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Mekong Catfish Fishing Holidays

Giant Mekong Catfish are found in a lot of freshwater fisheries in Thailand and can be targeted with very basic tackle. These Mekong Catfish grow to massive sizes and was once thought to be the biggest and hardest fighting freshwater species in the world. In their natural slow deep moving rivers, these fish are in decline, which has found them to be introduced into lakes across Thailand. Thankfully they are now thriving, giving you the unique opportunity to do battle with one of the worlds biggest freshwater species.

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Additional Information

The Mekong Catfish is one of the planets largest freshwater fish reaching weights in excess of 650lb. Being a member of the Catfish family this fish predominately feeds on the bottom and is a herbivore eating plants and algae.

Name: Mekong Catfish
Also known as: N/A
Scientific name: Pangasianodon gigas


The Mekong Catfish is a grey to white colour and lacks the stripes that other catfish have. The Mekong giant catfish is distinguished from other large catfish species in the river by the near-total lack of barbels and the absence of teeth. With its wide flat head this fish is unmistakable when you see it.

Average size

This fish reaches sizes in excess of 650lb but the average size of fish you will catch is around 50lb’s

Where to catch

The best place to catch this fish in in Asia and in particular the lakes of Thailand. Targeting this fish in the wild is illegal in the countries it is most commonly found due to its protected status. This means that you must head to lakes that are stocked with this fish commercially and the best one for this just ha to be the famous Gillhams resort in Thailand.

Fishing methods

Being a herbivore and a bottom feeder, the best way to target this fish is by fishing a static bait ledgered on the bottom. The best baits tend to be boilies or pellets. Maize is also another great bait, by finding a plateau in the lake and fishing over this you stand a great chance of hooking into one.


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