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Black Marlin Big Game Fishing Holidays

Black Marlin are amongst the largest of all Saltwater game fish and can be found cruising the surface of many seas around the world. Some Black Marlin have been recorded to reach and exceed weights of over 1000lb and we strongly believe there are much bigger Black Marlin never to even see a hook. There is no greater feeling than seeing a huge Black Marlin playing with your lure behind the boat and then the fun starts. With the right tackle you will be in for a fight of your life

Panama Sport Fishing Lodge | Panama

Every sport fisherman has heard of stories of how world-class the fishery is in Panama and it's no wondering when Panama is the home to so many IGFA records of all manner of species and our lodge is right in the thick of it. The Gulf of Chiriquí is a real treasure of Panama and with the likes of world-renowned areas such as Hannibal Bank and Isla Montuosa being the fishing grounds.. Read more

  Category: Big Game Fishing, Fishing Holidays, Popper & Jig Fishing
   Season: All Year

Dogtooth Tuna Fishing | Hosted | Rodrigues Island | Mauritius

Due to the amazing fishing at Rodrigues Island, Sportquest Holidays made the decision to put on their very own hosted Jig fishing trip to the fish packed waters that surround Rodrigues Island in Mauritius. This trip is for the anglers out there who seek adventure and excitement with some pretty extreme fishing for fish that absolutely pull your arms off... Read more

  Category: Big Game Fishing, Fishing Holidays, Hosted Fishing, Popper & Jig Fishing, Hosted Hosted Popper, Jig & Big Game Fishing Holidays
   Season: All Year

Kwanza Tarpon Lodge | Lure & Popper Fishing | Angola

At Kwanza Lodge the fishing is varied with the opportunity to one day, fish the freshwaters of the river Cuanza for super huge Tarpon and then the next to be some nautical miles offshore fishing for huge Marlin. The guides will make sure that all your requirements are catered for, so if you wish to troll all day or even popper fish then this will be tailored into your itinerary... Read more

  Category: Big Game Fishing, Popper & Jig Fishing
   Season: All Year

Dogtooth Tuna Fishing | Hawkins Bank | Rodrigues | Mauritius

This fishing adventure is like no others out there! Rodrigues Island offers anglers a unique opportunity to fish for some incredible species. The fishing style used is completely down to you as the itinerary can be completely tailored to suit how you wish to fish and the species you wish to target. In addition to this, we some excellent tackle package waiting on board for you to use completely free of charge... Read more

  Category: Big Game Fishing, Popper & Jig Fishing, Hosted Hosted Popper, Jig & Big Game Fishing Holidays
   Season: All Year

Arabian Fly | Saltwater Fly Fishing | Oman

Fly fishing Oman's vast coastline gives anglers the opportunity to catch a multitude of the different species that inhabit the Arabian sea. Our guides have a huge amount of knowledge regarding fly fishing for the different species and have played a huge part in pioneering the targeting of some of these! A perfect destination for any small group wishing to experience the hospitality that this area is famed for as well as world-class saltwater fishing... Read more

  Category: Fishing Holidays, Saltwater Fly Fishing
   Season: October to May

Popper & Jig Fishing | Hosted North Nosy Be | Madagascar

Sportquest Holidays is proud to be able to offer you an exclusive fishing holiday like no other. We have, with our Madagascan partner, Nirvana Fishing put together an exclusive Popper fishing school designed around teaching you the angler everything there is to know about the art of popper and jig fishing... Read more

  Category: Fishing Holidays, Popper & Jig Fishing, Single Angler Fishing, Hosted Hosted Popper, Jig & Big Game Fishing Holidays
   Season: All Year
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Additional Information

Name: Black Marlin

Scientific Name: Istiompax indica

Description: Compared to other Billfish, Black Marlin are more solid than their Blue counterparts. They have a shorter bill and a rounder and lower dorsal fin. Black marlin can be distinguished from all other marlin species by their rigid pectoral fins, which are unable to be pressed flat against their sides.

Average Size: The Black Marlin is one of the largest members of the Marlin family. This beautiful fish can reach sizes of up over 15 feet and 1500lbs but the average size you will catch will be around 100lb.

Where to Catch: The Black Marlin can be caught in both the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Oceans. Some of the best destinations to head to for Black Marlin are Zancudo Lodge Costa Rica, Rodrigues Island Mauritius and Nosy Be Madagascar.

Fishing Methods: When fishing for Black Marlin you will be trolling when fishing, this is done from a moving vessel (boat/kayak). You will cover an area with teasers out the back of the vessel, these can be spreaders or lures which will entice the Black Marlin into getting aggressive and then it will into full blown attack mode. Once a Black Marlin is spotted the boats deckhand will watch to see where the Marlin is raising, if the marlin does not hook up on a lure the deckhand will flick out a rod with a dead-bait (normally a Tuna or a Ballyhoo) which nearly always proves to be irresistible your rod will then double over and your reel will start to scream making it fish on.



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