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Striped Marlin Big Game Fishing Holidays

The Striped Marlin was the first billfish caught on rod and reel. Since these first captures, Striped Marlin have been caught in many parts of the Pacific and Indian oceans. Striped Marlin are colourful, beautifully shaped Billfish. They are acrobatic fighters when hooked and hunt near the surface for their prey, which consists of pelagic species such as squid, pilchards, anchovies, mackerel, flying fish and sardines. One of the best saltwater destinations for Stripe Marlin is Mexico, where they tend to spend a while feeding up.

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Additional Information

Name: Striped Marlin

Also Known As: Banded Marlin

Scientific Name: Kajikia Audax

Description: Striped Marlin are a large oceanic fish with a long round bill, small teeth, and a tall dorsal fin. Their bodies are dark blue-black on the top and fade to a silvery white on the bottom. They also have rows of blue coloured stripes made up of smaller round dots or narrow bands on their flanks.

Average Size: The Striped Marlin is smaller than its other relatives from the Marlin family. This beautiful fish can reach sizes of up to 12 feet and 450lb’s but the average size you will catch will be around 80lb.

Where To Catch: The Striped Marlin can be caught in both the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, some of the best destinations to catch Striped Marlin are the Watamu Kenya, Palmas de Cortez Mexico and Playa Del Sol Mexico.

 Fishing Methods: When fishing for Striped Marlin you will be trolling from a moving vessel such as a boat or kayak. You will cover an area with teasers out the back of the vessel, these can be spreaders or lures, which will entice the Marlin into becoming aggressive and getting into full-blown attack mode. Once a Marlin is spotted the boat deckhand will watch to see where the Marlin is raising if the Marlin does not hook up on a lure the deckhand will flick out a rod with a dead bait on which nearly always proves to be irresistible.

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