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Blog: Preparing For Skrei Cod Fishing, Norway

When we enter a new year here at Sportquest we start to get very excited as we know the season for Skrei Cod Fishing, Norway, is coming. Anglers will be heading to Norway's fishing villages in numbers to target...

Blog: Our top Norway Destinations for Skrei Cod Fishing

The Skrei Cod season is proving to be very productive at three of our camps in North Norway, with several magical 30Kilo fish hitting the lures, and fish of this calibre, are what anglers dream of. We offer a...

Halibut Competition Team

Blog: Hints And Tips For The Sportquest Halibut Competition

Each year Sportquest Holidays organise their annual Halibut competition at Å on the Lofoten Islands with large cash prizes and many smaller prizes from leading tackle manufactories. This is the UK's biggest Halibut competition in Norway and spaces sell...

Blog: Tips On Plaice Fishing From A Boat In Norway

Sea fishing in Norway offers anglers lots of different opportunities and a wide range of species, from fishing for Large Cod in deep water to shallow water fishing for Coalfish off the surface. One species that you really should...

Blog: Shore Fishing Tips And Techniques Norway

There are many variables to take into consideration when fishing from the shore. Many things can make or break a session and by thinking these Shore Fishing tips and techniques through before you head out you can increase your...

Blog: Fly Fishing For Halibut

There's no doubt that the popularity of Halibut fishing has soared over the past decade, and for many sea anglers visiting Norway, these giant flatfish have now overtaken the Cod as their primary target. As the number of anglers...

Blog: Shore Fishing Tackle For Norway

Shore fishing in Norway is becoming more and more popular each year, with the fishing around the UK coastline becoming less productive year after year anglers are heading away from UK beach fishing and heading to the Land of...

Blog: Species Spotlight: Skrei Cod

Species: Skrei Cod Scientific Name: Gadus morhua Also known as: Valentine's Fish SKREI COD Description Skrei Cod looks just like a normal resident Norwegian Cod but these fish migrate over 1000km from the Barents sea to their original spawning...

atlantic halibut

Blog: Species Spotlight: Atlantic Halibut

Name: Atlantic Halibut Scientific name: Hippoglossus Stenolepis ATLANTIC HALIBUT Description Starting life as a round fish, these Jurassic looking creatures of the deep soon evolve into a flatfish. The eyes migrate around their head at around 6 months old...

Short Haul Flights

Blog: Short-haul flight Fishing Destinations

For many years Sportquest Holidays have searched the world high and low so we can bring you some of the most exciting fishing destinations known to mankind and not always do we have to look far. Some of the...

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