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Catfish Fishing Holidays

Catfish is one of the most aggressive & most powerful freshwater species found to be thriving in both rivers & man made lakes throughout the world. There are so many Catfish species, from the Wells Catfish (mainly found in Europe), all the way to large beasts like the famous Mekong Catfish (mainly found in Asia). Whatever Catfish fishing you would like to do, we have lots of top destinations just waiting for you to explore with lots of aggressive Catfish just waiting to do battle.

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Additional Information

Catfish are an amazing species that can be found all over the planet and many angles head out to target them week after week. Catish come in many forms from the European Wels catfish to the Blue Catfish of America all the way to the White Sea Catfish found on the African coastline. One thing is for certain, a big Catfish will give you a fight like no other and will certainly leave you wanting more.

Name: Catfish

Also known as: Cats, Moggies

Scientific Name: Siluriformes



Most catfish are bottom feeders and in general they have a variety of body shapes, though most have a cylindrical body with a flattened belly to allow for feeding on the bottom. The Catfish’s flat head allows for digging through the bottom.  Catfish may have up to four pairs of barbels including 2 pairs on the side of the mouth and two pairs of chin barbels which are used to locate food.


Average size for Catfish

Catfish range in sizes from the smallest species that can be 2 inches long all the way up to the monstrous Mekong and Piraiba Catfish that inhabit the waters of Asia.


Where to catch Catfish

Catfish inhabit both freshwater and saltwater all over the world, targeting these fish in rivers, lakes and oceans could mean you end up catching a monster cat. It is always best to do your research first though to ensure that Catfish are present in the areas you are fishing.


Fishing methods for Catfish

All Catfish love nothing more than a bait ledgered on the bottom. Baits such as dead fish, boilies, leaches, worms and big Halibut pellets are all great bits to use to catch a Catfish. Catfish have also been known to hit lures that are passes in front of their noses tapping into their predatory instincts.

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