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Sturgeon Fishing Holidays

Sturgeon are one of the worlds biggest and hardest fighting freshwater fish found in places such as the Fraser River system in Canada and can be targeted on a daily basis. The Sturgeon fights long and hard, so be prepared for long arm wrenching battles with acrobatic displays and long runs. Sturgeon will test the most fit of anglers and you will need to have top-notch tackle. Sturgeon feed primarily on Salmon eggs most of the year and then, when the Salmon run, they switch over to actually eating whole Salmon.

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   Season: April to October
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Additional Information

Species:  White Sturgeon

Latin Name:  Acipenser Transmontanus

Maximum Size:  Average 100lb but they have been recorded up to 1,799lb

Description:  The White Sturgeon is a prehistoric looking leviathan that inhabits the waters of North America and Canada. This monster of the rivers is normally a grey colour with brown specimens also being recorded, with its long snout and super sensitive barbules this is one fish that can be mistaken for no other. The Sturgeons body is long and instead of having scales this fish has bony plates making it a lot harder to be on any predators menu. The body of the Sturgeon is finished off with a sleek almost Shark like tail making this one super powerful and formidable adversary for any angler.

Where to catch:  The Frazer River in Canada is one of the best places to target White Sturgeon and we can offer you the chance to duel with the this Jurassic beast and enable you to sample the thrill of hooking a White Sturgeon.

Average Size:  Average 100lb but they have been recorded up to 1,799lb.

Habitat:  The White Sturgeon lives predominately in the large Estuarine waters of the big rivers of North America but when spawning these fish will migrate long distances into the freshwater areas of these vast expanses of water laying their eggs before moving back to the estuarine areas.

Fishing Methods:  The White Sturgeon is not a hard species to locate and hook in to, the hard part begins once it is hooked. This fish will run like a steam train and jump to try to shake the hooks making for a spectacular fight. This fish will be found in deep soft-bottomed areas of the estuaries where it will be feeding on mainly fish with Herring, Shad, Salmon and Crustaceans being firm favourites in their diets.

Fishing for Sturgeon is best done from a boat, using up-tide tackle and fishing static fish baits. You will anxiously wait for your lead to trip and the line to start peeling off your reel at a ferocious speed as the monster from below becomes hooked. Be prepared for a long fight and do not try to bully your fish in, Sturgeon are phenomenally strong fish and by trying to get the fish in before it is tired could prove to be very costly. Many of these fish are lost due to this.

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