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Las Buitreras Lodge | Sea Trout Fishing | Argentina


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Get ready to experience Sea Trout Fly Fishing like never before. Welcome to Las Buitreras Lodge on the Rio Gallegos River in Argentina. This world-famous destination offers an unparalleled fishing trip unlike any other.  The catch statistics for size and numbers on both the Rio Gallegos River and the Rio Grande rivers are very similar. However, many anglers remain loyal to the Rio Gallegos for it’s a dream to fish with its low gradient, technical characteristics, exclusivity, outstanding guides, and just the vast number of pools you get to fish each day always providing well-rested water.


Located in southern Argentina, Las Buitreras Lodge sits 45 minutes outside the city of Rio Gallegos and sits in an amazing 290,000 acre Estancia. The whole area is visually inspiring with mountainous outcrops, which makes this part of the Rio Gallegos one of the most spectacular stretches of fly fishing water in Patagonia. There is private access to over 40kms of double bank fishing with over 50 named pools all divided into 6 zones.


Las Buitreras Lodge is home to the most prolific Sea Trout Fly Fishing on the Rio Gallegos River. The fishing is exciting and varied with wonderful fly water that will reward anglers to approach it with both respect and understanding. It certainly is an interesting river to fish with pools ranging from deep stony runs to cut banks. As the Rio Gallegos River is quite shallow it makes for easy wading and eliminating the need for fast sinking lines. Nearly all the pools can be covered with a one-handed rod however a two-hander is often useful when conditions are windy or dictate the use of larger flies.

The wind can be very strong in this section of Patagonia, believe it or not, this is a good thing! The prevailing wind is westerly and blows down the river allowing huge casts. The wind is nearly always assistance as it keeps the surface broken enabling anglers to take large, normally wary Seatrout throughout even the brightest days. Normally the wind calms down as the sun drops in the evening.

All customers our will fish in pairs and fish with one guide on a rotation system, where you fish two sessions per day. One in the morning and again in the evening. This way the main meal of the day is taken back at the lodge at lunchtime which also provides time for a siesta. (However, for those who do not wish to rest we open up the home pool) You will then depart again in the early evening and fish in too dark before return back to the lodge again for more welcoming drinks and food. Each fishing session you will fish a zone with a guide who stays with the zone, then the next session you move up one zone. This rotation system means that all customers get to fish each zone in both a morning and evening session, plus get to fish with every guide during your week.

The Rio Gallegos River

The fishing on the Rio Gallegos can be immensely rewarding. The sheer numbers and size of fish are just outstanding with fish averaging around 9lb. Las Buitreras Lodge offers adventurous anglers the opportunity to put their skills against the explosive Sea Trout of Patagonia with fish that reach 30lbs. Visit our YouTube Channel to see for yourself how incredible the fishing can be in Argentina.

As the Rio Gallegos River is a shallow river in the main parts it is a more technical river to fish but for all anglers, this is the pleasure as it is even more rewarding than just fishing the same deep pool for a whole session. The river demands a quitter approach, the better and more discrete the presentation an angler can make the more fish you will catch. Having said that the Rio Gallegos River is also suitable for beginner anglers as we have plenty of water and pools suitable to catch fish.


We pride ourselves on having some of the best guides in the industry who all speak good English. Each is a very talented angler, and they are some of the best casters and instructors we have seen anywhere. The long-standing team are as knowledgeable as they are friendly and equally hard-working. Crucially they know their stretch of the river backwards. Unquestionably a key component in the success of the lodge and another reason why anglers return each year.

Other Activities

For either non-anglers or anglers who do not wish to fish every session, there are long walks around the thousands of acres of the estancia with stunning barren scenery and wildlife. In addition, with enough notice, we can arrange additional daily sightseeing trips departing from the lodge each day. Additional costs are payable locally.

Contact Us

If Sea Trout Fly Fishing in Las Buitreras sounds interesting, enquire today. Make sure to explore all our Argentina Sea Trout destinations and if you have any questions on the fishing trips we offer then contact us in the office. Our experienced team will be happy to help you with any queries you have. Additionally, you can request a free brochure.


Las Buitreras Lodge

Estancia Las Buitreras offers fly anglers the perfect home while in pursuit of the mighty Sea Trout. Perfectly located centrally to all the fishing Zones and only a short 5-minute walk from the home pool. This purpose-built lodge for just anglers makes the perfect location for your weeks Sea Trout fishing.

The Lodge

As mentioned the lodge was purposely built for anglers and offers a perfect blend of luxury and rustic living. The lodge itself is comfortable with a wonderfully welcoming, relaxed and homely atmosphere. There are six twin and two single bedrooms, all with an en-suite bathroom & showers. Although we can accommodate up to 14 guests at a time, we welcome a maximum of 12 fishermen per week, however, this extra space allows us to offer a few more rooms on a single basis. Built around the outside of the lodge is a large conservatory which serves as the main drying room and changing room. When you arrive at the lodge you will find your own personal space with your name neatly written on a blackboard above your pegs.

Downstairs in the lodge is an open plan where you and fellow guests will enjoy all your meals on the huge lodge dining table. There is also a large lounge area with lots of comfortable seating where you will enjoy the late evening snacks and plenty of drinks. This is a great area to relax and unwind after each session and catch up on all the stories of each days fishing from the whole group. In the lounge, there is a fly tying bench for those who wish to try their hand at a few flies as there is nothing more rewarding than catching a fish on some you have tied yourself. For those who do not tie flies do not worry, just off the lounge is the main office and inside you will find a small tackle shop. The shop has all the flies you could ever wish for on your week, plus it also has a small selection of both fly lines, tippets and ploy leaders. The shop also has a small gift area where you can purchase branded clothing and memento’s to remember your stay.

Outside the lodge, in the gardens, there is plenty of room with rod racks to sort your rods at the end of each session. Also, in the garden there is a spacious courtyard which is protected from the wind, here we have a large fixed outdoor stone grill and terrace for hosting the weekly traditional Argentine assados (BBQ)

The lodge is run on a generator system, the generator is controlled by a timer and is only on at certain times, when it’s time to go fishing and when you return. For in the night time there are energy-efficient lights that work 24hrs per day so light is always available. For charging electrical devices it is advisable to bring spare batteries so you can charge items while you are fishing as there is no generator running overnight.

The lodge does have WiFi which is available 24hours per day, please note that the WiFi signal is via state-of-the-art satellite system, however, it is only suitable for e-mail and chat apps like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Food & Drink

Breakfast and the main meal of the day are served at the dining room table, while the evening finger food is served around the lounge table and chairs.  Breakfasts consist of both bowls of cereal, yoghurts, fresh fruit and both freshly cooked bacon and eggs to our own specification. There is also plenty of toast, jams and both orange juice tea/coffee to wash it all down.

The main meal of the day will be served as a three-course lunch lubricated with unlimited amounts of beer or Argentina red wine. Meals are of a very high standard all cooked by a professional chef ensuring you enjoy an inspiring range of both Argentinean and continental dishes throughout your week. The lodges wine cellar has a fantastic selection of red wine from the Mendoza and San Juan regions. It is also stocked with Cerveza Isenbeck, an outstanding local beer.

The lodge can and will cater to any individual dietary needs. Please just inform the house staff manager who will welcome you on arrival if there are any food items you either dislike or are allergic too.

In the evenings when you return from the evening fishing session, finger food of delightful variety will be served. Each night will be a different themed night of food and again limitless beer and wine. This goes a long way to create such a homely and welcoming atmosphere for all the guests at the end of each day. Just another reason why everyone falls in love with this trip.

Contact Us

For more information about this accommodation, contact our experienced team who will be happy to answer any queries you have. Alternatively, you can request a free brochure

Board: Full board
Rooms: Twin & single rooms available
Telephone: Satellite (chargeable)
Internet: Free WiFi
Laundry: Included
Power: 220 Volt
Meals: In lodge dining room
Alcohol: Beer & Wine
Equipment Hire: Rods & reels available
Shop: Flies, lines & leaders
Cash Accepted: US Dollars
Species Information
Sea Trout
Season: November to April
Peak: January to February
Weight: 5lb to 35lb
Average Weight: 14lb
Brown Trout
Season: November to April
Peak: January to March
Weight: 1lb to 6lb
Average Weight: 2lb
Rainbow Trout
Season: November to April
Peak: January to March
Weight: 5lb to 26lb
Average Weight: 12lb


Although the fishing has set weeks, we have daily flights departing from the UK, therefore should you wish to either extend your stay with additional days in the beginning or end in Buenos Aires, the itinerary below can be tailored to suit. It is also possible to combine Sea Trout Fishing with Golden Dorado, Steelhead and King Salmon fishing. You can even combine all our Argentina fishing packages with any of our shooting packages to make the ultimate trip.

Day 1: (Thursday)

Depart UK (alternative routes available).

Day 2: (Friday)

Arrive Buenos Aires. On arrival take a taxi to your overnight hotel. The rest of the day is yours to relax or explore.

Overnight Accommodation: Buenos Aires Hotel (Twin Rooms) B/B

Day 3: (Saturday)

Early in the morning take a taxi to the Jorge Newbery internal Airport and fly to Rio Gallegos airport. On arrival at Rio Gallegos airport, you will be met and transferred to the lodge. On arrival at the lodge, you will be shown to your rooms and the rest of the day is yours to either relax or if you prefer, set up all your rods and walk on down to bridge pool for some practice.

Overnight Accommodation: Las Buitreras Lodge (Twin Rooms) F/B

Days 4 to 9: (Sunday to Friday) Fishing Days

You will start your first two days fishing in pairs. Each pair will remain together throughout the week. We have divided the whole river into 5 zones and each session will be fished in a different zone. Our guides remain in the same zone all week, so this way every customer gets the opportunity to fish every zone both as a morning and evening session, plus get to fish with all our guides.

Each day you will fish both a morning session and afternoon/evening session.

Overnight Accommodation: Las Buitreras Lodge (Twin rooms) F/B

Day 10: (Saturday)

Early in the morning transfer back to Rio Gallegos airport. From here you will fly to Jorge Newbery. On arrival, you will take a taxi to your hotel.

Overnight Accommodation: Buenos Aires Hotel (Twin rooms) B/B

Day 11: (Sunday)

You will take a taxi back to Buenos Aires International Airport.

Depart Buenos Aires

Day 12: (Monday)

Arrive UK.


Remember that Sportquest Holidays' services are completely FREE! When you book a trip with Sportquest Holidays, you never pay more than when you book directly with the lodge and flights independently.

Start Date End Date Days Nights Fishing Angler Non-Angler Availability Notes
06/01/2022 17/01/2022 12 11 6 £7,685 On Request Enquire Now N/A
13/01/2022 24/01/2022 12 11 6 £7,685 On Request Sold Out N/A
20/01/2022 31/01/2022 12 11 6 £7,685 On Request Sold Out N/A
27/01/2022 07/02/2022 12 11 6 £7,785 On Request Sold Out N/A
10/02/2022 21/02/2022 12 11 6 £7,785 On Request Sold Out N/A
17/02/2022 28/02/2022 12 11 6 £7,685 On Request Sold Out N/A
24/02/2022 07/03/2022 12 11 6 £7,685 On Request Sold Out N/A
03/03/2022 14/03/2022 12 11 6 £7,685 On Request Enquire Now N/A
10/03/2022 21/03/2022 12 11 6 £7,685 On Request Sold Out N/A
17/03/2022 28/03/2022 12 11 6 £7,685 On Request Enquire Now N/A
24/03/2022 04/04/2022 12 11 6 £7,685 On Request Enquire Now N/A
31/03/2022 11/04/2022 12 11 6 £6,533 On Request Sold Out N/A
07/04/2022 18/04/2022 12 11 6 £6,533 On Request Sold Out N/A
14/04/2022 25/04/2022 12 11 6 £6,533 On Request Enquire Now N/A
05/01/2023 16/01/2023 12 11 6 £7,685 On Request Enquire Now N/A
12/01/2023 23/01/2023 12 11 6 £7,685 On Request Enquire Now N/A
19/01/2023 30/01/2023 12 11 6 £7,685 On Request Sold Out N/A
26/01/2023 06/02/2023 12 11 6 £7,685 On Request Enquire Now N/A
09/02/2023 20/02/2023 12 11 6 £7,685 On Request Sold Out N/A
16/02/2023 27/02/2023 12 11 6 £7,685 On Request Sold Out N/A
23/02/2023 06/03/2023 12 11 6 £7,685 On Request Enquire Now N/A
02/03/2023 13/03/2023 12 11 6 £7,685 On Request Enquire Now N/A
09/03/2023 20/03/2023 12 11 6 £7,685 On Request Sold Out N/A
16/03/2023 27/03/2023 12 11 6 £6,917 On Request Sold Out N/A
23/03/2023 03/04/2023 12 11 6 £6,917 On Request Enquire Now N/A
30/03/2023 10/04/2023 12 11 6 £6,917 On Request Enquire Now N/A
06/04/2023 17/04/2023 12 11 6 £6,917 On Request Enquire Now N/A

Price Notes

Prices are based on two adults sharing transfers, fishing and accommodation (unless otherwise stated) and are correct at the time of going to press. Subject to time of year or date and currency fluctuations, these prices may fluctuate slightly due to flight price increases or fuel surcharge.

Holidays or flights booked with Sportquest Holidays Limited are protected by the Civil Aviation Authority by our ATOL bond (Number 6371). ATOL protects you from losing your money or being stranded abroad. It does this by carrying out financial checks on the firms it licenses and requiring a guarantee, called a bond.

What's Included

  • All international flights
  • Internal flight Buenos Aries to Rio Gallegos
  • Internal flight Rio Gallegos to Buenos Aries
  • Transfers to and from Lodge
  • All accommodation as per itinerary
  • All meals at Lodge
  • All soft & alcohol drinks at Lodge
  • 6 days fishing
  • Fishing license

What's Excluded

  • Personal holiday insurance
  • Meals at Buenos Aries Hotels or bar expenses
  • Transfers in Buenos Aries
  • Tips for guides and all camp staff
  • Fishing tackle
  • Waders & Boots


  • Flight upgrades

  • Additional nights in Buenos Aries

  • Single rooms in Buenos Aries

  • Tackle hire $250 per week paid direct to lodge

  • Dorado Fishing add on

  • Steelhead Fishing add on

  • King Salmon Fishing add on

  • Dove shooting add on

Price Supplements

  • On some weeks we can fish 3 rods pr zone which offers a reduction, contact our office for full details.

Price Match Promise

We are so confident that our packaged prices are the best available and offer great value for money.

If, however, you find an identical holiday available with any other fully bonded Tour Operator at a lower price, we will match that price.

Financial Security

Holidays or flights booked with Sportquest Holidays Limited are protected by the Civil Aviation Authority by our ATOL bond (Number 6371). ATOL protects you from losing your money or being stranded abroad. It does this by carrying out financial checks on the firms it licenses and requiring a guarantee, called a bond.

Tour Notes


A machine-readable passport with at least 6 months before expiry, no visa for UK citizens required.

Medical Requirements

No vaccinations currently required

Please Note

All details of visa and medical requirements are correct at time of press however please check these requirements for changes.

Departure tax

There is no additional airport departure tax when leaving Argentina

Flight Route & Flight Time

UK – Buenos Aires (approx 14hrs) Buenos Aires – Rio Gallegos (approx 3 hours).

Baggage Allowance

Your actual allowance is based on both which airline you are flying with and also what class of seat you are travelling in. Normally in economy it is 1 checked bag, Premium Economy / Business 2 checked bags, First 3 checked bags. In addition to your checked bags you are also allowed 1 cabin bag and either 1-laptop bag or ladies handbag. The actual size and weight limit for bags is dependent on the airline. We therefore recommend that once your flights are booked you check on the airlines website for the up to date allowances.

If your itinerary includes private light aircraft or helicopter flights, we will advise you on your baggage and weight allowance.

Transfer Time

Las Buitreras Lodge – Rio Gallegos (approx 1 hour)

Questions & Answers

Where is the lodge?

The lodge is located in southern Argentina, only a 45-minute transfer from the city of Rio Gallegos.

Where will I fish?

On the most prolific beats on the Rio Gallegos, consisting of over 40kms of both sides of private water comprising of over 50 named pools. All the fishing is divided into 6 zones, each session you will fish a different zone, moving up 1 zone each time. This way we ensure that every customer gets to fish each zone in both a morning and evening session.

How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds?

This depends on which zone you are fishing in that session, but anything from 5 mins to 45 mins to the end zones. You can even walk down to the home pool after lunch to fish for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

What fish will I catch?

Sea Trout are the main target species but not many people realise that you can also catch lots of high-quality resident Brown Trout.

How many fish will I catch?

Catch rates can vary depending on the water conditions and the weather. However, as the lodge keeps detailed daily catch records we can see and prove that on average customers land 11 Sea Trout per person per week. This figure does not include the numerous Brown Trout.

How will I fish?

The whole river section is now divided into 6 zones. Customers fish as a pair and stay as a pair for the entire week. Each pair will then fish a rotation system where they will get to fish each and every zone both as a morning session and then again later in the week as an evening session. Another nice touch is each guide stays with a zone for the whole week, this way each pair will get to fish with every guide.

The fishing is normally made up of two 4-5 hour sessions. After breakfast, you depart for the main morning session. After you will return to the lodge for the main meal of the day. After a nice siesta, it will be time to depart again for the evening session fishing just into the dark.

Customers are advised to bring 7/8# single hand or switch rods for low water conditions and two-handed 9/10# rods for high water and windy conditions. Swinging and twitching relatively small nymphs on intermediate lines is a very popular technique. There is also a time when larger streamers and or dry flies are very effective.

Do the guides speak English?

All the guides and lodge staff speak very good English.

Who is best suited to this destination?

We have taken customers of all degrees to this lodge from complete Sea Trout virgins to fully experienced anglers.

What skill level is required?

The more proficient you are at casting with the wind the better. The majority of the time the fishing is with the river running left to right. However, in some zones and pools, you will be fishing from the opposite bank therefore being able to cast either left-handed or over the left shoulder will be beneficial.

How physically demanding is this trip?

As you are taken to the zones and between all the pools by truck, there is little walking. Also, the wading is quite easy, there are no physical demands worth noting.

When is the best time to go?

January through mid-April.

How will I get there?

You will fly from the UK to Buenos Aires. On arrival, many customers take an overnight stay in Buenos Aires. Then the following morning, it’s a short flight to Rio Gallegos and from there a short 45 min ride to the lodge.

What is the accommodation like?

Las Buitreras is a luxury all-inclusive lodge. It is tastefully furnished with traditional “campo” style antiques creating the traditional home feeling. The main open plan living area, with its large dining room table and comfortable seating, gives the lodge a relaxing feeling.

There are 7 double rooms, 3 single rooms with private bathrooms. Outside the main lodge, entry is a large covered veranda with chairs for donning waders and plenty of racks and hooks for storing waders and rods.

In the gardens, there is an outside BBQ area with seating for complete groups on days when the huge steaks cook on the barbecue. The lodge is powered by a generator which runs during the day when guests are at the lodge and are shut off from roughly 11 pm to 7 am while guests are sleeping. Each room has its own battery-powered lantern to use when the power is off but it’s also helpful to bring your own headlamp.

What is the food like?

For breakfast, you can choose anything from cereal to a full cooked breakfast. The lodge staff will ask you each morning what you require.

Lunch is the “main” meal of the day and is served at the lodge between fishing sessions. Each day the menu will be different and consists of three courses.

Dinner is a lighter more casual meal consisting of filling and plentiful finger foods served couch-side in the lounge area after guests return from fishing late in the evening.

The lodge is all inclusive so we are sure you will be pleased to know that the lodge has its own wine cellar with a fantastic selection from the Mendoza and San Juan regions. It is also stocked with Cerveza Isenbeck, an outstanding local beer. You will not go hungry or thirsty on this trip.

Does the lodge provide fishing tackle?

The lodge has a selection of quality rod and reel outfits available to guests for a weekly rental (to be booked in advance). There is a small fly shop in the lodge that carries a good selection of productive flies, leaders, tippet, fly lines, wading jackets and Patagonia down jackets for guests.

Is internet and phone signal available?

There is no mobile phone reception at the lodge. However, the lodge has good free WIFI so customers can stay in touch with home either by messages or even to chat via mobile apps.

Are there other activities available?

For either non-anglers or anglers who do not wish to fish every session, there are long walks around the thousands of acres of the estancia with stunning barren scenery and wildlife. In addition, with enough notice, we can arrange additional daily sightseeing trips departing from the lodge each day. Additional costs payable locally.

How much does it cost?

We offer the complete package including all flights and transfers. To view all prices and availability click the “Dates & Prices” tab above.

Alternatively, if you wish to arrange all your own travel arrangements Sportquest Holidays can book just the lodge and fishing for you.




A wonderful week spent at Las Buitreras (with sea trout from 6lb to 17lb, averaging just under 9lb). Great company, great food, great fishing (apart from the Patagonian wind) and great attention to detail. Nothing was too much trouble, for the entire staff, and I can easily sum up the lodge in one word.... Faultless! Already booked for next year with the added bonus of flying Business Class.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Niall, thanks for your important feedback and also taking the time to talk to me. Great results by everyone on the trip and congratulations on all your fish. It is great to have you back again next year and oh yes you will notice the difference in business class. Tight Lines Peter


As always the pre-trip information was spot on. Everything else was as usual great. The lodge guides & lodge staff are unsurpassed the lodge itself, food & facilities are of a standard that would shame some 4 & 5-star hotels. A great bunch of guys to fish with a beautiful river if again somewhat out of sorts with low water & high winds at the start of week & rising water & weed making fishing impossible for the last three sessions. Every one of us caught fish & I had fish into double figures.

Thanks again to our hosts Peter & Tracy

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Peter Thanks for your feedback and as always it is a pleasure to have you on the trip each year. The group is something special which makes these hosted weeks even better year after year. It will also be great to have Tom your son with us next year and what a father & son trip that will be. Again thanks for all your customer Kind Regards Peter


My third time. As previous trips - accommodation, meals, staff & guides were top draw. Wi-Fi much improved.
Fishing not easy - very low water, combined with two days of near gale force winds. Then the last day was lost due to rising and weed infested water! But happy with the fish caught, including my second biggest ever sea trout, taken on a single-handed rod.
Tip: In my experience opportunities to fish with a single-handed rod can be limited, mainly due to the wind. Although my best fish of the trip came to the single-hander, I only used it a few times during the five days of fishing. Therefore in my view, to get the best out of the holiday, it is highly desirable to have some experience of using double-handed rods. You do not, however, have to be an expert - all the guides are extremely helpful and will help with your casting.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Andy, it was great having you again at the lodge, yes difficult water conditions this year on our week, but as we all say that is fishing. However, with experienced anglers and great guiding the team still landed 72 fish for the week which is a great result. As per telephone call, it will be great to have you back in a couple of years time. Tight lines and talk soon Regards Peter


This was my seventh trip with Sportquest although my first to Las Buitreras, and as always, the travel and accommodation organisation were the first-rates. The transfers with Gaby ensure the smooth running of the Buenos Aires legs of the trip, and this should probably be costed into the holiday rather than added afterwards. Estancia Las Buitreras was excellent, with great food, lodge staff, guides and a whole operation that runs seamlessly and is geared to the needs of fishing. It was everything I had been led to expect from previous visitors. Great to finally meet Peter after many chats on the phone over the last few years! The fishing was challenging with low water at the start of the week and then losing the final day due to high water and massive amounts of weeds coming down the river. The guides worked tirelessly to make sure we made the best of the water and fished the beats that were best suited to the conditions, especially on the two very windy days we had. I was pleased to catch eight fish, including three ‘doubles’ .. and have already booked to return for two weeks next year.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

David, yes it was great to finally meet after all these years and I am so happy that you enjoyed the trip. Conditions were tough however everyone caught plenty of fish which is what it is all about. It will be great to have you with me next year for two whole weeks as I am sure we will find time to have some fun and some fishing together. Again thank you for all your help and custom over these years as it is always very much appreciated. Tight lines until the next time. Regards Peter


Hi Peter, As discussed whilst we were at the lodge, it's a great holiday at a fantastic destination. The fishing is superb along with the excellent guides and host. There is very little that you can improve on when everything is at such a high standard. We did have the issue of the broken rods for both Chris and myself on the first day when the rod racks come off the car. Luckily the lodge had loan equipment so both Chris and myself could carry on fishing for the rest of the week. Having said the above it still did not distract or change my view that it was a wonderful holiday.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays


Thanks for the feedback and taking the time to talk to me on the phone. Glad both you and Noel had another great adventure as the team/group is a great bunch of people and a pleasure to host each season. I look forward to seeing you both again next year. In relation to the rods so sorry for this and it is something we have looked at and will be trying to make improvements to reduce the risk of this happening again in the future. I hope the offer from the lodge goes someway to help with the compensation. Again Tanks for your continued support and custom it is always very much appreciated. Tight Lines Peter


The lodge, the house staff, the guides and the food could hardly be bettered. We were unlucky with the weather which greatly impacted the fishing but that was just the luck of the draw. We had a wonderful party of rods who have fished together for many years which makes the whole experience one that should be repeated annually!!

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Paul, thanks for your customer feedback and also for taking the time to talk to me on the telephone. It was another great week with a great bunch of people who have over the years become more like friends. It was a shame the rise of water put the river out for the last days fishing but as you said that is fishing. Already looking forward to next year. A huge thank you for your repeat custom as it is very much appreciated. Regards Peter


An excellent itinerary which contained all the information required for the trip of a lifetime, we also had a lot of helpful tips from Peter. The best tips I can give take a short headline that gives a good presentation and don’t be afraid of using size 12 flies because they will hook and land large sea trout.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Charles, glad you had a great time and you really enjoyed it all. Congratulations on your fish and I would love to see some pictures. Thank you for your feedback and comments as they are much appreciated. I will look forward to helping you with your next adventure. Tight Lines Peter

Mark & Noelle

Fantastic Holiday made the more better by being with great bunch of people.

Can not wait to return

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Mark 7 Noelle

Thank you for your feedback and also your comments. Both Tracey and myself had a wonderful time with you all with us in Argentina. Whats more it looks like we are all ready to do it again next season. Bring on the Sea trout, huge steaks and lots of Argentinian wine.

What else could you want from a holiday..... Oh yes great company

See you both again soon.


The host and his partner along with catching big Sea Trout and drinking a few glasses of Malbec in a stunning location where the best bits.

Such a great group looking forward to the return visit next season.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Tim as normal always a pleasure to have you with us. We are also looking forward to both the return visit and also Bolivia bring on the pure Gold.

Thanks a million my friend tight lines Peter


Great holiday with marvellous fishing.

If at all possible could we move the steak to lunchtime please, Also this year the Malbec wine was not up to the same standard as previous years.

Apart from that all in all another great trip and can not wait to return again one day.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays


Thanks for calling me back it was so great to chat after your trip. It was also a great pleasure to finally get to meet both you and Charlie.

Glad you both had a great week and lots of fish. I have noted your comments about the steak and wine and will pass these on to the lodge. We have had a few comments this year about the house wine so will endeavour to make sure its different for next season.

As alway thanks for your continued custom as it is very much appreciated, have a great time in Iceland and we will catch up soon.

Tight Lines Peter


Our second trip to Rio Gallegos and even better than the first. This time we knew what to expect and so were better equipped but most importantly we got conditions just about right. Good, high, coloured water on arrival, gradually falling and clearing over the week. 3rd cast on arrival delivered a 17lb bar of silver and a 14lb equally fresh fish followed 20 mins later at the tail of the pool. Ok, that pace didn't quite maintain for the whole week but over 100 for the lodge with 18 sea trout to my rod with 6 over 10lb - wow. What a week and well worth the journey. I am still smiling having been back a week and whenever someone mentions Brexit I just start looking at my photos to cheer me up.

All organisation was smooth and we were extremely well looked after, as before. Excellent food, knowledgeable and friendly guides, hassle-free transfers ... I don't want to spend long on that because it less interesting that the fish and I haven't looked at my photos for the past 5 mins.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Charlie it was really great to meet both you and Charles after all this time. I am so happy the river was in perfect condition and you two certainly had a great start to the week. Also a huge congratulations on being the top rod for the week with 18 fish a great result.

As you said fishing for Sea Trout is much better than talking or even thinking about brexit.

Thank you for your continued custom as it is very much appreciated.

Until next time my friend tight lines Regards Peter


Destination was perfect.

Just one point is it possible to get more regular updates on the fishing reports before you trip each year?

Reply from Sportquest Holidays


It was great catching up with you on the telephone. Again thank you for joining us in Argentina and congratulations on doing so well being joint top rod. We are all ready looking forward in having you with us again next year.

In relation to the reports I am afraid sometimes the lodge just gets very busy so the reports can sometimes fall a little behind. I will pass on these comments and see if we can make sure next year they flow a little more regularly.

Tight lines Peter


A great trip as always and such a nice group of people. Everything at the lodge and fishing was just perfect.

The only comment I can ever make is the bedrooms could do with a bit of sound proofing as it can be difficult to get to sleep if everyone else is still partying.

Thanks for a great trip see you next year.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays


Yes I agree it was a cracking year and a cracking group. Congrats on the big fish it was so nice to see all the pictures. I have noted your comments about the sound in the rooms. Not sure what we can do about that apart from trying to get the other guests to keep the noise down at lunchtimes and evenings.

Glad you are both joining us again next year, let's hope the fish gods are again on our side.

Regards Peter


We were lucky to have a gathering of delightful rods , most of whom had fished together in a past.

The "craic" was non stop as was the Malbec.

If you are fishing for Golden Dorado, take stripping glove.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays


Thanks for the feedback and I hope you are enjoying your break now down under.

Yes it was a great group and such a craic and we are all looking forward to it again next year.

Thanks again for you continued support and custom, it is much appreciated.


An extremely good trip - do not tell anyone.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Chris it was certainly another good group of people and I am already looking forward to next year.

As before thanks again for both your custom and company, I look forward next year to some more wine lessons

Regards Peter


WHAT A TRIP ! It was my first time at Las B. I have always wanted to fish for sea trout in Argentina ,but did not know prior to going if it would live up to the years of hopes & expectations built up from viewing, reading & hearing about sea trout fishing in Patagonia.

Thanks to Peter & Tracey our hosts it far exceeded my dreams, the whole team, including the other guests were all fantastic.

The guiding team were top notch, patient, knowledgeable & helpful I was lent lines flies etc. I could not fault them & they were nice guys, to boot .

The lodge staff were equally good attentive & nothing was too much trouble. The food was very very good but I do have one complaint ! there was so much food & drink & it was so delicious that i will have to slim for months to get in my clothes.

The thing that really takes my breath away is that conditions, I was told by everyone ,were not good ,as can often happen in any fishing scenario yet I beat my previous personal best sea trout with four fish caught on this trip ! the best of which beat my previous PB by 300% I cannot wait to go back & find better water !

Please convey my thanks to everyone.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Peter thank you so much for your customer feedback and yes what a week it was and it seems that everyone had a good time.

I am already looking forward in getting you back out there and this time lets get you over the magical 20lb fish.



Thanks for the call earlier in the week

I just want to pass on my personal thanks to yourself and Tracy for your professionalism and friendship on our recent trip.

This was my first experience of organized adventure and my expectations were surpassed in every respect. Both on and off the river, I gained memories which will live with me forever.

I can’t wait until the next trip !

Please pass on my thanks to the guys and girls in the office who have helped to gain a customer for many years to come.

Best wishes and speak soon.


Reply from Sportquest Holidays


Thank you for your kind words I have passed them on to the staff in the office as they do work hard so its always nice to pass on compliments to them as they do desire it.

It was a pleasure to both meet you and have you on the trip and as you are returning for the Sea Trout next year we will see each other again soon. The group of customers for next year is already looking amazing it looks like it is going to be a laugh a minute…

Again thanks for your custom


Thank you for such a great trip it was a pleasure in seeing everyone again.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Pat it was great catching up with you again both on the trip and after we returned. I will miss your sense of humour next season.

(John ) Paul

Las Buitreras - Rio Gallegos - Patagonia.

We encountered low water on our last two trips to LB - I think there could be greater emphasis on ensuring that
clients cover this eventuality in the rods etc which they bring.

Airport transfers with Gaby are a no brainer and should be included in the package.

Clients should be encouraged to travel with bags that can contain rods and clothing - rod cases are a nightmare.

All staff at LB are exceptional, which greatly enhances the 'total' experience.

Slippers/slip on shoes make life much easier when taking off waders to enter the lodge.

We were very fortunate to enjoy a lot of fun with a very gregarious party.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays


Thank you for your review and your comments. As you know we are all learning more and more about the destination especially when there is low water. Lighter rods, lines and even the new vision clear floating line with clear poly tips have made an amazing difference.

We all love Gabby she is so worth every penny as it takes out all the hassle of any transfers.

Glad that you will both be joining me again next year as it was such a good team of people, I am sure next year will be just as enjoyable for everyone but this time hopefully with a little bit more water and normal weather conditions.

Thank you for your continued custom as it is always very much appreciated.

Regards Peter


Yet another excellent couple of weeks of a hosted trip.

I just can not wait till the next one

Regards Tim

Reply from Sportquest Holidays


Thanks for the feedback and scores as it is very much appreciated.

As normal it was a pleasure on having both you and your dad along for the journey.

Also congratulations on the fish you landed, I bet you are still smiling even today.

So until next year keep in touch.

Regards Peter


Full Marks all round.

I loved the fishing and what a place.

The guides and staff took very good care of us all.

Peter the host was great company and made sure everyone on the trip was well taken care of, he does it all with a smile and makes it all look easy, which in reality we all know its not the easiest job in the world.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays


Thank you for the full marks and your kind words.

It was great having you on the group and thats not just from me I am sure that will be from everyone. You certainly were the group entertainment and your stories always had the group in full spirits.

A huge thank you from me and I certainly hope to have you back Sea Trout fishing with me again out there. A trip will never quite seem the same again.

Kind Regards Peter


When I mentioned to a non fishing friend that I was going to get on a plane for 17 hours to go fishing in Argentina, they thought I was bonkers...especially as we have a river with coarse fish just 200 yards away from the house! I had always wanted to fish for big sea trout in Tierra Del Fuego and this was my chance...

It was a fantastic experience from start to finish. We were greeted like long lost friends and made to feel right at home from the moment we arrived. The lodge has great facilities including a lovely open area for dining and socialising - where stories of big fish are told!! My room was comfortable with a good bed and a great shower.
Agustina and her team greeted us with warm smiles and large glasses of house wine as we returned from each fishing session. We enjoyed delicious meals both at lunchtime and with our informal hot suppers at 10.30pm, after the evening sessions.

The Rio Gallegos itself is a rare treasure with lovely clear water and a big variety of pools and all set in an amazing wilderness. The landscape was "endless" with views as far as the eye can see. The arid and sparse dry country was a total contrast to the river and its surroundings which were like a never ending oasis -teeming with binoculars had a lot of use, every time we left the lodge.

The fishing was more technical than I had imagined with tidy casting and long leaders important. There was so much water to fish in every zone and we never saw another soul which was amazing....a real point of difference from so many destinations.

The guides were excellent, offering as much help as we needed and doing their utmost to give us the best chances of success. We were confronted with tricky weather conditions at times, with bright sunshine and some unusual upstream winds. On the Tuesday Chris, a great friend, had 3 fabulous fish to 14lbs while I struggled to get a response. Claudio was determined to put this right and suggested we tried a fresh spot at 10pm! This meant more 4X4 off road driving and then a hike in the dark to reach a favourite pool. All that effort finally paid off when a fabulous 18lb fish grabbed my surface lure in the darkness. With Chris, Peter our host, Claudio, Posho(? spelling) and Ezekiel all there offering encouragement it was an unforgettable moment.

Finally a word about the fish..they were a sight to behold - fresh, wide, fat and really strong. They were challenging to catch at times, and you had to earn them, but they were so beautiful that it was hard to let them go!

So yes, Patagonia is a long way to go to catch fish - but a week at Las Buiteras on the Rio Gallegos is something that I'll remember with a big smile on my face. I'd go back in a heartbeat!!

Thank you to all of the team at Sportquest and the lodge itself for delivering such a treasured memory.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays


Wow.... Thank you so so much for such a nice detailed customer review. It is comments and feedback like this that helps us remember why we enjoy doing this job so much.

I must say it was also a huge please in meeting you and spending time with you on the week. I also have fond memories of that evening session when you landed your best ever Sea Trout, I can still see the smile on your face and remember you recounting the events on our return to the lodge with one of those large glasses of wine.

It would be a real pleasure to have both you and Chris back on day. As I mentioned going back for a second visit you normally catch more fish as you are more prepared and have a better understanding of what is required to be successful. Having said that, you ended up being top rod for the week on your very first trip.

Talk again soon

Regards Peter


Thank you for such an amazing trip and holiday. A big mention to Claudio who runs a very good ship and also his help in finding our missing luggage, with out him I am sure that our luggage would still be going around the world.

Had a stunning 18.5lb Sea Trout as my first fish.

Best part - the fishing and the estancia.

Beat/guide rotation was good

Accommodation was good - if a little echoey

Reply from Sportquest Holidays


Thanks for your customer feedback and also taking the time to talk to me on the telephone. I must also say a huge thank you to you for both your company and business. It was a real pleasure having you on the trip.

I think this year even though at times the water level was a bit tricky we had a very good group of anglers.

The trip was great fun from the start until the very end.

I hope that we can share some trips together again in the future.

Kind Regards



Nothing further, a very good holiday and great but challenging fishing!

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Chris

Thank you for the feedback scores and short comment as they all count. It was a real pleasure to have you on the trip and it was great to hear you say you both enjoyed the trip and would indeed do it again one day. Yes at times the fishing can be challenging as we did on some days have poor weather, bright blue sky and then little wind with clear water is not the best when we are trying to catch Sea Trout.

I will try and call you next week to have a chat in more detail if you are free, if not I will try and contact in a couple of months.

Also can I say a huge thank you for your custom, I do appreciate you have a choice when choosing a holiday company so are grateful that on this occasion you choose Sportquest Holidays


Dear Peter,

What a marvellous holiday, I echo all Charlies’ comments. We were so well looked after in the Lodge and the river really did bring back my love of fishing and the true meaning of anticipation, waiting for the reel screaming takes !

Charlie caught considerably more than me , but I had 4 seat trout and few splendid brownies. My biggest fish was approx. 17lb, I attach a picture of the fish and the fight.

The dove shooing was great fun and we were well looked after but concur with Charlie, probably something to do once whereas I would certainly return to Rio Gallegos.

My only feedback was on the strange internal flights. We had to wait about 4.5 hrs to fly from BA to Cordoba when there was seemingly a flight every hour and likewise we would have had to get up at 0300hrs to catch the 0600hrs flight you had booked us on from Cordoba to BA when again there were plenty of flights and availability at more civilised times. Thankfully You kindly rearranged this flight for us.

Apart from that, I have nothing but praise for the way you organised our holiday.

Very Many Thanks


Reply from Sportquest Holidays


So glad that you both loved the trip as I thought you both would. A 17LB Sea trout on your first trip is an amazing capture and one to be very proud of.

Glad you both also enjoyed the Dove shooting but agree sometimes after Las Buitreras it can seem like an anticlimax .

As discussed the flights can be a pain as we can only offer what flights are available at the time of booking, so when you see other flights going before you it seems strange but if they are full at time of booking we always try to book you on the earliest one possible.

You have both said you would love to return and it would be great to have you both back. I have managed to bag two of the best weeks all season for next years hosted trips and it would be great to have you both on those weeks.

Tight Lines


Dear Peter,

What a marvellous holiday, I echo all Charlies’ comments. We were so well looked after in the Lodge and the river really did bring back my love of fishing and the true meaning of anticipation, waiting for the reel screaming takes !

Charlie caught considerably more than me , but I had 4 seat trout and few splendid brownies. My biggest fish was approx. 17lb, I attach a picture of the fish and the fight.

The dove shooing was great fun and we were well looked after but concur with Charlie, probably something to do once whereas I would certainly return to Rio Gallegos.

My only feedback was on the strange internal flights. We had to wait about 4.5 hrs to fly from BA to Cordoba when there was seemingly a flight every hour and likewise we would have had to get up at 0300hrs to catch the 0600hrs flight you had booked us on from Cordoba to BA when again there were plenty of flights and availability at more civilised times. Thankfully You kindly rearranged this flight for us.

Apart from that, I have nothing but praise for the way you organised our holiday.

Very Many Thanks


Reply from Sportquest Holidays


Thank you so much for taking the time to provide us with customer feedback.

Congratulations on your trip as it sounds like you both had a great time. I understand that the Doves after the Sea Trout can seem a little overwhelming. Also the Dove shooting is some that you either do once so you can say that you have done that, or its something you get hooked one and customers return year on year.

In relation to the flights I understand its annoying, however when we come to book these flights theres not always all the options available for the amount of flights that depart. It is a pain as sometimes we can not see all the flight options as they have either sold out or have not yet been released. Then you have customers waiting at an airport with a long wait watching earlier flights departing.

However at least me did manage to change your return flights to a more convenient time.

Glad you would both like to return to do the Sea Trout fishing again, as we would love to have you both back.

Keep in touch


Fishing at Las Buitreras is a truly special experience. It was everything I expected and more. From the fantastic, isolated surroundings, to the river crammed with both sea and brown trout, to the superb hosting at the lodge. It was an ideal package. We would love to return one day.

We benefited from good water in the river but, as is always the case with fishing, other challenges arose! During our week we had 3 days of bright, still weather. Very pleasant, but it made the fishing harder, though we still managed a few fish on these days. We were, however, thankful for the return of the 25 mph wind for the last 2 days, when we caught more fish.

Being able to borrow rods and reels made the travel that bit easier and the tackle shop on site was useful for topping up flies and tippet.

We went on to Cordoba for 2 days dove shooting after the fishing. That made leaving Las Buitreras that bit less hard. Again, fabulous hospitality. Endless doves ...

The SQ organisation was superb and made our life very easy - thank you.

We will do it again when we get permission!

Reply from Sportquest Holidays


Thank you so much for the customer feedback, so glad to hear that you guys had such a great time. As you quite rightly said the fishing is always effected by conditions, but that is what makes the fishing so interesting.

Also a huge thank you for your kind comments about our services, we do try hard to recommend to customers the correct destinations for the right time of year.

Love to have you back out to Las Buitreras with us again (Subject to permissions) as soon as possible.

Thank you for the pictures, once I have details of the weeks report I will put them up with a catch report on our blog.

I also look forward in talking to you again soon.


We have just returned home from what can only be described as a amazing holiday.

We had 1 full weeks fishing at Las Buitreras Lodge, which was our first but not last trip.

Can you please pass on our thanks to all the guides and lodge staff for making our stay so enjoyable. Great fishing, food and far too much wine.

Regards Ernest

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Glad you all liked the trip, it was great talking to you on the telephone and thank you so much for the pictures.

Looking forward in seeing you all again soon.



A week of two halves...

The first part of our week fishing conditions was tough, crystal clear water, no wind and bright sunshine. We had packed for the cold and the famous winds but all ending up getting very sun burnt.

On our last 3 days fishing the weather and fishing changed drastically. We could not believe the winds on day 3 and went out fishing expecting it to be only more difficult fishing. How wrong could we be, the wind (Mainly in our backs) helped with casting and covering the water, but it also tired up the fish.

We would love to go back some day soon and hopefully have perfect fishing conditions for the complete week.

Gabi's transfers in BA are spot on and everyone should use her services.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays


Thank you so much for taking the time to chat to me and for completing the customer feedback. Sorry that the weather was not perfect for the first part of the week, but so glad that things came right in the end. Just goes to show you what a great destination this is.

Tight lines


Both my wife and I travelled to Las Buitreras with Sportquest Holidays (The first time we have used their services). We were both a little unsure if the destinations would be suitable for us both as we have previously only ever fished with single handed rods.

I am very pleased to report that we had no need to worry. At certain times we used single handed rods and at others with help from the guides and tackle provided by the lodge we so got to grips with the double handers.

I massive thank you from both of us for such a great holiday, we loved the scenery, river, lodge, food and guides.

This was meant to be a one off trip for us both but now we are unsure as we feel like we left our home back at Las Buitreras

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

That is what we like to hear that you both had a great holiday as that is what we try to provide. Loved the pictures as there are some great pictures of you as a couple. So nice to see more and more ladies fish.

You always need to go back as I am sure they will welcome you both back like it is your second home.

Thanks for choosing Sportquest and I look forward in helping you both again soon.


We originally wanted to go to Argentina for shooting, however after talking to Peter we decided as it is quite away to travel for a few days shooting that we would add on a weeks Sea Trout fishing.

We are so glad that we listened to your expert advice for the Sea Trout fishing at Las Buitreras was first class. I think the whole group got more out of the fishing trip than we did the shooting (Although the shooting was also faultless)

I urge anyone thinking of traveling the 14 hours to Argentina to take a week out of your itinerary to spend at Las Buitreras, like us you will not be disappointed.

Regards Dom

Reply from Sportquest Holidays


I told you that you would love it, so glad that I managed to convince you all to go.

Thanks for the feedback and chat on the telephone, let me know when you are all sorted what dates you can all make again.

Tight Lines


Las Buitreras was amazing thank you.

It was everything that you said and more... Our team had a great time and everyone caught fish. One thing that was very pleasing was the amount of chrome fish, around 90% just the odd darker coloured one.

Would we go back ? simple answer yes as soon as we can.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Thanks for the feedback and your comments, glad the team all enjoyed the trip. Good comment about the chrome fish as at Las Buitreras they do get a huge run of fresh fish and there is nothing better than a huge chrome fresh sea trout.

Look forward in helping you all agin next year.


We had some low water for the first two days, but then the water rose 6inch overnight which made an amazing difference.

So much so we could not believe it, most days we landed 4 fish each day.

The staff and guides know exactly how to fish all the beats in the varying conditions.

First class operation for anyone interested in the best Sea Trout fishing in Argentina.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Charles, it was nice to catch up after your trip and thanks for both the feedback and pictures, we will put some on our blogs.

Shame about the river conditions at the start, but as we all know river and weather conditions plays a big part in all our fishing. So glad that is was good in the end and you all enjoyed the destination.

I will pass all our nice comments on to the staff for you.



We have now had two trips to Las Buitreras Lodge with Sportquest and I can honestly say both Sportquest and all the staff at Las Buitreras Lodge never let us down.

First class from start to finish.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

George, it was nice to have you return with us as your custom is always much appreciated.

So are you all ready for the third trip :)

Talk to you soon.


An excellent and interesting holiday. We were beleaguered by the weather with the driest summer for 40 years down in Patagonia so significant problems with both the fishing on the Jurassic lake and with the sea trout on the rio gallego. When we went north to shoot there were then major floods! Lovey country and it was a great time. All your organizations went well. Thank you.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Thanks Roger

Glad you all enjoyed the trip even though the weather conditions was against you at both ends of the scale.

It was a pleasure dealing with you all and we certainly hope that we can assist you all again soon.

Thank you for all your business

Regards Peter


It was more challenging than I thought it would be, the weather for us unfortunately was not kind. However, with the support and encouragement with the guides we all managed to connect and land fish. Returned home feeling as if we have some unfinished business so that only means one thing, we will be back.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Dr Wheeler, thanks for all your feedback, you unfortunately had a rough week with the weather, but it was the same across all the sea trout lodges at the same time. Weather in all types of fishing can have a big impact on the fishing. However I am glad that you all felt that the guides and staff did everything possible to make the most from your stay. It was also nice to see you all with some fish. Lets look at getting you all back soon.

Regards Peter


A brilliant first time week greatly enjoyed by everyone and I am sure we will be back. A big thank you to all the staff and guides who looked after us so well.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Richard, I am pleased you enjoyed your first experience Sea Trout fishing with us. As per telephone call we look forward in seeing you again next year.


It is always a privilege to visit a truly unspoilt part of the world, fantastic Sea Trout and great wildlife. Such helpful guides and staff at the Estancia becomes a truly memorable experience. Thank you to everyone in the office and all other staff involved in making it such a dream holiday.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Mrs Hill it was a pleasure as always, Argentina is such a amazing place we are glad that you both agree.

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