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Fishing Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean is famous for providing some of the most phenomenal saltwater fly fishing from around the world. All our destinations are hand-picked to be the best locations for saltwater fly fishing within the Pacific Ocean. One such species that is very popular is the Giant Trevally, also known as GT’s. These fish have set saltwater fly fishing anglers amazing targets for landing these mighty fish on a fly rod. It is a real challenge that every serious angler should try at least once. There is no place better to achieve this than in the mighty Pacific Ocean.

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Tour code: CHR001  

Our famous hosted trips to Christmas island have become legendary, they offer you the best saltwater fly fishing along with world class popper, jig fishing. Combine this with light offshore trolling provides one of the most diverse fisheries in the world. A fishing adventure that should not be missed at any cost.

   Season: September to October

From: £6,017 per person including flights

Tour code: CHR002

Christmas Island is one of the best places in the world where you can either fly fish, try your hand at popper & jig fishing or even try light trolling lures to catch a huge variety of species such as 100lb plus GT'S, 100lb plus Tuna, double figure Bonefish plus much much more. Perfect destination for all anglers.

   Season: All year

From: £5,078 per person including flights

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2 Tours available

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The Pacific Ocean is the worlds largest and deepest ocean. These nutrient rich waters mean that the Pacific Ocean fishing can be classed as some of the best you will find. From deep sea trolling to popper and jig fishing on one of the many atolls, this ocean has it all and more.

The most famous of the Pacific Oceans predators and number one on many travelling anglers most wanted hit list is the mighty Giant Trevally. However, it is not just about the Giant Trevally.

When on a Pacific Ocean fishing holiday another sought after species is the ghost of the flats. These ghosts drift around in the shallow waters both enticing and frustrating anglers with their ability to be in front of you one minute and then gone again in the blink of an eye. The ghosts I am referring to are of course Bonefish and they can be a prized catch for any angler whilst fishing the Pacific Ocean.

Also found residing in the Pacific Ocean are many other sought after species for the travelling fly angler. These species include the beautiful Pompano, the amazingly marked and hard fighting Roosterfish, the Silver King and the super acrobatic Tarpon.

Alternatively, if fly fishing is not your thing when on a Pacific Ocean fishing holiday then experience the big game fishing. This ocean is home to some of the world’s top Bluewater fishing.

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