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Skåne Goose Shooting Sweden Best Goose Shooting In Europe

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Goose Shooting In Sweden

Skåne, the southernmost of the 25 traditional non-administrative provinces of Sweden, usually referred to as Scania in English, is just a short forty-minute drive from Copenhagen airport and offers some of the very best Goose shooting you will find anywhere in Europe. In this region, shooting and hunting commence over an incredible 5,000 hectares of land and unlimited bag days of all manner of Geese species are possible. It’s a region that is well-loved and regarded amongst the whole of the shooting and wildfowling community.

The first of the two shooting premises is situated along the coast nearby to Bjärred, close to the Barsebäck Estate, a 19th century Dutch Renaissance-style castle. The second is found just outside the city of Landskrona. With only a 40 kilometre drive between the two area’s, it’s very well connected and easy to shoot over both on the same day. The guide, Kristofer Hansson and his team have over ten years of experience and offer a top-class guiding service. He’s highly knowledgeable on Wildfowling, Goose shooting in Sweden, the array of hunting areas and landscapes, calls and creating pits, lay blinds, and natural concealment; he’s one of the most respected guides found in Sweden.

The excitement of the three days of hunting will have you up for some early mornings. By early, you will have to make your way to the selected hunting ground for 1 hour 15 minutes before sunrise. A full-on day awaits you with the opportunity to get tucked into your blind for some tremendous Goose shooting.

Goose Shooting ScandinaviaGoose Shooting Scandinavia
Goose Shooting ScandinaviaGoose Shooting ScandinaviaGoose Shooting Scandinavia

Mixed Species & Big Bag Days

The most attractive things to the travelling guns who visit Sweden is the variety of species on offer and the fact that you can enjoy high volume shooting with no bag limit days.

Goose shooting in Sweden offers the hunter the rare chance to target Barnacle Geese. These magnificent birds are not resident Geese but actual migrants from Canada and often sought after by many seasoned wildfowlers. Along with the Barnacles, Greylags and Greater White Fronts are also abundant, offering a genuine mixed bag.

As well as the species on offer, the reality of shooting high numbers of birds and shells is something that draws keen hunters from all around the globe. Morning shoots of over 200 birds aren’t uncommon and always happens throughout every season. As you’d expect, the Geese are entirely wild, and during their migratory period, numbers vary from day to day and from shoot to shoot; however, in almost all circumstances, you can still expect a good day with between 30 to 60 birds during a mornings shoot.

The majority of the hunts are field hunts and take place over harvested fields, grass fields, and fields where winter crops get planted. The shooting gets set up over patterned decoys, and you’ll either be laying in layblinds or hides in hedges, waiting for the first Geese of the day to fly over. The Geese sleep on the ocean overnight and come straight into the fields to feed first thing in the morning, tending to pass an hour or so before dawn; this is why an early start is essential. By this time, your guide, Kristofer, will have everything set up, including your semi-auto shotgun, blind and ensure you have enough ammunition for a full, busy mornings shooting.

Lying nestled in your blind with great anticipation and with the adrenaline running through your veins is undoubtedly one of the most exhilarating wildfowling experiences known to man.

To find out more about Goose shooting in Sweden, visit our YouTube channel.

A Typical Days Shooting

Goose shooting in Sweden is usually a morning affair, and you’ll be at your designated hunt area around an hour and fifteen minutes before sunrise, where you’ll meet your guide, Kristofer. He and his team will arrange the decoys and blinds and also take this time to explain how they work and what to expect during your day’s hunting. They will also supply you with all your cartridges for the day, situated in your blind, with enough to see you through a busy mornings shoot.

As the birds start visiting and the shoot commences, Kristofer and his team will usually hide a few hundred metres away from the action. However, they’re always on hand to immediately pick up any Geese as and when they fall, ensuring that any new flocks won’t be scared away.

At approximately 11:00am, the days shooting will come to an end, as the birds will stop their morning flyover. Any birds that have been shot get gathered and take place in a small parade as a mark of respect and allow you to take a few pictures if you wish. Once you have left, Kristofer and his team will then take care of the game and decoys, allowing you to enjoy the rest of your day.

Depending on what you wish to do, you can return to your accommodation for a meal prepared, or you have the opportunity to venture into the surrounding areas for a bite to eat and some sightseeing.

Goose Shooting ScandinaviaShooting Geese in Sweden at sunrise
Goose Shooting ScandinaviaGoose Shooting Scandinavia

How Physically Demanding

The shooting and hunting at this destination aren’t for the faint-hearted, and you do need a relatively high level of fitness and shooting ability. The Goose shooting in Sweden involves being quite physical, and on many occasions, you’ll be lying down in your blind to make for the best form of camouflage and then spring up quickly to take your shot as soon as the birds start to pass.

You will need to understand how to load and operate a Semi-Automatic shotgun should you choose not to take your own and a decent understanding of identifying your quarry. An ability to sustain long hours sitting or lying in your blind in all weathers is also essential. With the seasons running between August and October and January and February, the weather and conditions in the late winter months can be cold, and it’s common to experience snow and ice regularly.

With the shoots running until late morning and being fairly physical, guests have the afternoon free to relax, unwind and explore the local surroundings. There’s an abundance of other activities to do, including hiking trails and walks. The Järavallen Nature Reserve, Barsebäck Golf & Country Club, Saxtorp Motocross and Löddeköpinge Shopping Centre are all within a short journey from the accommodation too. There’s also the option of hiring a deep-sea fishing boat and tackle from the harbour in Landskrona.


You will receive the warmest of welcomes upon arrival at Sundblick Bed & Breakfast, greeted with enthusiasm by the endearing owner Eva, whose main priority is your comfort and well-being. Sundblick is tranquil and beautiful and encapsulated in some stunning surroundings. It will give you a warm and familiar home from home feeling.

Bed & Breakfast

Sundblick is set within the green agricultural countryside of Skåne along the coastline of Öresund, which offers the most breathtaking views over the crystal blue ocean and sumptuous scenery.

Despite its outstanding beauty, it’s only one minute from the nearest motorway and only a stone’s throw away from the local amenities, including a range of shops and restaurants. It’s also only fifteen minutes by car from both the Northern and Southern Goose shooting destinations and just fifty minutes from Copenhagen airport – it is a prime location.

This little B&B features six light, spacious, modern and cosy twin rooms, each with a private balcony or terrace so you can sit back and take in the fresh Scandinavian air and sea breeze with no cares in the world.

Food and Drink

Breakfast is served with freshly prepared and organically sourced ingredients making for the most nutritious of meals. With the Goose hunting starting before sunrise, a packed lunch is prepared and is ready for you to take out to the field, ensuring you don’t go hungry.

If you wish to have a lunch/dinner back at the B&B, then Eva and her team will be happy to make you something upon request at an extra cost to save you venturing out. If you choose to go out for a bite to eat, there are many places to enjoy and, of course, popular bars to venture into if you would like a change of scenery and a few drinks.

One thing that sets Sundblick apart from others is the preparation that goes into making your stay so memorable; Eva and her team will do their utmost to cater for your every need.

Other Activities

As well as the fantastic Goose shooting in Sweden, it also provides a wide range of activities for the travelling non-hunter.

Sundblick neighbours closely to Järavallan Nature reserve, Barsebäck Golf Country Club and Saxtorp Motocross. It also offers a range of stunning hiking trails and some of the best spots in Sweden for kite surfing. It’s also only 2.5 kilometres away from a grocery store and pizza restaurant, and takeaway should you wish for something quick and easy.

Alternatively, seven minutes onto the motorway will take you to Centre Syd, Löddeköpinge, a shopping centre with multiple restaurants and eighty different stores and boutiques. There’s plenty for everyone to enjoy!


For your convenience, the accomodation also offers free high-speed wireless access. So you can check e-mails or send bragging photos to your friends, family and fellow hunters back home.

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The below itinerary is flexible should you require additional shooting days or additional free days to explore; we can tailor this itinerary to suit you personally. Feel free to talk to our travel consultants who can explain all options available.

Day 1:

Depart Any international Airport (See Details)

Arrive Copenhagen

Kristofer will greet you upon arrival and will be there to help assist you with gun clearance should you wish to bring your own. You will then collect your hire car from Copenhagen and continue to Sundblick B&B (50 minutes). When you arrive at the Sundblick B&B, the staff will allocate you to your room where you will have time to relax, take in the views and unwind.

Overnight Accommodation: Sundblick (Single room) B/B

Day 2: Shooting Day

Rise and shine for an action-packed day ahead. Be ready to depart the B&B early to arrive for around 1 hour 15 minutes before sunrise. You will have a packed up breakfast ready for you for when you leave. You will need to remember your personal effects such as hearing and eye protection and a decent set of gloves.

Your guns and ammunition will all be accounted for at the hunt ready for when you arrive and you will already have had your decoys placed out and your blind set up. Once you have settled in and had the safety briefing and given some relevant information on the daily hunt you will be left to enjoy your morning.

A couple of people will be on hand retrieving with their dogs at around 200 metres away to enable your shot quarry to be picked up as you go to avoid scaring incoming flocks.

With an exceptional amount of wildfowl heading through sitting tight as they prepare for landing amongst the decoys, they come quite quickly from different directions so you will have to be on your toes and reactions sharpened. Once the geese have come through and shooting comes to an end at approximately 11:00 am the team will collect the birds and you will be able to appreciate your shot quarry over a respectful parade before the quarry is taken away to be dressed.
You will then retreat back to the Sundblick B&B to take the time to rest and reflect on a great morning shooting and to enjoy what Sweden has to offer. You will have a choice of various restaurants to dine at during the afternoons and evenings along with lots of fun-filled activities sure to keep you amused.

Overnight accommodation: Sundblick (Single Room) B/B

Day 3: Shooting Day

Prepare for your second day of geese flighting with another pre-sunrise arrival of 1 hour 15 minutes prior to starting. You will be in a new designated area of shooting estate especially chosen for its high volume of the quarry. Again, you will have your breakfast packed and ready for you by Sundblicks kind staff to have at your convenience. Gather your personal belongings in order for you to be comfortable in the hide such as your eye and ear protection and any additional clothing, you will be notified on the safety and any further information required for you to know for your days hunting. A busy team of pickers-up with constantly be on hand to retrieve dead birds so that it doesn’t disrupt the incoming flocks for you. The hunt will continue until approximately 11:00 am when the geese stop coming in and you will have the opportunity to arrange the birds for a respectful parade. Kristofer and his team stay and take care of the game and decoys while you are then able to head back to your accommodation to spend the day as you wish.

With an exceptional amount to do with your time including deep sea fishing, hiking, shopping and sightseeing you won’t be disappointed. The time is yours in the afternoon and evening and where to eat and spend your free time is up to you. However, Eva at Sundblick B&B will happily make you a meal upon request should you not wish to go out.

Overnight accommodation: Sundblick (Single Room) B/B

Day 4: Shooting Day

Awaken to your final day in Sweden awaiting the prodigious amount of wildfowl. Your last day will consist of another new area to shoot, either North or South and you will be taken care of in exactly the same royal manner as on previous days where nothing is too much trouble. You will be expected to arrive an hour and 15 minutes before sunrise to enable the time to allocate you to your blind and give you the necessary information. Again all decoys, cartridges and your gun will be there ready for your hunt. Different areas will offer an array of sport and will guarantee you see a sensational amount of birds. Kristofer will have with him the best calls and will ensure to track and bring down the savviest of greylag.

After your morning’s flight and being that of your final day, once it has all come to an end enjoy a laugh and some reflection on your time away with fellow hunters before you retreat back to the accommodation.

Overnight accommodation: Sundblick (Single Room) B/B

Day 5:

Arise and prepare to settle up and leave the B&B to return the hire car back to Copenhagen airport.

Depart Copenhagen

Arrive Home

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The season runs from August 11th - October 9th and January 1st - February 10th.


Season: 11th August-9th October & January 1st - February 10th
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Incredible trip, which exceeded all our expectations. Kristofer was excellent as guide and host. From Sportquest point of view, everything ran smoothly and without fault. Thank you.

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A beautiful destination with a vast array of quality shooting opportunities. It was a pleasure to spend time with Kristofer and we'll definitely be back.

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Sundblick B&B is in an ideal location and offered very good service. Shops and restaurants close by.

Response from Sportquest Holidays

Thank you Alan for your feedback, its lovely to hear that you had a great time. Im very pleased you enjoyed Sweden and what it had to offer. You were absolutely spoilt with fab shooting with your epic numbers of Geese during your morning flights. It was really nice to touch base with you once you returned.

All the best


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