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Battle Hill Lodge Iceland A Picturesque Location Of Striking Beauty

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Sea Trout Fishing Iceland

Battle Hill Lodge, or “Orustuóll” as it’s called in Icelandic, is given its name as it stands on the exact spot where Hróars Tungugoði, a famed Icelandic Viking Chieftain from the 10th century, was killed. Situated in southern Iceland, around a 3-hour drive from Reykjavik, nestled on the banks of the Fossárlar River, it’s famed for the incredible Sea Trout fishing it offers, renowned as being some of the best found anywhere in the world. A historic, picturesque location of striking beauty, where much of the landscape was carved out by one of the deadliest super-eruptions in history, it gives travelling rods an incomparable fly fishing experience of a lifetime, attracting anglers from around the globe.

Newly renovated in 2022, after our partners gained exclusive fishing rights from the landowners, Battle Hill Lodge is a fully-serviced lodge and offers some incredible freshwater fly fishing on two main rivers – the Fossalar and Vatnamot. The Vatnamot, which means ‘junction’ in Icelandic, is an astonishing piece of water where the Fossalar, Geirlandsa, and Horgsa rivers meet the Mighty Skafta. A beat of around 5 kilometres long, it has been responsible for vast numbers of Sea Trout, with over 2,000 fish landed to just five rods each year. The Fossalar River, like Vatnamot, is also prolific for big beautiful specimens, offering over 15 kilometres of water and a range of diverse pools. It’s a stunning spot to wet a line and is part of Unesco’s natural heritage list.

Famous Icelandic Rivers

The fishing at Battle Hill Lodge is based on five beats, each with its unique topography, but all home to good numbers of big, beautiful, hard-fighting Sea Trout. The main two beats that anglers fish are: 


Famous for its size, both for runs and individual fish, this river, along with Þverá, Þverávatn, and Vatnamót, offers anglers a great variety of pools and landscapes to fish from. As a result, these rivers are widely regarded as some of the best in Iceland. While fished primarily for Sea Trout, these rivers house healthy Arctic Char and Atlantic Salmon populations. Year after year, the largest Sea-Trout caught comes from Vatnamót, with fish over 20lbs common. The peak season for this region is late spring in April-May and again in August-October. 


The Jonskvísl and Sýrlækur rivers are located about 285km from Reykjavík, just west of the small village of Kirkjubæjarklaustur. Jónskvísl is a tributary of the famous Grenilækur river and Sýrlækur is, in turn, a tributary of Jónskvísl. The two rivers are most well known for their large (both in size of runs and size of fish) Sea-run Brown Trout, but also for their sizable stocks of Arctic Char that gets landed up to 6lb in weight, and resident browns. 

Fly Fishing Rivers Iceland

Although the Fossalar and the Vatnamót are the two main beats at Battle Hill, the lodge also offers a selection of others that make for some excellent fishing for not just Sea Trout but Artic Char, resident Browns and even Salmon at the right time of year. These include:


Surrounded by glaciers and volcanoes and nestled amongst some of the most spectacular sites in Iceland, Tungufljótt is one of the best-known rivers for Sea-Trout in Iceland, both because of its beauty and the large size of fish caught. Multiple fish in the 20lbs range are caught yearly, with the average size being between 5-10lbs. Primetime for Tungufljótt is April-May as the fish make their way to the ocean and again on their return mid-August-October. During June, Tungufljótt boasts a healthy resident population of browns and Arctic Char, but by the middle of July, Atlantic Salmon arrive in the river and will remain into the fall. 


River Grenlækur is a fertile spring-fed river, rich in freshwater life. Home to one of Iceland’s most significant Sea Trout populations. The river is fed by springs originating from the glacial river Skaftá, which flows onto and through the Eldhraun lava fields that filter the glacial water before it emerges in Grenlæk. Like many other rivers on the south coast of Iceland, the central fishing here is for Sea-Run Brown trout, although resident browns, Arctic Char and Atlantic Salmon can also be found.


The Ásgarð beat on the River Skaftá is a short beat that can vary significantly from year to year with the shifting of the glacial river Skaftá and shifting of the sand on the bottom. At the top of the beat, the famed Sea Trout river Tungulækur runs into the Skaftá, and the fishing tends to be best where the freshwater from Tungulækur mixes with the glacial water of Skaftá. 


At Battle Hill Lodge, the rivers run through a volcanic landscape, meaning anglers can enjoy the experience of fishing in both lava fields and black sands, allowing a multitude of methods, including the use of double-handed rods, swinging flies and nymphing through some stunning pools.

When fishing for the Sea Trout on the big waterways, a 13ft 7# to 8# is recommended, while an 11ft 6# or 7# is an excellent tool for covering the vast majority of water in the region. When nymphing or using dries on smaller stretches, a single-handed 9-10ft 6# to 8# is the perfect tool.

Whatever rod is used, it’s essential to have an excellent reel to match, one with a smooth, reliable drag system and one that can hold a minimum of 100 yards of 20lb backing. Most fishing gets done with weight-forward floating lines, but having a spare reel or spool loaded with a sink tip or sinking line is also an idea.

A whole range of flies will catch fish, and two recommended include the Black Ghost Classic Streamer and the Dýrbítur in sizes 4 to 10. However, we encourage guests, especially fly tiers, to bring their own secret weapons, as we know nothing beats the feeling of catching a nice fish on a fly you’ve tied yourself.

All the tackle information is based on decades of experience from the Battle Hill Lodge guides. They’ve seen the Icelandic Rivers in acute low water conditions, full spate, and every condition in-between. They pride themselves on being able to help visiting anglers catch in even the harshest conditions. The fishing at the lodge is fully guided (one guide per two anglers) and available in six-day packages, starting and ending on a half day.

If you’d like to learn more about the incredible freshwater fly fishing on offer at Battle Hill Lodge in Iceland, visit our YouTube channel.

 Note: It’s recommended that all flies brought to Iceland are new and unused.


Newly renovated for the 2022 Season, Battle Hill Lodge is a full-service lodge nestled on the banks of the Fossárlar River. An old, cosy farmhouse, it overlooks the beautiful Vatnjökull Glacier, Lava fields, and the flowing rivers that surround it.

It features two single rooms and four double rooms, allowing a maximum occupancy of ten anglers. While the rooms do not have private bathrooms, there are two and a half shared bathrooms.

All meals at the lodge (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are included.

To find out more about freshwater fly fishing in Iceland, visit our YouTube channel.

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The below itinerary is flexible should you require additional fishing days or additional free days to explore; we can tailor this itinerary to suit you personally. Feel free to talk to our travel consultants who can explain all options available.

DAY 1:

Depart UK (alternative routes available)

Arrive Keflavik

Once you arrive in Keflavik and have collected your bags, you’ll need to take a taxi and transfer to your overnight accommodation.

Overnight Accommodation: Airport Hotel (Twin Room) B/B


After breakfast at the hotel, a representative from Battle Hill Lodge will come and pick you up at 10am. The transfer time to the lodge is around 3 hours.

Once at the lodge you’ll need to unpack and get ready for the first half a day of fishing. Fishing starts at 16:00 on arrival day, dinner is at 8pm.

Overnight Accommodation: Battle Hill Lodge (Twin Room) F/B


For the next 5 days, you’ll be fishing the delightful rivers, and pools that surround Battle Hill Lodge for big Sea Trout, Char and Salmon (At the right time of year.) During your stay, it’s possible to fish a wide range of diverse water, with a manner of different tactics.

Overnight Accommodation: Battle Hill Lodge (Twin Room) F/B


After breakfast, you’ll head out for half a day fishing, fishing until 12.00 pm, when lunch is served.

After lunch, around 2pm, a representative from Battle Hill Lodge will transfer you to Reykjavik airport, ready for your flight home.

The transfer time to the airport from the lodge is around 3 hours.

Once you arrive in Reykjavik, you’ll be dropped off at your overnight accommodation.

Overnight Accommodation: Airport Hotel (Twin Room) B/B

DAY 9:

After breakfast, you’ll need to transfer to Keflavik airport, ready for your flight home.

Depart Keflavik

Arrive UK

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Average Customer Satisfaction Score 76%

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The season runs from April to October.

Sea Trout

Season: April to October
Peak: May & September
Weight: 5lb to 20lb
Average Weight: 7lb

Arctic Char

Season: April to October
Peak: May & September
Weight: 1lb to 6lb
Average Weight: 2lb

Atlantic Salmon

Season: June to September
Peak: August
Weight: 1lb to 20lb
Average Weight: 5lb

Brown Trout

Season: April to October
Peak: May & September
Weight: 2lb to 10lb
Average Weight: 4lb

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  • International flights
  • All airport transfers to and from Reykjavik
  • Accommodation
  • All food and drink (Breakfast, lunch & dinner)
  • 6 days of fishing
  • Fishing licenses for the private water
  • Fishing guide (Two anglers per guide)


  • Tackle disinfection
  • Guide gratuities
  • Lodge gratuities
  • Fishing tackle

Optional extras

  • Flight upgrades
  • Additional fishing days

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I had some great fishing on my holiday in Iceland. We caught some really nice Sea Trout and good quantities of Char. There was a fantastic array of water to fish and all the scenery was simply incredible. Without a doubt I'd love to return and will probably be looking to book again next year.

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest


My friend and I had a fantastic holiday. We had excellent fishing and landed some beautiful Trout and Char. The accommodation was perfect and the food excellent. Our guide was a lovely chap too, he knew his stuff. I would heartily recommend this tour to anyone who loves there fly fishing.

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest


A simply fantastic getaway. Iceland is such a magnificent country, and I maintain it must feature some of the most beautiful scenery found anywhere in the world. I was told the fishing was a little slower than usual, but that's fishing. All that means is I'll have to return again.

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest

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