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Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing Holidays

Rainbows, or also know as just Bows for short are a species that lives and breeds in freshwater. These fish are found on a fairly worldwide basis in both as true wild fish or as stocked fish in manmade fisheries. Our destinations are for only true wild fish populations, places where fly fishing anglers can target these wild fish. The largest specimens tend to be found at our Salmon destinations, as these fish follow the Salmon to their spawning beds to feast on rich Salmon eggs growing very fat. Rainbow Trout season ranges between June and September. Whatever you are looking for and whatever method of fishing for Rainbows below you will find many destinations to suit.

Goodnews River Lodge | Salmon Fly Fishing | Alaska

If you are looking for a Fishing Lodge that puts you and the fishing first, then look no further. Goodnews River Lodge is the ONLY full-service lodge on the entire river system. Experience the solitude and peaceful beauty of Alaska; it’s just you and the fish. No crowds, no flying to the “best” river. It’s all here on the Goodnews River... Read more

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   Season: June to September
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Additional Information

Rainbow Trout are a species of Trout that inhabit freshwater areas around the world. These fish are targeted by many anglers who love the fight these fish can give on light tackle. Add to this the stunning colours the Rainbow Trout inhabits then you can see why anglers head out to catch Rainbow Trout and then release them after taking a photograph to showcase the amazing colouration on their flanks.

Name: Rainbow Trout
Also know as: Bows
Scientific Name: Oncorhynchus mykiss


Adult Rainbow Trout are generally blue-green or olive green with heavy black spotting over the length of the body and adult fish have a broad reddish stripe along the lateral line. Lake Rainbow Trout are usually more silvery in colour with the reddish stripe almost completely gone

Average Size

Rainbow Trout reach sizes well over 20lb in weight but the average size you will find is normally around 5lb.

Where to Catch

Rainbow Trout are an extremely widespread species, inhabiting many of the freshwater lakes and rivers worldwide.

Fishing Methods

Rainbow Trout are normally targeted by using fly fishing methods. Casting different types of flys to rising fish is an extremely productive method with dry flys and accounts for many fish. Other methods include using wet flies and nymph patterns that also produce much fish. Another effective method in the Salmon breeding season is egg patterns that imitate a salmon egg. Rainbows in the summer feast themselves on these Salmon eggs so fishing with iteration patterns is a deadly method. Another exciting method to fish for Rainbows is on the surface with imitation mice as rainbows are predators they love eating small mice as they try to cross the rivers.


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