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Big Game Fishing Holidays

Big game fishing has exploded in popularity. More and more anglers are hopping on a plane and travelling to far-flung lands to experience the magic of offshore fishing. The thrill of big game fishing is one like no other, one minute you could be trolling with nothing happening then out of nowhere your reel starts screaming as an absolute monster of a game fish makes off with your bait. Destinations such as Mexico, Costa Rica and even big game fishing in Europe can land you that game fish you have only ever dreamt of in the past.

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16 Tours available

Tour code: COS001  

The world-class resort in Costa Rica called Crocodile Bay has won so many awards on Trip Adviser that we class it as a must go for any big game angler. It is also the perfect destination to take your non-angling family, as the eco tours onsite are unbelievable and if you were to stay there for a whole month, you would never get through them. 

   Season: November to April

From: £3,879 per person including flights

Tour code: MEX002  

Palma de Cortez resort in Mexico is the ideal big game fishing destination. Not only is the resort located next to all the prime fishing grounds but all tackle is included too. On top of this, we now offer light tackle packages on all Panga boats for bait fishing which include all hooks, weights and leaders free for you to use.

  Category: Big Game Fishing
   Season: All Year

From: £2,934 per person including flights

Tour code: NAM001

The Namibian coast boasts one of the largest populations of Bronze Whaler Sharks in the world.  These huge sharks can reach well over 400lbs. You will be targeting them from the shore on heavy surfcasting tackle and bait. he Bronze Whaler is immensely strong and puts up one of the best shore fights you will ever have.   

   Season: October to April

From: £2,299 per person including flights

Tour code: ROD001

This fishing adventure is like no others out there! Rodrigues Island offers anglers a unique opportunity to fish for some incredible species. The fishing style used is completely down to you as the itinerary can be completely tailored to suit how you wish to fish and the species you wish to target. In addition to this, we some excellent tackle package waiting on board for you to use completely free of charge.

   Season: All Year

From: £3,113 per person including flights

Tour code: CAP001

We extremely pleased to be able to offer some of the finest Yellowfin Tuna fishing the world has to offer, team this up with the best boats and tackle available and you will soon find yourself living the dream of being hooked up to one of the hardest and dirtiest fighting Tuna that swims our oceans.

   Season: All Year

From: £3,552 per person including flights

Tour code: KEN010

The big game fishing Kenya coastline has been, for many years, fished by many adventurous anglers such as Ernest Hemmingway and in the early days was world famous for being one of the best Sailfish destinations in the world. Back when Ernest Hemmingway was fishing Kenya, he classed the Striped Marlin fishing as being the best there was.

   Season: All Year

From: £2,402 per person including flights

Tour code: MAD001  

Madeira for many years has produced some of the worlds biggest Blue Marlin and back in 1995, 1996 and 1997 Madeira was the world cup winner. So, if you are a true specimen hunter, we can’t think of a better place to head to for a fish of a lifetime. Perfect for a family getaway with it only being a couple of hour’s flight.

   Season: May to August

From: £1,581 per person including flights

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16 Tours available

Additional Information

We offer some absolutely amazing bluewater big game fishing holidays where you can target Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado and Tuna to name but a few of the most sought-after big game fish. Travelling to the most prolific big game fishing destinations in the world, you can also target some of the smaller game fish species including  Roosterfish, Giant Trevally and Amberjack, using a whole variety of both traditional and new tactics.

One of our most big game adventures is Rodrigues Islands. One day you could be doing battle with Blue and Black Marlin on stand up and fight tackle, the next you could be standing toe to toe with a huge Dogtooth Tuna. The other unique thing with this destination is that everything is included meaning you can turn up with no fishing tackle and be supplied with it all, including fishing outfits, vertical jig fishing outfits, trolling equipment and even some light fly rods.

Palmas de Cortez Baja is one of the only purpose built fishing resorts in the whole of Mexico and right on its doorstep is the stunning Sea of Cortez which is world famous for numbers of Blue, Black and Striped Marlin. Along with these supercharged Billfish are the ballerinas of the ocean, the Sailfish. They get large runs of these from April to September and in any given day you could raise between 5–10 Sails. The other species which attracts thousands of anglers each year is the amazing Rooster fishery.

Crocodile Bay is a world class big game fishing and eco-resort is world class for both the fishing and their service. Set amongst 44 acres of the lushest dense tropical rainforest your senses will be in overdrive as the smells and sounds of the jungle surround you each day. The fishing is separated into two different areas, inshore and offshore. Inshore fishing is a lure anglers paradise as there are many different species that are more than willing to smash a well-presented popper and shallow diving lure, from the toothy Cubera Snapper to hard fighting Roosters, they all pull hard. Then you have the offshore fishing for huge Blue Marlin, Dorado and huge schools of Tuna.

For many years now, Madeira has entered the Marlin world championships and on more than one occasion have won top prize. This destination is known around the globe for the place to head to get catch yourself a grander Marlin (1000lb Blue Marlin). As you can imagine with fish of this size it’s not a numbers game, it’s like any specimen hunting, it’s a waiting game. If you are lucky enough to catch one of these huge Marlin it is going to be big! This destination is not for beginners, it’s for people who have caught many small Marlin and are in search of that fish of a lifetime. Our skipper and boat have been fishing out of Funchal for many years now and have managed to build a healthy amount of granders under their belt.

If you have any questions on our big game fishing trips then contact us in the office, our big game fishing department will be happy to help you with any queries you have. Additionally, you can request a free brochure.