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Kendjam Lodge Brazil Exclusive World-Class Fishery

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Kendjam Lodge

The Kendjam Lodge is located 885 kilometres from Manaus, one of the most important cities in the Brazilian Amazon, on the banks of the mighty Iriri River. The river begins its journey inside the jungle on the border of the Mato Grosso and Para states, running into the northeast side of the Brazilian Amazon for more than 1300 kilometres. A tributary of the mystic Xingu River, the Iriri and its headwaters are encapsulated inside the Mekragnoti Indigenous Territory, an incredible area of protected land covering a whopping 4.9 million hectares.

Thanks to the hard work of the Untamed Angling Operation, which applied their famous concept of partnering with Indian Communities and their Associations, the area is now open for small groups of freshwater fly fishing anglers and offers some incredible angling opportunities. Like the group did with Tsimane and the Marié River, they established a long term project with the Kayapó Tribes and their representative Indigenous Association – AFP – Protected Forest Association and FUNAI (National Indian Foundation). The project, supported by the Brazilian Government, created a sustainable way to develop new productive alternatives for their life while at the same time protecting their land and culture.

The result for travelling anglers is now the first official sport fishing operation in Brazil, located inside an Indigenous Territory, which offers the most intense jungle fishing experience found anywhere in South America and the World.

The Iriri River In Brazil

The mighty Iriri River flows for 1300 kilometres and is the 15th largest in the Amazon and 116th in the World. Unlike most of the thousand-plus dark, winding Amazon tributaries and rivers, the Iriri cuts a steeper, more direct course through the southern basin’s ancient, jungle-coated granite. As a result, its banks are coarse, clean, peach-coloured, and its waters are a heavenly clear blue-green, unlike many other mud-laden-waters in the region.

It’s an astounding river and full of life; the food source of the Amazon and the minerals churned up within it create the perfect combination for zooplankton to grow. It’s also incredibly remote, and the nearest settlement of any generous size is fifteen days down the river. There are no bridges or roads, and the river is about as much of an untouched ecosystem as presently possible.

With no pressure from other anglers or through heavy commercial fishing, the river is home to the most prolific multi-species fishery in the Amazon. It’s common for travelling freshwater fly fishing anglers to catch over ten different species in a fishing week, with Peacock Bass, Pacu, Payara, Matrincha and Bicuda, to name a few, either wet wading or sight casting.

To find out more about freshwater fly fishing in Brazil at Kendjam Lodge, visit our YouTube channel

Truly Mixed Fly Fishing Action

The Xingu basin, which the Iriri is part of, is home to more than 450 fish species, of which 25 are endemic. The Iriri itself has at least 10-12 that freshwater fly anglers can target with flies, and out of those, five stand out.

Xingu Peacock Bass

A unique species of Peacock Bass endemic to the Xingu basin, and one which, over a week, will often make up around 60% of anglers catch. These fly-friendly bruisers love fast water environments and often inhabit soft shallows and eddies on the fringes of the currents. They average around 3lb to 6lb in weight but grow to over 12lb; they love exploding on poppers and can provide some genuinely incredible sport on balanced fly fishing tackle.

Wolf Fish

If you can imagine a wicked toothy Ling Cod and an air-breathing coelacanth, then you can imagine what the Brazilians call ‘Trairao’, or Wolf Fish. Preferring pools off the primary current, these fish are among the most bizarre, passive-aggressive, primitive fish travelling rods can pursue. Laying in wait for large prey items, they can often be hard to spook and at times hard to wake up, but if you do persuade one into taking your fly, be prepared as with their Tarpon-like jumps and brutal teeth, they’ll test your tackle to the limit.


These curious, flat-bodied, algae-eating Pacu add immeasurably to the Kendjam angling experience due partly to the environments they inhabit. They can hold in swift water, even in whitewater, and the Iriri has plenty of prime habitats which suits these species perfectly. They are best fished for on foot and can often be spotted flashing as they tip sideways to feed. Despite only growing to a maximum size of around 4lb to 5lb, they fight like a fish of double that size, with solid runs and wild jumps.


Known also as Jatuarana, these strong, spooky Trout-like fish are very plentiful and often school near shoreline structures and in the shadows. While they can grow to over 10lb, most of them are in the 2lb to 5lb range and present a spring-creek-like challenge that serious Trout anglers will find most appealing.


Best described as freshwater Barracuda, Bicuda’s are fierce and incredibly fast and a predatory fish that may well be the wildest fighters of all the Kendjam species. The largest specimens can grow to nearly three feet in length and are super hard to hook and land.

Fly Fishing In The Amazon

The fishing in South America at Kendjam Lodge in the Xingu and Iriri Basin usually runs from mid-June through to late September, which coincides with the dry season and crystal clear water. During this time of year, the waters are typically at their lowest and most stable, allowing for the best fishing throughout the entire river system, including its numerous tributaries and lagoons. The fishing on the Iriri River is unique, and it’s possible for anglers, along with the help of their guide, to land many different species in a day.

The fishing on the river is based on two anglers sharing, with one professional English-speaking fly fishing guide and two local native Indian guides. All the fishing gets performed from specially designed aluminium boats, ideal for comfortably fishing all day alongside your boat buddy. Depending on what you want to target, the guides will put you in the best area’s to fulfil any amazon angling ambitions you have.

A typical day at the Kendjam Lodge starts around 5.30 am a with coffee before breakfast is served around 7.00 am. Usually, anglers leave the accommodation around 8.00 am and head to the fishing grounds. Anglers fish all morning until around midday, when the fishing stops for a picnic-style lunch on the river. The afternoon fishing session carries on until around 5.30 pm, when the guide will motor you back to the lodge to get cleaned up, enjoy some cocktails and appetizers and before dinners, get served around 7.30 pm.


One of the most popular aspects of fishing at Kendjam Lodge is that only eight anglers fish in this magnificent area of 100 square kilometres each week. Located in a beautiful Sandy beach area in front of a gorgeous pool of the Iriri River, the Lodge sits over 45 kilometres downstream of the Kendjam community.

The accommodations are comfortable wooden Jungle Lodges with five double occupancy wood cabins with spring box beds, private bathrooms, hot water and electric light.

Solar panels provide full-electric power every night, and satellite internet, wireless connection, and phone service are also on offer. In addition, daily Laundry service gets supplied at no extra charge.

If you are an adventurous angler, there’s also the option of a one or two-night camp out at some of the wildest and far to reach locations upstream or downstream from the main Lodge.

Food & Drink

Kendjam Lodge is famed for its exquisite food, appetizers and cocktails, all of which are prepared on-site by their dedicated chefs and staff. Local wines, familiar spirits, bottled water, soft drinks and juices will complete the beverage list on camp.

Despite being such a remote camp the highly trained resident chefs are still able to cater for all dietary requirements. Simply let us know a few weeks prior to travelling and we’ll ensure the Lodge prepares for your visit.


By forming a unique partnership with YETI coolers, the Lodge has focused on reducing plastic bottles and reducing waste to a minimum. By installing a complete water filtration system, they can provide pure portable water. The quality of which is regularly checked by a renowned Manaus (Brazil) laboratory – you will find the pertaining certificate in the living room. All bathrooms have filtered water in taps and showers.


‍The electricity is mainly available with batteries, but the Lodge does have a small generator running during peak hours. The electricity is the same as in the U.S. 110/220 volt, but with two prongs.

Guides Team

All of the guides at Kendjam are highly experienced in jungle angling and are expert fly fishing guides; they’re all fully licensed and speak English. The local Indian guides are also very knowledgeable about their area, and they know where fish are. This guide couple is the key to a successful fishing week, and after guiding and fishing in the jungle for many years, they have complete knowledge of the people, flora, fauna, history and most of all, the fishing.

Remote Location

With the Lodge and fishing all based in the middle of a highly remote tropical jungle area, all anglers must be physically and mentally prepared. Anglers must have an exploratory mind and soul, but most of all, respect for the Kayapó warriors land.

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Although the fishing days are fixed, the below itinerary is still flexible should you require additional free days to explore at the beginning or end of your holiday; we can tailor this itinerary to suit you personally. Feel free to talk to our travel consultants who can explain all options available.


Depart UK (alternative routes available)


Arrive Sao Paulo Depart Sao Paulo

Arrive Manaus

Once you have arrived and collected your luggage, you will need to transfer/taxi the short drive to your overnight hotel. After check-in, you are then free to relax around the hotel or take a stroll around the local shops.

Overnight accommodation: Boutique Hotel Manaus (Twin Room) B/B


After breakfast at the hotel, the transfer driver will pick you up around from 5:30 to 6:30 am, (depending on the weekly charter flight schedule, which will be confirmed on your arrival day in Manaus), and head to a local airport to board the private nine-person Cessna charter plane to Kendjam.

Depart Manaus

The charter flight duration is approximately 3 hours (and be forewarned, it is a small plane with no onboard bathroom).

Arrive Kendjam Indian Community landing strip

On arrival at the Lodge there is a ‘Meet and Greet’ providing anglers time to discover the Kayapo culture, social organization and more. The Indian Chiefs will also be presented as well as a brief orientation of the fishing week.

Anglers will then be served a lunch of sandwiches for the boat trip down to the Lodge. The journey is fantastic and provides great scenery and stunning wildlife, with an abundance of birds, animals (with luck some a Jaguar) and obviously lots of fish in the clear waters.

On arrival at the Lodge, anglers will have the chance to relax and sort their tackle for the following day. That evening the fishing team will brief anglers on the daily fishing plans and make arrangements for any exploratory camping trip plans.

Overnight accommodation: Kendjam Lodge (Twin Room) F/B


Each day individual teams (2 anglers) will head out for the day, fishing downstream the Iriri river, its channels and tributaries. Every two anglers will share a fluent English speaking fly fishing guide along with two local native guides in an aluminium boat. Both anglers are able to constantly fish all day long.

Overnight accommodation: Kendjam Lodge (Twin Room) F/B


In the morning, guests will be transferred upstream by boat to the Kendjam community landing strip to fly back to Manaus.

Depart Kendjam community landing strip

On the return flight, the plane will stop at Itaituba Airstrip for a refuel before heading back to Manaus. You will arrive in Manaus mid/late afternoon, (assuming no flight delays).

Arrive Manaus

Your staff driver will deliver you to the Boutique Hotel where you can enjoy a Brazilian BBQ dinner and get settled for the evening, ready to return home the next day.

Overnight accommodation: Boutique Hotel Manaus (Twin Rooms) B/B


The transfer driver will pick you up, according to your flight departure time, and deliver you to the International Airport.

Depart Manaus

Arrive Sao Paulo Depart Sao Paulo


Arrive UK

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The season runs from June to September.

Peacock Bass

Season: June to September
Peak: July to August
Weight: 1lb to 12lb
Average Weight: 4lb

Wolf Fish

Season: June to September
Peak: July to August
Weight: 5lb to 25lb
Average Weight: 10lb


Season: June to September
Peak: July to August
Weight: 1lb to 5lb
Average Weight: 2.5lb


Season: June to September
Peak: July to August
Weight: 1lb to 10lb
Average Weight: 3.5lb


Season: June to September
Peak: July to August
Weight: 1lb to 10lb
Average Weight: 4lb


Season: June to September
Peak: July to August
Weight: 4lb to 20lb
Average Weight: 7lb to 9lb

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  • All internal flights
  • Manaus overnight hotel
  • Airport Transfers
  • Charter Flight
  • All accommodation as per itinerary
  • 6 full days guided fishing
  • All meals at Lodge
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic bevarages


  • Personal holiday insurance
  • Tips for guides and all camp staff
  • Food and beverages in Manaus
  • Airport taxes
  • Indian community fees are $530 per person

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  • Flight upgrades
  • Additional nights in Manaus
  • Single occupancy

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I'm not going to lie it took me a little while to acclimatise to my surroundings and the fishing, but after spending a solid day with my guide he really helped me and I was soon into the swing of things. I really apologise as I cannot remember his name (it must be old age!), but I'd just like to thank him. Come to think of it I'd like to thank everyone at Kendjam Lodge and everyone in the office at home who made my trip happen.

Staff & Service
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What a fish the Peacock Bass are! If you've ever come up close and personal with them, you'll know what I mean! They are stunning and fight incredibly hard. Luckily for us on our fishing week, they were very obliging and we caught good numbers of fish every day. A bucket list fish species and destination well and truly ticked off the list!

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest


Wow... Kendjam Lodge, you were brilliant! The time to actually get to the accommodation (door to door) was incredibly long and tiring, but it was worth every minute of travelling time. The Iriri River was a stunning place to wet a line and its inhabitants were equally so. The food and guides were spot on and the rooms were very comfortable.

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
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This was by far the most remote destination I've ever visited, I've been lucky enough to fly fish in a few different locations around the world, but this was something else! I'd caught a handful of Peacock Bass before, but only small fish to around a couple of pound. On my third day, I absolutely smashed my PB with a beautiful fish a few ounces over 8lb. A huge thanks to everyone involved in making my trip possible.

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
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If you're looking for a wild, remote off the grid fly fishing adventure, then I would thoroughly recommend Kendjam Lodge in Brazil. My week there was utterly superb, the fishing, the guides, the lodge and the food was absolutely spot on.

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest


Payara, Peacock Bass, Pacu, you name it, we caught it! The lodge and food were perfect for what we needed and the flights and transfers, despite being extremely long and tiring, were easy and stress-free. Would I do back? 100%! In fact I'm already looking for some dates next year!

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest

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