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Top Freshwater Fly Fishing Holidays

We often get asked by anglers where we recommend when it comes to freshwater fly fishing, below we have listed just a handful of our favourites over the years that are perfect for all freshwater anglers looking for an amazing week on the water.

Worlds End Lodge, Argentina

Worlds End Lodge on the on the Irigoyen River is a unique fishery and the only operation on the river. You will have the opportunity to move up and down as you need in search of finding the best chances to hook a Sea Trout. Just 4 lucky customers each week fish the Irigoyen River and its main tributary the Malaguena River.

Sea Trout fly fishing in Argentina takes place on the Irigoyen River. The Irigoyen River is unique in that it is a small river on the East coast of the island of Tierra del Fuego that empties right into the sea where big Sea Trout come in fresh from the ocean. Another unique feature is that the river flows through a valley, which is bordered by ancient forests. The river also runs on the leeward side of the mountains, which all means it is more protected from the harsh Argentinian winds.

Sea Trout Fly Fishing in Argentina on the Irigoyen River is done in various ways. You can drift downstream, upstream, and strip at various speeds which our guides will teach you as necessary. The fishing areas are divided into beats, you rotate regularly to ensure the best performance of the river and the best possibility of catching. There are two anglers per guide and we rotate the guides daily to make the most of each one’s experience.

Pirarucu Lodge, Brazil

Visit the best destination in the world to catch Arapaima all exclusively on the fly. Enjoy 6.5 days fishing at Pirarucu Lodge, which is the largest Arapaima fishing reserve on this planet, all set in the stunning Amazon rainforest. With our partners, Untamed Angling we now have exclusive access to fish the core of the Mamiraua Reserve, this massive area of 1.124.000 ha is a complex maze of lakes, channels and rivers where huge populations of Arapaima feed and spawn. Working with a strictly controlled project that also involves and benefits the local community we can offer the best fly fishing for Arapaima the Amazon has to offer. From mid-September right through until the end of November our customers have access to all areas providing fly caught Arapaima from 20-400 pounds.

Pirarucú Lodge is a new Brazilian destination whose primary focus is the preservation and continued prosperity of the mighty Arapaima. The group will have exclusive access to fish inside the world famous Mamirauá Reserve, Brazil’s first Sustainable Development Reserve. This Mamirauá Reserve totals more than 1 million hectares and was created first and foremost to preserve Arapaima and their habitat and the fishing that Pirarucú Lodge provides plays a huge roll on this. The area is well renowned for its amazing wildlife, in fact with 427 species of mammal, 1,300 bird species, 378 species of reptiles, and more than 400 species of amphibians, there is literally too many to name. Some of the most iconic species of animal that you might see on this trip would be this like Jaguars, Sloths, Anaconda and Poison Dart Frogs almost like being on a live set of ‘the trials of life’.

Fishing is from our professional flats skiffs with both petrol outboards and electric motors, each boat is based on 2 anglers per boat and guide. The fishing is similar to big Tarpon fishing, these fish produce amazing takes, fight extremely hard, do lots of jumps and basically will do everything in their power to mess you up, but that’s half the fun. We have Arapaima in all sizes, fish between 10-80 pound are common and you can expect several bites per day from these fish, how many you land, however, is up to you and quite often a mixture of angling skill and lady luck, but we have had days with over a dozen fish landed per boat in a single day. Fishing for these fish is mainly using lighter rods 10# rods and mainly all floating lines. The larger fish tend to be found in different areas so when wishing to target the monsters, the number of takes would be less, but well worth the wait/effort as these fish when hooked are going to give you the fight of your life. Fishing for the larger specimens will require a 12# rod with sink tips and also full sinking lines.

Las Buitreras Lodge, Argentina

Las Buitreras Lodge on the Rio Gallegos in Argentina offers an unparalleled Sea Trout fishing program. Catch statistics for size and numbers on the Rio Gallegos and the Rio Grande are similar, however, many anglers remain loyal to the Rio Gallegos for it’s a dream to fish  with its low gradient, technical characteristics, exclusivity, outstanding guides and just the vast number of pools you get to fish each day always providing well-rested water.

Las Buitreras fly fishing Lodge is located in southern Argentina 45 minutes outside the city of Rio Gallegos and sits in an amazing 290,000 acre Estancia. The whole area is visually inspiring with mountainous outcrops, which makes this part of the Rio Gallegos one of the most spectacular stretches of fly fishing water in Patagonia. There is private access to over 40kms of double bank fishing with over 50 named pools all divided into 6 zones.

Las Buitreras Lodge is home to the most prolific Sea Trout Fishing Rio Gallegos. The fishing is exciting and varied, with pools ranging from deep stony runs to cut banks and streamy shingle flats. Relatively shallow, the river makes for easy wading, eliminating the need for fast sinking lines and creating an exciting and challenging fishing environment. See all our Sea Trout fishing holidays here

Secure Lodge, Bolivia

 is located within the National Park Isiboro Secure and an Indigenous Territory, where the Amazon jungle meets the foothills of the Andes Mountains. The location is an Indigenous Territory and a National Park where the catch and release fly fishing activity is solely allowed for Tsimane projects. The landscape is incredibly wild and remote, the rivers where we fish are the headwaters of some Amazon tributaries, and its gin-clear currents run through jungle and mountains. This is one of the most pristine environments in the world.

Fishing is during the dry season, from May to October; a time of the year where South America’s most impressive migration of freshwater Sabalos and Dorados takes place. Millions of these fish arrive every year in order to spawn between December and January. Besides Dorado, you can catch big Pacus and Yatoranas, and occasionally Surubi and a smaller variety of Dorado which are only found in the Amazon.

Based on the comforts of the main Secure Lodge and the chance of doing headwater out-camps, you will have access to three different sectors: Río Sécure-high sector, Secure River-medium sector and the streams called Maniquicito and Ashahana. This broad variety of waters and pools allow groups to fish in freshwater every day, and rarely if ever, repeat the same fishing beat.

Kangia River Lodge, Greenland

This spectacular fly fishing destination for Arctic Char offers exclusive fishing on the famous Greenland Kangia River, which provides our customers between 2,000 and 3,000 landed fish per week. The numbers of Arctic Char that the Kangia River produces during the summer migration is an insight into understanding why the waters surrounding Greenland are one of the most treasured marine environments on the planet.

The Kangia River Lodge is majestically situated overlooking the pristine ocean and river. This area, until now, has been kept a huge secret as each year it receives a huge sea run of sea Arctic Char. These fish are the largest Char on the whole of Greenland’s west fjords.

The Kangia River is made for fly anglers with its cut-banks, rapids, slow and deep stretches, waterfalls and its pocket-water all the way down to the tidal influenced delta. It also has a waterfall 6 kilometres up the valley, which blocks the migrating fish from entering the headwaters as well as the lake that is far upstream.

Not only do the Artic Char run up the river in mind dazzling numbers but they also pack some weight with an average of well above 2 kg. Fish in the size of 3-4 kg are common and fish up to 7 kg have been hooked and landed on fly tackle in the beautiful pools of this wildly meandering river. Arctic Char are not to be judged by their size though, they will put on a show that will leave seasoned Salmon, Sea Trout or Steelhead anglers baffled. Fishing is mainly with single handed rods in the 5 to 7 # weight rigged with floating lines. Additional sink tip lines in suitable size will cover about every single imaginable occasion and technique on all sections of the Kangia River. If you prefer swinging flies, bring an additional light switch rod (6–7) with short Skagit heads and various tips between Floating, T7 and T11 as well as some mini intruder flies, the sport you will have will be amazing. See all our Arctic Char fishing trips here

Goodnews River Lodge, Alaska

The Goodnews River Lodge is the only fully serviced lodge on the river and because of this, the river receives very little fishing pressure. There is no commercial fishing in the estuary or river allowing all 5 species of Pacific Salmon a free run. In addition to this, Goodnews River Lodge is the only full-service lodge on the entire river system.

The Goodnews River Lodge is located on the North Fork of the river, which is the main branch, right at the upper edge of tidewater. It is just 7 miles from Goodnews Bay. From there, the jet boats can easily access all 3 forks of the river, as well as the lower tidewater sections. There are over 490 miles of fishable streams, braids, creeks and river branches for you to enjoy. There are three options for the angler in search of trophy fish, you can choose one of the three river branches, fish the tidewaters, or wade the feeder creeks.

The tidewater section of the river fills with Kings in late June. Fishing for Kings from the boats continues throughout July. The Kings are followed closely by Chum and Sockeye Salmon. For those wanting to take some fish home, the Sockeyes are a great option. Silvers arrive in large numbers in August through to early September. These species are great sport for fly anglers. They are eager to chase flies and can provide lots of action for you every day. See all our Salmon fishing holidays here.

Because the lodge is the only fully serviced lodge on the river, the river receives very little fishing pressure. There is no early morning plane rides that can be affected by whether or manic boat races to the best spots in competition with other lodges. The only other people apart from the odd rafters/campers will be your fellow anglers from the lodge.

Kalum River Lodge, Canada

If you are looking for an incredible fly fishing holiday for Steelhead, Salmon or Trout with the comfort of having your own single room with a private en suite bathroom the Kalum River Lodge on the banks of the Skeena River is the perfect destination. Our guided Steelhead and Salmon trips offer spectacular fishing for all levels of anglers. See our other Steelhead fishing holidays here.

The Kalum River Lodge is located near Terrace in British Columbia, Canada. They are in the heart of some of the finest waters in the world. The original lodge called Kalum River Lodge is on the banks of the Kalum River, this Lodge is now the owner’s accommodation and used if we have additional private parties. However, to meet the high demand of the destination another lodge has been built. The new accommodation is called the Wild River Lodge. This accommodation is located right on the banks of the Skeena River and boasts stunning views of the world-renowned river and the surrounding mountains. With both the lodges’ perfect location, you spend more time fishing and less time travelling.

Fishing in Canada will give you the opportunity to catch world record fish. One of the rivers you will fish is the Skeena River which is considered by many to be the best Steelhead and Salmon fishing in the world. The Skeena watershed holds the world record for both Steelhead on the fly and with conventional tackle. As well as having the world’s largest run of wild Steelhead, the Skeena also holds 2 world records for King Salmon.

Trophy Tigerfish Safari, Tanzania

We have put together the best Tigerfish fly fishing to be found on this planet, where fisherman have a real opportunity of landing Tigerfish of over 20lb’s. A destination that provides shots at multiple trophy fish on a daily basis, as well as getting plenty of shots at trophy’s the fisheries provide many encounters with smaller fish averaging a staggering 8lb.

During your six days fishing, you will have access to over 120km of water when taking both rivers into account, within this vast amount of water there are many areas that hardly ever see an angler and this is partly why the fishing here stays so consistent. The fishing on both rivers is primarily done from a drifting boat, fishing in pairs your guide will take you to areas of the rivers that are focused around the vast amounts of river structure, which comprises of fallen timber, long sandbanks, steep drop-offs and rocky outcrops. When conditions dictate, you can also make use of sand anchors and tying up to structure midstream to focus our attention on a specific stretch of water. All fishing is done off 16ft aluminium boats, as well as inflatable drift boats when conditions on the upper reaches allow.

Realising that not every angler has the specific tackle to go toe to toe with these African powerhouses, the camps do hire out full outfits that will give you exactly what you need for the week. If you do have your own kit the then it would be recommended to take two 9# or 10# rod with a smooth dragged reel capable of holding 350m of 30lb backing. Flies of all shapes and sizes work but they all have to have one thing in common, super strong hooks, the reason for this is that these Tigerfish are so strong coupled with the fact that you need to stop them running into the structure that you tempted them from.

Gassa Camp, Cameroon

For something different for fly anglers with a real sense of adventure. Who is up for the challenge to catch Nile Perch on the fly?
The Gassa Camp or Capitaine Camp is situated on the Faro River and is an incredible 310-kilometre waterway that cuts its way through the African landscape, flowing over the border of Nigeria and into Cameroon.

Fishing for Nile Perch, on foot, in big game territory is as wild an experience as you are likely to encounter with a fly rod in hand. Add to this that the prime Nile Perch fishing times are sunset until dusk when the darkness amplifies the sounds of the African night, you will undoubtedly experience a fly fishing adventure, unlike anything you have encountered before. Each evening you will get the opportunity to cast giant flies in the hope of catching a monster Nile Perch, and there’s an excellent chance you’ll achieve this and more. The biggest Perch taken from this stretch of river bottomed the scales out at a whopping 100kg.

On the Faro river during the fishing season, two separate camps operate on neighbouring private concessions. Doing this allows the camps to effectively manage over 100 kilometres of the river under a unified fishery management plan and combined anti-poaching effort.The fishing pressure is spread over the two camps equally, and each gets divided into four beats, all rotated throughout the season to allow large area’s of rest for each section of the river. As a result, both camps never get fished simultaneously.

Rio Marie Lodge, Brazil

If you have ever wanted to land a trophy Peacock Bass on the fly, this is the best destination in the world. With fly fishing only comprising of more than 180 known creeks, 60 lakes, and three significant tributaries, the fishing operation based on the river offers a vibrant, endless array of freshwater fly fishing opportunities. Encompassing a vast amount of virgin water. Only 12 anglers per week fish this magnificent exclusive area of more than 600kms of pristine and unspoiled water. The river is home to an incredible population of Peacock Bass, offering travelling anglers the chance to hook and release larger-than-average specimens on the fly.
The fishing at the Rio Marie Lodge is some of the best found anywhere in Brazil, and this isn’t just a guess; it’s a fact.

The Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) has conducted numerous studies on the region and have found that the river holds at least double the quantity of trophy-sized Peacock Bass compared with any other destination in the Rio Negro basin. This equates to a genuine opportunity to catch some of the largest Peacock Bass found anywhere in the Amazon Basin and the world for travelling fly fishing anglers. This fishing operation is undoubtedly one where fly anglers really can pursue and conquer the dream of reaching a world record on the fly.

The average size of the Speckled Peacock Bass in the river is 10lb, and fish over 15lb are not uncommon; year on year, the river has also seen a significant influx of fish weighing over the magical 20lb mark. As a result, it’s now the most prolific river in Brazil for actual trophy Peacocks.Fishing for these colourful specimens isn’t a numbers game, and not every angler will land a fish of a lifetime. Still, in the 2015 season, on average, over half of the anglers fishing the Rio Marie managed to land a fish of over 20lb, and more 20lb+ fish got landed than any other river destination in the Amazon.

Stay in comfort and style while on our liveaboard operation. The Untamed Amazon has eight guest suites, every 18 square meters in size – 6 of which are double suites, and two of which are single suites. Six suites can accommodate two guests in super single beds and include a private bathroom, air conditioning and plenty of open space for clothes, equipment and storage. Two suites accommodate single guests and private bathrooms, air-conditioning, and plenty of open space for clothes, equipment, and storage. The suites all feature outside-facing, ceiling-to-floor panoramic windows.

Fly Fishing Combo Trip, Iceland

For the fly angler looking for a trip to Iceland to experience some of the best fishing, it offers for Brown Trout, Arctic Char and of course, the famous Atlantic Salmon. Our Iceland combination trip takes in Three rivers and is also a fully guided service so we take care of everything, which just leaves you to think about and enjoy your fishing.

Our beats, located in the northern part of the country, offer two days of quality fishing on each of the Laxá In Aðaldal, Reykjadalsa & Mýrarkvísl Rivers. This fully guided combo trip starts with two days on the Mýrarkvísl, followed by two days on the Reykjadalsa, before finishing with two days on the Laxá In Aðaldal.

The Mýrarkvísl and Reykjadalsa rivers are tributaries of the mighty Laxá and offer a wide range of diverse waterways for anglers to wet a fly. The former features numerous quality Trout and Salmon beats and a selection of beautiful pools, and even a lake, Lake Langavatn. In this area, it’s not unusual to catch 15-20 Brown Trout per day with an average size of around 2-3lb. The latter, the Reykjadalsa, is a typical freestone river, renowned as a surface fishing and dry fly anglers paradise. Like the Mýrarkvísl, it’s also known for its wild Trout and Char fishing and produces good numbers of fish.

Finally, the Laxá In Aðaldal is one of the most famous rivers in Iceland, an enchanting waterway that fishes consistently throughout the season. It’s renowned for being one of the best Trout rivers in Europe and even the world. It produces significant numbers of Brownies, averaging 2lb to 3lb, with a good sprinkling of specimens to over 8lb mixed in.

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