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Stora Sundby Castle Sweden Duck & Goose Shooting

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SHOOTING Stora Sundby Estate

The beautiful Stora Sundby in Sweden is located just under two hours from Stockholms Arlanda airport and 30 kilometres southwest from the city of Eskilstuna and offers some of the best Duck and Goose shooting found anywhere in the world. This fairy-tale-like 16th-century castle and estate occupies the tranquil lands on the shores of Lake Hjälmaren, Swedens 4th largest lake, and sits in the most beautiful green areas of Södermanland County.

The stunning estate spans an incredible 3,700 hectares, and over 3,200 of these hectares are perfect for hunting. Its topography comprises woodlands, shrublands, ponds, agricultural land, stunning parkland, and the vast Lake Hjälmaren, providing the ideal habitat for a massive range of game species. Combine this with the neighbouring Biby estate, which includes another 1,000 hectares of water and other prime hunting habitats, and it’s clear to see why Stora Sundby is so well-loved and regarded amongst the shooting community.

With the richly diversified flora, fauna and landscape, Stora Sundby is home to a vast array of hunting quarry and field sports have long been part of life on the estate and an integral part of its heritage and business.

On the lakes, ponds and wetlands around the grounds, the birdlife is rich, with numerous species of Duck and Goose, whilst in the open fields and shrublands, you can encounter good numbers of quality Pheasants.

Wing Shooting Stora SundbyStora Sundby Shooting Sweden
Wing Shooting Stora SundbyWing Shooting Sweden

Wingshooting In Sweden

Without a doubt, the Stora Sundby Estate can offer some of the best Duck shooting adventures found in Sweden. Travelling guns get to experience this in the stunning landscape in and around the castle estate, by ponds in the forest, fields, meadows and inlets of Lake Hjälmaren.

A typical Duck shoot starts early morning and usually consists of four to five drives over the day, with a break for lunch in the old smithy or, weather permitting, in the orangery. If the conditions are correct, the lodge and guides can offer a magnificent drive in one of the bays of lake Lake Hjälmaren, shooting from pontoons against the Castle’s atmospheric backdrop – this is one of the most exciting and exhilarating forms of Duck shooting found anywhere in Europe.

The top-class Pheasant shooting, associated with Stora Sundby, gets conducted in the beautifully open farming landscape surrounding the Castle. It’s a typically driven shoot, roaming the fields and hills, with the guns walking between the drives.

Like with the Duck shooting, it usually consists of an early start and five to six drives per day with a break for lunch, either in the field or castle kitchen. Each day ends with a game parade in front of the Castle.

Duck & Pheasant Big Bag Days

All the shooting at Stora Sundby and the Biby Estate is within a short walk or drive from the Castle, meaning you aren’t wasting time travelling between areas. Across both estates and over the 4000 plus hectares of land, there are twelve different Duck drives and eight Pheasant drives. All wing shooting days get meticulously planned to get the most out of your shooting and make memories that will last a lifetime.

The destination is renowned for its big bag days, and the bag limit for Pheasants is 150/250/350 bird-days, not including any overs. For Ducks, it’s 250/500 and 1000 over two days. If you wanted a mixture of sport, split between Ducks and Pheasants, then this is possible and has a bag limit of 300 birds per day with overages on each Pheasant and Duck.

The bird shooting season in Sweden at Stora Sundby runs between October and January. The season for Ducks starts on the 21st of August and runs through until the end of October, whilst the Pheasant season begins in October and ends in January. For those travelling guns who wish to pursue both species, October is the month you need to travel.

To find out more about the Stora Sundby Estate and Castle In Sweden, plus the fantastic wing shooting that it has to offer, visit our YouTube channel.

Wing Shooting Stora SundbyStora Sundby Shooting Sweden

Other Activities

One of the great things about Stora Sundby is the range of activities it can offer travelling non-hunting companions.

First of all, the historic castle, which isn’t open to the public, can be booked for a tour by all guests staying in its accommodation. The grounds of the castle and its beautiful surroundings can also be explored, and taking a stroll through them is one of the most popular activities. The old castle ruins are a well-preserved runestone, and its gardens are an area of natural beauty.

A beautiful walk around Lake Hjälmaren is always recommended, and you can expect to see a vast array of wildlife and not just Ducks, Geese and Pheasants but Fallow and Red Deer, Mouflon Sheep, Wild Boar and a rich collection of birdlife.

The cultural Julita Museum is only a stone’s throw from Stora Sundby. Mauritz’s lovely wife Ida-Sofia will be happy to arrange a guided tour for anyone who’d like to visit. It’s well worth a look around and the perfect location to stop for a bite to eat and a drink too.

If you prefer something slightly slower paced, why not take advantage of the new recently built gym and sauna, a popular retreat for those wanting a break between the shooting or simply a bit of ‘me’ time.


The stunning ex-renaissance castle, owned by the mighty Sparre family for more than three centuries, was initially built in the 13th century but was abandoned, rebuilt and completed in the middle of the 16th century. It then got purchased by Count Carl de Geer who’s wife was inspired by Sir Walter Scotts novel about Ivanhoe (the noble knight) and so requested a romantic knights castle. Her wish got granted, and the old renaissance castle got lovingly transformed into the magnificent fairy-tale castle that stands there today.

In 1848 the castle was completed and now boasts four large towers symbolising the seasons, 12 smaller turrets for the months, 52 rooms for the weeks of the year and 365 windows for the calendar days. Instead of cladding the castle in ‘new armour,’ most old walls and interiors were preserved.

The Castle

The castle offers 15 magnificent guest rooms, both double and twin, with original interiors and features from the 19th century. Each room overlooks the estate’s radiant and naturally beautiful parkland, which gives you a sense of pure luxury and relaxation.

Stora Sundby remains an inhabited castle to this day and is home to the Klingspor family, who have owned the estate since 1888. Today it’s the home of Mauritz, and Ida-Sofia Klingspor, who have worked hard with great sensitivity, adapting the castle to meet today’s standards of comfort.

The jaw-dropping grandeur and presence of the bedrooms have been preserved, although modern bathrooms have been incorporated discreetly. They have worked hard to create a welcoming atmosphere that their visitors appreciate.

Food and Drink

You will experience the most exquisite culinary delights provided by local caterers who come into the castle. Lunches get supplied by the Dufweholm mansion, and dinners are with Julita Herrgård, owned and operated by Tommy Myllymäki, one of Swedens most well known and celebrated chefs. There is something for everyone, and all dietary requirements get catered for within the vast array of freshly prepared food. Whether you are shooting or not, the catering will be for everyone.

Gun Hire

Unfortunately due to gun laws in Sweden, the estate is unable to hold a full set of guns, however, they do offer a few sets of glasses, ammo bags, vests and plenty of hearing protection.

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The below itinerary is flexible should you require additional shooting days or additional free days to explore; we can tailor this itinerary to suit you personally. Feel free to talk to our travel consultants who can explain all options available.

Day 1:

Depart Any international Airport (See Details)

Arrive Stockholm

A representative from Stora Sundby will only greet you upon arrival to help assist you with gun clearance should you wish to bring your own. You will then be transferred to the Stora Sundby estate (1 hour 45 minutes). When you arrive at the estate the staff will allocate you to your room where you will have time to relax, take in the views and unwind and join in for drinks around 7:00 pm.

Overnight Accommodation: Stora Sundby (Single room) F/B

Day 2: Shooting Day

Rise and shine for an action-packed day ahead. Enjoy a wonderfully fresh breakfast in the breakfast hall at 8:00 am before gathering your personal effects and shooting equipment. You will need to gather in the courtyard of the castle for the start of the day and a thorough safety briefing from the host at 9:00 am.

You will be shooting approximately five drives in the day which will consist of hand-picked specials from around the grounds and the neighbouring estate, giving you around 5000 hectares of shooting. Once you are all informed as to the running’s of the day you will be escorted to your first drive where you will be shooting some well-presented, strong-flying pheasants.

Follow on to the next drive where Mauritz and his team will have yet another spectacular drive planned for you, by this time you will have really got your eye in on those great birds. Depending on the weather, if it’s a cold day you may stop for elevenses to help warm you up. However, if it’s just a normal day you will shoot the first three drives and then relax into a hearty lunch prepared by the staff in or nearby the castle. You will experience only the best culinary delights of which are prepared by the local caterers and will include all fresh meats and fish. The lunches are provided by Dufweholm a prized hotel nearby.

After a well-earned opportunity to exchange some friendly tips in the field over lunch it’ll be time to crack on into the afternoon for a further two drives, in which Mauritz will most definitely be holding the best until last. With all the sensational shooting you will be enjoying it will only be respectful to show your gratitude towards the fallen quarry with a celebrated parade in the castle’s courtyard after the day has come to an end.

You will have time to relax after this with the opportunity to unwind and revel in the castles plush historical interior before you will meet for drinks at 7:00 pm in the dining hall or the Hunters hall before sitting down for dinner at 7:30.

Overnight accommodation: Stora Sundby (Single Room) F/B

Day 3:

Depending on your flight times, you will be transferred back to the international airport for your return flight

Depart Stockholm

Arrive Home

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Average Customer Satisfaction Score 92%

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The season runs from August to January.


Season: October-January
Peak: January


Season: 21st August-October
Peak: August

Pheasant & Duck

Season: 1st-30th October
Peak: October

Package Details

Prices from
per person


  • All Flights
  • All Field transport
  • 2 x Nights at Stora Sundby Castle
  • 1 x 150 Bird Pheasant Day
  • Transfers (for team of 8)


  • Gun Hire (700 Sek per Day)
  • Swedish hunting permit/License
  • All Cartridges (100 Sek per box)
  • Personal Insurance
  • Swedish Hunting Permit (300 Sek)
  • Loaders can be arranged at (900 sek per day)

Optional extras

  • The standard itinerary is based on a 150 bird day (Pheasants) however, we do have the following options available.
  • Maximum bird day (Pheasants) 350 Birds
  • Dedicated day for (Duck) shooting from 250-500 Birds
  • Mixed Day (Pheasants and Ducks) shooting 300 Birds
  • Non-Hunting companions as guests in double rooms 50% Charge.

Price Supplements

Overages on Pheasants

150 Pheasants / 445 sek per bird (late season)

250 Pheasants / 415 sek per bird

350 Pheasants / 385 sek per bird

Overages on Duck Days

250 Ducks / 315 sek per Duck

500 Ducks / 265 sek per Duck

1000 Ducks / 250 sek per Duck

Overages on Mixed Days

(All based on a 300 bird day)

Pheasant 435 sek

Duck 290 sek


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The Stora Sundby Castle is absolutely stunning and I genuinely felt like royalty when staying there. Each shooting day was action-packed and we shot big numbers of Pheasants. I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone who was thinking about taking a trip.

Staff & Service
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I've never seen such a huge number of Pheasants and both days were incredibly action-packed. I couldn't leave a review without mentioning our stay in Stora Sundby Castle, which was simply sublime. It may have been expensive but was worth every single penny.

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest


We had two days shooting at Stora Sundby Castle one for Pheasants and one for Ducks and both were action-packed and some of the best shooting we've ever experienced. If you love your shooting and are considering a trip then just do it!

Staff & Service
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