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Common Carp Fishing Holidays

Common Carp, like the Mirror Carp is one of the most popular freshwater species worldwide and is targeted by millions of anglers. Freshwater anglers have pursued Common Carp for years and with modern tackle these fish are becoming easier to catch. You will find these Carp spread wide across Europe from the rivers and lakes in Spain, to stunning mountain top lakes in Gran Canaria. Canada and the St Lawrence River system is fast becoming the “go to” place for huge bags of Common Carp.

Carp Fishing Holiday | Heaven Lake | Hungary

Given how popular Carp fishing has become we have been searching the world for top quality Carp venues. We would like to introduce Carp Heaven Lake located in Hungary only 10km from Nyíregyháza which is the northeast side of the country. This stunning piece of water is 59 acres and over 40 years old. The owners have stocked over 25,000 Carp in this lake from 20lb-40lb... Read more

  Category: Family Fishing, Fishing Holidays, Freshwater Fishing
   Season: April to October

Carp Fishing Holiday | Island Lake | Hungary

This 34 acre Carp lake in Hungary is a little gem and once you have looked through the gallery you will soon realise that there are some stunning Carp to be caught, especially the heavyweight commons which this lake has in abundance. This lake has been built with the Carp angler in mind with the centre of the lake dotted with small and large Islands, hence the name of the lake... Read more

  Category: Fishing Holidays, Freshwater Fishing
   Season: April to October

Carp Fishing Holiday | Paradise Lake | Hungary

Carp fishing in Hungary is fast becoming the new France with the lakes seeing more and more anglers venturing from overseas in search of new waters with huge hard fighting Carp of many different sizes. Everybody has heard of the new Carp world record and at 105lb caught recently from a lake in Hungary, has made this fine country stand head and shoulders above places such as France... Read more

  Category: Fishing Holidays, Freshwater Fishing
   Season: April to October
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Additional Information

Name: Common Carp

Also known as: Commons

Scientific Name: Cyprinus Carpio

Description: Common Carp are normally a dark brown/bronze colour and the body is covered in a mesh-like scale pattern all over its body. The head of a Common Carp has an underslung mouth specifically for bottom-feeding in the rivers and lakes it resides in. This mouth also has small barbules located around it for seeking out food.

Average Size: Common carp can reach sizes over 60lb in weight but the average you will normally find in many lakes and rivers is 15lb.

Where to Catch: You will find Common Carp all around the worlds freshwaters from the lakes of the UK to the rivers of the USA. The common Carp is as its name suggests very common in freshwater, this fish just loves to root around on the bottom of these freshwater habitats in the slower moving areas finding many food items to feast on.  Common carp often give their location away by the fizzing of bubbles breaking on the surface. You can find out more about Common Carp fishing over on our YouTube channel.

Fishing methods: By a long way the most popular method used for Common Carp fishing is ledgering with one of the thousands of different flavoured boilies on the market, using one of the hundreds of different rigs designed for this exact purpose. Other more natural ways to fish for Common Carp include float fishing with bait like worms, sweetcorn and bread along with fishing on the surface when the carp are in the upper layers using floating bait like bread crust and dog biscuits.

Contact us: Have you ever been Common Carp fishing abroad? Is this a favourite species of yours that you just love to fish for? If it is, and you’re ready to experience true Carp Fishing, contact us or call 01603 407596 today and we’ll make your dreams a reality.

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