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Goose shooting holidays

Goose shooting has become ever more popular over the recent years and is something very special to experience if you haven’t done so already. We pride ourselves in working hard to bring you cost-effective shooting in the best estates in Europe. Unlike Sporting agencies we provide the full package, from flights, transfers and great accommodation. Travel time is regarded as relatively kind and stress-free which is another reason why you should consider a Goose shooting holiday.


Skåne | Wildfowl Combination| Sweden

If Wild-fowling is your passion and you crave an exhilarating experience then look no further. Sweden is best known for its copious amounts of native and migratory birds and best yet, unlimited bags. You will have the opportunity to be shooting with the most outstanding guide in Sweden Kristofer Hansson and his professional team giving you superlative shooting trip... Read more

  Category: Duck Shooting, Goose Shooting, Shooting Holidays
   Season: October 10th - December 31st

Skåne | Goose Shooting | Sweden

The surrounding areas of Barsebäck in Sweden is renowned for the being the best Goose shooting in the world as there is no limit on the bag numbers! So not only will you get the most out of your wild-fowling experience but it will be guaranteed to be the most exciting adventure you'll ever have under the guidance of top class Geese hunters and guides... Read more

  Category: Goose Shooting, Shooting Holidays
   Season: August 11th - October 9th and January 1st - February 10th
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Additional Information

Goose hunting in Sweden is unequivocally the highest-volume Goose hunt on earth with the absence of governmental limits. More importantly, these wild Greylags, Barnacles and Canadas are hunted to mitigate significant crop depredations. They migrate from the arctic to avail themselves of commercial winter-crops that cover Swedens rolling terrain.

Greylag and Barnacle Geese begin arriving in late August and work their way through the countryside through until early November where winter drives them further South towards the Netherlands. Canada Geese appear in late October and their numbers build significantly through December as it gets increasingly colder further North.

With the alluring pull to the “no bag limit” for Geese in Sweden you will be sure to have a great amount of shooting during your hunting holiday. The flights over to Denmark are a doddle time wise and the transfers are very simple. A quick dash over the bridge and it brings you into the finest Goose hunting territory of South Sweden where the agricultural heartland abuts the North sea, a favourite stop-over for migrating Geese.

With just a short journey of around 40 minutes from Copenhagen airport you will enter the shooting areas of Sweden where you will be hunting unlimited bags over the 5000 hectares during the next three days. The excitement of the three days hunting will have you keen for some early mornings. By early, you will have to make your way to the selected hunting ground for 1 hour 15 minutes before sunrise. A full-on day awaits you with the opportunity to get tucked into your blind for some tremendous decoying.

Your guide Kristofer and his team has over 10 years experience and offers top-class guiding so you will be in the best professional hands. His knowledge on wildfowling, hunting areas, calls and creating of pits, lay blinds and natural concealment are second to none.

You will have the privilege of shooting an unlimited bag varying from Canadas, Barnacle and Greylag. The Geese sleep in the ocean overnight and come straight in to feed first thing in the morning which is why it’s important to be set up and ready before sunrise. The first flights will usually start flying in about an hour before dawn so Kristofer will have already patterned your decoys, have your semi-auto shotgun ready. He will take you to your blind in good time and guide you through all safety instructions, how your day works and make sure you have enough ammunition for the flight. Bearing in mind, these are completely wild so numbers may vary from day to day during their migratory period but will still be in an abundance. You will expect to shoot between 60-80 birds during the mornings hunt. The adrenaline will overcome you while you lay nestled in your blind with anticipation for the incoming birds and Kristofer will take you to the best spots for wild-fowling to give you a wonderful experience.



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