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Reisastua Lodge Norway Salmon On The Reisa River

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The Biggest Atlantic Salmon In The World

The Reisastua Lodge in Norway, located on the banks of the Reisa river within the stunning Reisa valley, is only a stone’s throw away from the Reisadalen national park and is a small piece of serene heaven and one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The Reisa itself originates in the tundra of Norway’s Finnmark region and flows for over 120 kilometres through the beautiful Nordic countryside, cutting its way through the mountainous, forested landscape to the town of Storslett, where it dumps into the North Atlantic ocean.

Its gin-clear waters offer some of the finest Atlantic Salmon fishing in the world, and it’s one of the few places where fish in excess of 50lb get caught every year, and few rivers can boast such a high probability of hooking fish over 30lb. It’s challenging but utterly rewarding, and it’s home to a good population of fish and some real monsters; many freshwater fly fishing anglers have landed their personal bests fishing its banks.

The Reisastua Lodge is ideally situated in the middle part of the Reisa, and from its central location, it’s possible to access all aspects of it. This gives the freshwater fly fishing angler the flexibility and option to fish all the best pools and beats.

The Reisa River

The Reisa River flows for 120km, but the returning Atlantic Salmon can only swim up the first 85 kilometres until they reach the unsurpassable obstacle of the Imofossen Falls. Similar to its sister river a bit further north, the Alta, the Reisa can claim that at least 40% of returning Salmon have weights of over 15lbs, and more than half of these weigh over 20lbs. In contrast to the evolution of many Salmon rivers worldwide, the returns of large Salmon to the Reisa are improving from year to year. 

The 85 kilometres of water that the Salmon can inhabit gets divided into nineteen zones, ten in the lower part of the river accessible via the road from Storslett to Bilto and another nine in the upper part of the river accessible only by boat. On average, the river spans between 30m to 50m wide and features deep spools, slow meandering straights and narrower fast flumes. With its breathtaking surroundings and backdrop, it’s most definitely one of the most beautiful places in the world to wet a fly line. It offers the freshwater fly fishing angler an opportunity to fish a river that combines all the Norwegian rivers’ best qualities and features.

During the first four weeks of the season, generally in July, the Reisastua Lodge offers selected fishing on the lower pools of the river; however, you can combine this with a day or two on the upper parts. Come August, fishing time’s split between three days on the lower river and three days on the upper river. Every day the fishing begins at noon and finishes at midnight, allowing all of the pools to rest a minimum of 12 hours. In the summer months, thanks to the midnight sun phenomenon, you can fish for Salmon at any time of the day. 

All the fishing is based around one guide and boat per two anglers. Each fishing guide has amassed a very considerable amount of hard-earned experience regarding all facets of fly fishing the stunning Norwegian Salmon rivers. All are fully qualified, speak good English, and their passion and dedication are infectious. Rest assured, they will go the extra mile in search of your fish of a lifetime.

To find out more about the Atlantic Salmon and the Reisastua Lodge in Norway, visit our YouTube channel.

Freshwater Fly Fishing Tackle

The Reisa is not a numbers river, but a place to go to try and catch the biggest fish of your life. The bigger fish are not as plentiful, are harder to trick into taking your fly, and lots harder to land when hooked. When you put all these factors together, if you manage to land more than a couple of big fish in a week, it should be classed as a successful one.

With these things in mind, it’s essential when fishing the Reisa that you use reasonably strong tackle. 14 to 16-foot double-handed fly rods between 9-weight and 11-weight matched with a quality reel with a reliable drag, loaded with 200 yards of 50 lb test backing, is ideal for the job. Skagit lines with various sink tips or multi-density lines can be very effective early in the season, whilst Intermediate sinking and floating lines become more advisable as the season advances. Strong leaders of 25lb to 30lb breaking strain are a must.

Fly wise, larger, heavily dressed tube flies are more effective during the first part of the season. Exemplary patterns include Sunray Shadows, Temple Dogs, Green Highlanders, Willie Gunns, Snaeldas and Cascades, to name a few. As the summer advances, smaller, more lightly dressed flies work better and dropping down to a hook size as small as a 12 can often gain you an extra bite or two.

In August, if the water is at the right temperature and height, then a single-handed 7-weight or 8-weight fly rod can be used. A riffle hitch or bomber fly on a floating line can offer some explosive topwater action and provide some fantastic sport.

As far as the fishing goes, your guide will help explain the best way to fish your flies, offering advice as and when you need to mend your line or speed up or slow down your swing. A long dangle before some short, sharp strips of your fly line can often entice a take. If you prefer to fish without a guide, we can offer a lighter guiding experience where the guide will alternate between you and four other anglers. Being guided in this way can offer a greater sense of achievement when you hook into that hard fighting Atlantic Salmon.

Reisadalen National Park

As well as the chance of catching a trophy Salmon from one of the world’s most beautiful rivers, Reisastua offers a unique and fantastic all-around nature-based experience. With customized packages available to suit the needs of anglers who fancy a day off from fishing or travelling non-anglers. 

One of the most popular activities when staying at Resisastua Lodge in Norway is the Reisa National Park riverboat experience. The nature of Reisa National Park is exceptional; its narrow valleys and mountainsides have a unique character and are rich in animal and plant life. The main river and its many tributaries feature a series of waterfalls; the most famous is the Imo and Mollis. Using a riverboat and guide, you take a tour around these stunning waterways before enjoying lunch just below Mollisfossen. Tourists from all over the world come to experience this unique valley.

A specially tailored experience is also available where you can trek towards the beautiful Imofossen, the last stop for Salmon in the Reisa River. Here you can stay overnight in a tent or return to Reisastua Lodge. Those who wish can enjoy peace and quiet in a canoe trip back to Reisastua.

As well as this, Reisastua can arrange grouse hunting trips for small groups in the area near the lodge, whale watching excursions and a whole host of other activities depending on the time of year. 

Facts About Reisadalen National Park

  • About 385 vascular plant species are registered. 
  • 122 bird species have been recorded, including ducks, birds-of-prey, waders, owls and sparrows.
  • In the park, some rocks are more than 2.6 billion years old.
  • The Nordkalot route, which is part of the European hiking route from Sicily to the North Cape (E1), passes through Reisa National Park and the Ráisdouttarháldi landscape conservation area.


Reisastua Lodge is situated in the heart of the Reisa River valley, just a stone’s throw away from the water’s edge. The nearest village is Storslett, which has its own airport, Sørkjosen, located about 5 kilometres to the northwest.

The lodge boasts eight en-suite twin rooms, but anglers have the luxury of these rooms to themselves during fishing weeks. There are three different types of room available, standard double rooms, the Mollissuite with three bedrooms and smaller suites with king-size beds. All rooms have air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, WiFi access, and most have refrigerators. Extra beds are also available if required. The rooms look out across the river and the surrounding mountains, giving you mouth-watering scenic views.

The restaurant at Reisastua overlooks the river and serves up a range of quality fresh food and hearty meals, all prepared on-site by the lodge’s chefs using various local ingredients. Breakfast is served at the restaurant, and that’s where you’ll meet with your guide, who’ll give you an overview of the day before heading out in the boats to the first fishing spot. Lunches can also be taken at the restaurant, back at the lodge. But if you’d prefer a more rustic experience, it can be served on the river bank beside an open fire.

A sizeable outdoor spa jacuzzi is located on the roof terrace; this has incredible views of the surrounding landscapes and uses the starry sky as a roof. It’s been a popular addition to the lodge and is the perfect place to relax after a long day on the water, soaking up the midnight sun or observing the northern lights.

The fireplace lounge is another popular spot and is the ideal place to chat with fellow anglers about the days fishing and share stories about the one’s that got away.

Finally, the Bivrost bar, which is also a new addition, includes products from Aurora Spirit distillery in Lyngen. The name Bivrost comes from the Old Norse language and is used to describe the Northern Lights. Here you can taste local gin, vodka, aquavit and the sought-after and exclusive whiskey made there.

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Although the fishing days are fixed, the below itinerary is still flexible should you require additional free days to explore at the beginning or end of your holiday; we can tailor this itinerary to suit you personally. Feel free to talk to our travel consultants who can explain all options available.

Day 1: (TUESDAY)

Depart Any international Airport (See Details)

Oslo Depart Oslo

Arrive Tromso Depart Tromso

Arrive Sorkjosen

At Sorkjosen Airport you will be collected by a representative from Reisastua Lodge and transferred 45 minutes to the lodge. On arrival at the lodge, you will be met and greeted before taken to your room to unpack. In the evening during the meal, there will be a welcome briefing explaining the fishing and the week ahead.

Overnight accommodation: Reisastua Lodge (Single Room) F/B

DAYS 2 to 4: Fishing Days (WEDNESDAY TO FRIDAY)

Over your next 5 days, breakfast is served before you are taken in pairs to your fishing zones for the day. (Note during the week you will fish a rotation system allowing you to fish different water each day, subject to water conditions) Subject to which zones you are fishing for that day you will either return for lunch at the lodge or your lunch will be served on the riverbank. Each day fishing is based on 2 rods per guide, your guides are local experts on the river and can easily show you where the fish lie.

Overnight accommodation: Reisastua Lodge (Single Room) F/B

DAYS 5 & 6: Fishing Days (SATURDAY & SUNDAY)

During your stay and fishing rotation, you will have the chance to fish in the upper zones in the world-famous national park. You will find it hard to fish in more beautiful surroundings.

Overnight accommodation: Reisastua Lodge (Single Room) F/B


At a prearranged time you will be transferred back to Sorkjosen Airport in time for your return flights.

Depart Sorkjosen

Arrive Tromso Depart Tromso

Arrive Oslo

On arrival at Oslo airport, you will take a taxi or shuttle bus to your overnight airport hotel (taxi or Shuttle bus not included).

Overnight Accommodation: Oslo Airport Hotel (Single Room) B/B


In the morning, you will check out of your hotel and take a taxi or shuttle bus ride back to the airport (taxi or Shuttle bus not included).

Depart Oslo

Arrive Home

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The season runs from July to August.

Atlantic Salmon

Season: 1st July - 31 August
Peak: July
Weight: 7lb-55b
Average Weight: 14b

Sea Trout

Season: 1st July - 16th September
Peak: September
Weight: 2-20b
Average Weight: 5b

Brown Trout

Season: 1st July - 16th Sept
Peak: August
Weight: 1b-18b
Average Weight: 3b

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  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Full board
  • Local beer & wine
  • Fishing on a rotation basis, based on 8 rods
  • Full guiding based on 2 anglers per guide
  • All required fishing permits
  • Laundry
  • Disinfection certificate
  • Overnight accommodation in Oslo


  • Fishing Tackle
  • Spirits
  • Personal holiday insurance
  • Tips for the guide
  • Oslo taxi/shuttle bus

Optional extras

  • Flight upgrades
  • Additional fishing days
  • Additional nights in Norway

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Amazing scenery, very good lodge & staff with super fly water. Sadly this year was a lack of fish. Expect to catch 1 or 2 fish for the week but they will be very big fish. I would recommend this holiday for the experience.

Response from Sportquest Holidays

Robert I am so glad that you and the team all enjoyed the place and the whole experience was as explained. This is a place for those who are chasing potential new personal best Atlantic Salmon, as it is not a numbers place. It is also a place for experienced salmon anglers as the guiding is only light guiding. Again thanks for your continued support and custom talk soon.
Regards Peter

Staff & Service
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By reading the reports and information online it didn't seem that the Reisastua was the most prolific Salmon fishing river, but it looked beautiful and there was a chance of a true giant, so that was good enough for us. During our week we managed a Salmon each, with one at 16lb and one at 22lb, which we were more than happy with. The lodge was very good and the staff were very friendly.

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest


I was very impressed with the Resisastua Lodge, all the staff were incredibly welcoming and the guides working the river were very knowledgeable. The river conditions were a little off, BUT I was still lucky enough to land a cracking chrome giant which topped the scales at a few ounces over 25lb. Two weeks on and I'm still reliving the moment in my head - I'll definitely be back.

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest

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