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Sportquest customer in las Buitreras

Blog: My Favourite Fishing Spot In The World

I see myself as being pretty lucky, to be honest with you, working for Sportquest has enabled me to fish many different countries around the world. From the icy cold Arctic conditions of Norway, boat fishing for Skrei Cod,...

Blog: Norway Sea Fishing Guide | Sportquest Holidays

Norway really is the destination that sea anglers from all over the world are wanting to travel too. This fantastic fishing destination located up in the Arctic Circle is world-renowned for the huge fish that live there, big Cod,...

Blog: Best Sea Fishing Lodges in Norway to Target, Cod, Halibut and Coalfish

Many anglers travel to Norway in search of that once in a lifetime monster catch. With so many different destinations to choose from, we have narrowed the list down to our three top fishing lodges in Norway where we...

Blog: Sportquest Head Norway Fishing Guide – Paul Stevens

On a recent trip to Norway to film the 2022 Halibut competition, alongside good friend Paul Stevens, our head Norway guide and destination manager, I chatted to him about his passion for saltwater fishing and his love for Norway,...

Blog: Top Sea Fishing Destinations IN NORWAY

Sea fishing is an ever-growing sport enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. We send 1000’s of anglers away each year on our sea fishing holidays where they have the chance to target some truly monstrous beasts from the deeps....

Blog: Shore Fishing In Norway Pre-Season Targets

With the Spring season in Nappstraumen drawing ever closer, it’s time to take a look at some of the more popular species we’ve caught over the past few years and set some targets for the coming season. I feel...

Blog: Perfect Baits For Shore Fishing In Norway

When fishing Norway from the shore, there's a wide variety of things that you need to get right to ensure that you have the best trip you can. One of the main things that you need to ensure is...

Blog: Species Spotlight: Coalfish

Species: Coalfish Scientific Name: Pollachius virens Also known as: Saithe, Coalies COALFISH Description Coalfish is a codfish (members of the cod family) that can be found both near the surface and on the seabed down to a depth of...

Blog: Bert Williams’ 90lb Cod Wins Sportquest Holidays Fishing Competition

Cast your minds back to March 2016 and the news of the huge Norwegian Cod caught by Bert “Codfather” Williams at a huge weight of 41Kilos around 90LB. It appeared in most national newspapers plus on a lot of...

Blog: Saltwater Surface Popper Lures for Coalfish

As you drift along on the cold Norwegian waters winding your saltwater surface popper lures in, the lure itself creating bubbles and disturbance in its wake, out of nowhere the water around it erupts, with both fish and lure...

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