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Sevengill Cow Shark Fishing

The Seven Gill Cow Shark as named has 7 Gill slits rather than the standard 5 Gill slits most shark species have. They have a large round body with broad wide nose and comb-shaped teeth. These beautiful sharks are ancient with evidence linking them back to the Jurassic age from over 150 million years ago. The sharks are active hunters and predate on Rays, smaller Sharks and Seals and are known to hunt in packs when taking out large prey.

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Additional Information

The Sevengill cow shark is a member of the Cow shark family that resides in many of the saltwaters around the world. This species of Shark is no apex predator though, preferring to stealthily amble around near the sea bed picking off fish that it comes across.

Name: Seven Gilled Cow Shark
Also known as: Cow shark, Broadnose shark, Mud shark
Scientific name: Notorynchus cepedianus


The Seven gilled cow shark has a large thick body, with a broad head and blunt snout. The top jaw has jagged teeth and the bottom jaw has smaller comb-shaped teeth. It has a single dorsal fin which set the caudal fin. This sharks colour is silver-gray to brown in order to blend with the dark water and substrate when viewed from above. In counter to this, lower body is very pale, blending with the sunlit water when viewed from below.

Average size

The Cow shark can reach sizes in excess of 80lb but the average you will catch is around 20lb in weight.

Where to catch

The Seven Gilled Cow Shark can be found in many waters around the world with destinations such as Australia, Japan, South America and even the Golden Gate bridge of San Francisco. Probably the best place to target the Cow shark is the waters surrounding Africa with Namibia and South Africa both extremely good destinations.

Fishing methods

The Cow Shark is a slow sluggish species that will not chase down a meal, they like to sneak up on their food and ambush it. This means that by a long way the best method to target this fish is by ledgering a large bloody bait on the bottom.  The scent trail from this will draw the fish in from afar and should soon see your rod slowly arching over in the stand as the Cow shark makes off with the bait.

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