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Andaman Islands | Fishing Holidays

The Andaman Islands are home to some very strong and aggressive fish species that live here to predate on the vast amounts of smaller fish that inhabit these nutrient-rich waters. These Islands provide anglers with not just open water to fish from but also mangrove lined estuarine channels, stunning white beaches and fish-filled reefs.

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The Andaman Islands are an archipelago located in the Bay of Bengal that is part of the Indian Ocean. These Islands are a group of Islands in the Indian Ocean, consisting of a total number of 572 islands of which only 36 are inhabited. The Andaman Islands are vast in numbers but only a few are inhabited. A number of these inhabited Islands are strictly off limits to visitors due to the sensitive nature of the tribal inhabitants. This just shows how fishing in the Andaman Islands is a real adventure for the travelling angler to experience.

The tides flow through these Islands bringing many food items with it. These in turn provide the massive amounts of small bait fish that are present with food. Because of all these smaller fish being present, there are large amounts of predator fish just waiting to be locked into battle with a travelling angler.

Patrolling the waters surrounding the Andaman Islands are brutal Dog Tooth Tuna. These fish will smash your lure and put up a fight as they desperately try to shake the hooks.  Alternatively, you may get into battle with a Giant Trevally. One minute you will be on the retrieve and a split second later your line will be peeling off at warp speed as a monstrous GT screams away from you. Other incredible species roaming the waters include Sailfish and Marlin.

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