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Sierra Verde Lodge Argentina best dove lodge in the world

Customer Rating 93%
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High Quality Dove Shooting

Sierra Verde, located just a short 35-minute drive from the Cordoba Airport, very near the picturesque, small town of La Granja, was the first Lodge opened by the Hayes brothers. This scenic home, overlooking a manicured ten-acre lawn, has been receiving hunters since 1990 and is only a 15-50 minute drive from the main hunting fields.

Owned and controlled by H&H Outfitters, the Lodge sits amongst over 20,000 acres of land in the heart of the prime Dove roosting areas in Argentina and South America. The roosting ground is heavily wooded with huge populations of native Piquillin trees frequently crossed by natural streams, producing an ideal habitat and breeding conditions for this plentiful game bird.

Vast and fertile valleys furnish immense quantities of grain, while the Alex and Zeke from the Lodge plant their own array of crops exclusively for the Doves who inhabit their land. Using no-till methods, which provide consistent and unlimited amounts of food and by practising these game management techniques, the number of Doves has soared. So much so that Sierra Verde is the only outfitter in the area that offers excellent shooting throughout the entire year. A recent Argentine Game and Natural Resources study estimated the Dove population in the region to be upwards of 32 million birds.

Eared Doves

There is no doubt that amongst seasoned Wing Shooters worldwide, the Eared Dove is one of the most popular game birds. They provide an excellent quarry for the keen shooter, as they provide the ultimate ‘big bag’ shooting experience, and it’s not uncommon for a single gun to shoot over a thousand birds in one day. Around the fields of Córdoba, where the Sierra Verde Lodge is situated, the population is estimated at over 30 million and has to be seen to be believed.

A stout-bodied bird with a short neck and short slender bill, weighing around 4oz and measuring typically between 8 and 9 inches; they’re renowned for their long wedge-like tails and olive/brown plumage and tiny black spots on their wings. They feature a grey crown, black lines behind the eyes and ear-coverts; it’s these black markings that give the bird its ‘eared’ name.

Feeding primarily on a diet of seeds, fruits and plants, they’re massive agricultural pests. Providing their habitat is suitable and food sources plentiful, there’s no fixed breeding season, and the birds breed all year round, just one reason why the numbers are so large.

Strong-flying and acrobatic, they can reach speeds of over fifty miles per hour. They provide an excellent challenge for travelling guns as their flight is often high, fast and direct; they fly very similar to Pigeons, using sharp flicks of their wings to propel themselves through the air.

A Typical Day At Sierra Verde

The daily hunting program at Sierra Verde Lodge, Argentina, generally starts at around 7.00am, with a hearty breakfast before a short drive to the shoot. Once in the field, you will be assigned with your own experienced professional bird boy, who will provide shells, act as a loader, retrieve fallen birds and keep drinks cool and at the ready. Once you get set up and ready to go, it can be fast and furious; however, the bird boy will be on hand to assist you.

Depending on the time of year, you will shoot until noon, when you’ll get treated to a tremendous Asado-style lunch, complemented with salads, gourmet desserts and fantastic wines. After lunch, many travelling guns like to enjoy a nap in one of the hammocks, mellowing out and resting before the afternoon session gets underway. The afternoon hunting sessions re-commences at around 2.00am or 2:30am, and you will continue to shoot the influx of doves until almost dark. There is no designated time to finish; however, good sense and tired shooters know when they’ve had enough and when the day is done.

Upon returning to the Lodge, you can relax with a hot shower, enjoy some drinks and tasty hors d’oeuvres while waiting for a freshly prepared dinner. The Lodge has professional massage therapists on staff to help you unwind and relax at the end of the day.

Hot Barrel Action

A holiday to the Sierra Verde Lodge is a generally laid back affair, and the physical exertion is minimal. Each day you’ll get picked up by the Lodges 15 seat passenger vans with air conditioning, refreshments and two-way radios and driven the short distance to the hunting grounds; from there, there’s just a short walk to the drives, so a sturdy pair of boots is recommended.

The most exertion comes from the shooting itself, as the action for the birds can be fast and furious, and it’s a hot barrel destination with the average gun shooting around 1,500 cartridges a day. Shooting this many shells can be punishing on the shoulder, so we advise taking a quality shoulder pad or shooting vest.

A keen and well-seasoned wing shooter would appreciate this programme due to the opportunities for a wide range of challenging birds and could take great satisfaction in picking the most challenging targets. However, at the same time, it’s an ideal experience for the beginner and intermediate gun to try their hand at plentiful well-presented birds, with plenty of opportunities to improve their skill level, whilst being well looked after on their peg.

To find out more about Dove Shooting In Argentina at Sierra Verde Lodge, visit our YouTube channel


Sierra Verde Lodge is a beautiful European style House with copious amounts of character and an abundance of amenities. It’s ideal for both the avid shooter and, of course, the non-shooting companion, as there is something for everyone. With its European styling, this gracious home offers guests a classic lounging area, bar and a dining room with a commanding view of the grounds.

There are seven spacious bedrooms, both single and twin, with private bathrooms and air conditioning. Each bedroom is well-appointed with extremely comfortable beds and high-quality linens that ooze comfort and style. The rooms overlook the magnificent park offering sensational views, ideal for taking some time out with a drink in hand and observing the local wildlife.

The property also offers guests an enclosed Jacuzzi with a capacity for ten people and a large outdoor swimming pool whereby you will have time to relax and unwind. After a busy day shooting, there is nothing better than a session in the water. If you choose to carry on socialising, then the cosy fire pit with a comfortable seating area compliments the Lodge and offers a campfire type experience set within the luxury of the grounds.

Sierra Verde offers a beautiful Spa facility whereby you have access to many spa treatments, including the most soothing and enjoyable massages by one of their experienced and qualified massage therapists. Ideal for helping release the tension and ease those aching shoulders after a full day on the Doves.

Food & Drink

During your stay at the Lodge the experienced staff, with over 17 years of experience catering to hunters, will make your stay at Sierra Verde the holiday of a lifetime. The gourmet meals are a combination of European dishes combined with typical Argentine cuisine. They use their own grass-fed beef, so the meat you enjoy during your stay is second to none. Sierra Verde will meet the expectations of the most discerning international traveller.


For either travelling non-hunters or hunters who don’t wish to shoot on every session, you can explore the thousands of stunning acres of the surrounding countryside on either foot or by horseback, and the guides can take you to the best sightseeing spots.


For your convenience, the Lodge also offers free high-speed wireless access. So you can check e-mails or send bragging photos to your friends, family and fellow hunters back home.

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The below itinerary is flexible should you require additional shooting days or additional free days to explore; we can tailor this itinerary to suit you personally. Feel free to talk to our travel consultants who can explain all options available.

Day 1:

Depart Any international Airport (See Details)

Day 2: Shooting

Arrive Buenos Aires

On arrival, you will transfer to the domestic terminal for your connecting flight to Cordoba.

Depart Buenos Aires

Arrive Cordoba

Our team and transport will be waiting to transfer you to the Sierra Verde. When you arrive at the lodge, you are welcomed with cocktails and the entire lodge staff. Once you have had time to settle in, you will depart with your guides for your first afternoon’s high volume Dove shooting.

Overnight Accommodation: Sierra Verde Lodge (Twin room) F/B

Days 3 to 6: Shooting Days

Over the following 4 days, the program generally starts at 7:00 am where you will be treated to a hearty breakfast before an 8:00 am departure and a short drive to the shooting fields.

In the field, you will be assigned a pick-up boy, who will provide you with shells and refreshments and direct you to your shooting stand. Depending on the time of the year, you will shoot until noon and then you will be treated to an incredible barbecue lunch, shaded by a comfortable safari tent, tasting some of Argentina’s wonderful beef and salads, fish and superb wines. You never know, you may even be able to squeeze in a little well-earned nap after your morning’s efforts.

The afternoon begins at around 2 or 2:30 pm where you will continue to shoot the influx of doves until almost dark. There is no quitting time, good sense and tired shooters dictate when the day is through. Afterwards, you will return to the lodge for cocktails and early dinner.

Overnight Accommodation: Sierra Verde Lodge (Twin room) F/B

Day 7:

In the morning our staff will transport you to the domestic airport for your return connection flight to Buenos Aires.

Depart Cordoba

Buenos Aires Depart Buenos Aires

Day 8

Arrive Home

Customer Reviews

Average Customer Satisfaction Score 93%

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The season runs from All Year.


Season: All Year
Peak: October to April

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  • All flights
  • All transfers
  • 5 nights Sierra Verde Lodge F/B
  • 4.5 Days Dove shooting
  • All drinks
  • Laundry Service


  • Personal insurance
  • Shells
  • Bird boys $60 pr day
  • Lodge Tips
  • Gun Licence $65 pr day
  • Gun Hire $65 pr day

Optional extras

  • Flight upgrades
  • Additional shooting days
  • Additional nights in BA
  • Add on Sea Trout or Golden Dorado Fishing

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Cal 28 and 410: 14,75 USD

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The only thing bad about the trip is the flight down there. You need to move Argentina a little closer to us!

Your staff, the lodge, the food and of course the shooting were all first class.

My group has already talked about returning in two years.

When we return we are going to skip BA and stay at the lodge an extra two days.

Thank you and your staff for a memorable experience!.

Response from Sportquest Holidays

David it is a long flight but glad you agree its worth all those hours sitting on a plane.

The best things in life are worth travelling for.

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest


The experience we had while staying and shooting with you was amazing. The lodge was beautiful. The accommodations were truly first class.

The house staff was very welcoming and made you feel at home. The food was so delicious. Whether out in the field or eating at the lodge every meal was superb in flavor and presentation. The food was by far better than any restaurant we have ever been to at home and we eat out a lot. The shooting exceeded everyone's expectations.

The amount of birds was truly outstanding. The guns were exceptional and more importantly the guides made the whole experience truly enjoyable. They put a hunter at ease and make sierra verde a top notch outfit.

We highly recommend this lodge to everyone for the best hunting of dove in Argentina. Thank-you for your hospitality and memorable times in Argentina.

We look forward to shooting with you in the future.

Response from Sportquest Holidays

No thank you for such a great review, very ver much appreciated.

We will look forward in seeing you all again soon.

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest


I want to start off by thanking you all on behalf of our whole group this week. As we all know traveling to a new country can be very stressful and fearful if you are not with the proper people. When we were greeted by Gabby in BA it made sure we were safe from the time the trip started. She took us to a local spot of her choice for lunch. They were not open for lunch, but she made it happen. Shortly later she got us to the other BA airport and helped us with no problems.

With a safe arrival in Cordoba we were met by Edgar (what a great man). He got us loaded and to Sierra Verde. From arrival to departure he was first class. I have never seen someone so welcoming, polite, respectful and professional with his job in all of our world travels!

We arrive to Sierra Verde meeting Theresa, one of the hardest working and generous person I have ever met. When it came to the lodging and hunting it was nothing short of first class! The bird guys we all made friends with and were the best. You could honestly tell they love there job and employer.

On behalf of all of us I want to thank you all for your help making this such a streamline operation. Please forward this to Alex and Zeke for such a wonderful experience.

We will be back!!

Response from Sportquest Holidays


Thank you for such a amazing review, a massive thank you for taking the time to write such compelling words.

See you again soon.

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest


What an amazing lodge and staff.

Everyone works so hard and its a real credit to your operation.

Some of the best shooting we have ever experienced, we had some amazing shooting at some birds that looked like dust high in the sky.

We will all be back soon.

Response from Sportquest Holidays


Thank you for your review, much appreciated by all the staff.

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest


For the moment we all arrived, Gabby was there to meet us and greet us.

She is an amazing credit to the whole operation and very welcome when you have just flown 13 hours and not knowing what to expect when you arrive at the other end.

Seira Verde is an amazing lodge and the shooting was ALL first class.

If anyone is considering dove shooting in Argentina you will be hard pushed to top this destination and operation.

Response from Sportquest Holidays


Gabby is our little star we use her for all our ground arrangements in BA, she also looks after all our fishing customers.

Its a nice touch and the icing on the whole trips.

Also thanks for your kind words and recommendations.

Regards Peter

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest


Thank you so much for recommending Sierra Verde to us. The information you gave us was perfect and the lodge was perfect for our group.

We all had an amazing time, mind you some of us are a little sore from the silly amount of shells we all shot. But its very easy to get carried away as the shooting is just so good.

Response from Sportquest Holidays


It was a real pleasure to help you all out and I am so glad that you all loved the trip.

Thanks for your custom as its very much appreciated.


Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest

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