including big Cod, Halibut, Coalfish and even Redfish and Wolfish. Tip: Make sure you take a camera, the scenery is stunning!

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The transfer to get there was a little long-winded, but totally worth it. The fishing was very good throughout our week (once we gleaned some information from our hosts) and we landed some really nice Cod and Halibut to over 50lb. We're already looking for some return dates next year.

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30lb Cod, 70lb Halibut, double-figure Coalfish - incredible fishing. It took a little while to travel there due to the remote nature of the destination but it was well worth it. The cabins were incredibly spacious and contained everything we needed for a comfortable stay.

Staff & Service
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