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Brazil | Fly Fishing Holidays

Brazil fly fishing is both amazing and extremely varied. Brazil attracts many anglers from around the world who are in search of the best Brazil Fly Fishing holiday for such species as Peacock Bass and the Jurassic looking Arapaima with its stunning colours and hard fight abilities. The Amazon jungle is a phenomenal part of the world and has a variety of species that attracts so many fly anglers all looking for an experience to last them a lifetime. The Ecosystem truly is out of this world and with over 300 different fish species available, a Brazil fly fishing holiday will tick all your box’s. Sportquest Holidays, each year, host single angler fly fishing holidays targeting some of the main species in Brazil like the Peacock Bass and Arapaima so if you are alone and need someone to travel with we have got the perfect Brazil Fly Fishing Holiday for you.

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What Fish Species Can I catch In Brazil?

The South America country of Brazil is a jewel in the crown for South American fishing. Brazil can lay claim to some magical fly fishing in Brazil including its phenomenal Peacock Bass habitats and the wild remote Arapaima fishing. These stunning fish attract anglers from all over the world, travelling to Brazil fly fishing to fish on its magical waters all hoping to find a specimen whilst fishing in some of the most beautiful surroundings on the Planet. Other species to catch include Arowanas, Tambaqui and other Pacu members.

Where is Brazil?

Brazil fly fishing holidays take place in the largest of the many South American countries and is the 5th largest country in the world. This beautiful region is bordered on one side by the Atlantic Ocean and the rest of Brazil is landlocked, this gives the visiting angler not only the chance of some amazing saltwater angling but the chance to sample some of the best freshwater angling in the world. Not only is it the angling that attracts so many people to Brazil each year, but this country also contains the vast area of the Amazon Basin. This naturally rich area provides many opportunities for visitors to bathe in the beauty Brazil has to offer.

Where is the best place to Fly Fish in Brazil?

One of our most popular Brazil Flyfishing destinations in Brazil is Pirarucú Lodge. Pirarucú Lodge is a new Brazilian destination whose primary focus is the preservation and continued prosperity of the mighty Arapaima. The group will have exclusive access to fish inside the world-famous Mamirauá Reserve, Brazil’s first Sustainable Development Reserve. This Mamirauá Reserve totals more than 1 million hectares and was created first and foremost to preserve Arapaima and their habitat and the fishing that Pirarucú Lodge provides plays a huge roll on this.

If you are looking for the best Peacock Bass fishing in Brazil then our floating cabins supplied by River Plate offer access to some of the most famous Peacock Bass fishing zones such as Marmelos, Matupiri, upper Igapo Açu and Jufaris just too mention a few Peacock Bass fly fishing holidays is the most incredible game fish in the Amazon basin, it is also the fish that has received the most attention. Their remarkable, explosive topwater strike, combined with an astonishing ability to break heavy lines/leaders and straighten even stout saltwater hooks, makes them one of the most sought after species in the world. The key to exceptional Peacock Bass fishing is our floating cabins, which allow you and your guides to navigate through low water.

How to fish for Peacock Bass?

The best methods to fish for Peacock Bass would be either fly fishing or lure fishing. The Peacock Bass tend to hang around structure so heavy strong lines and strong gauged hooks are a must. We have written some good reports for Peacock Bass fishing that will give you Top Tips for Catching Peacock Bass.

How to catch Arapaima?

We have Arapaima in all sizes, fish between 10-80 pound are common and you can expect several bites per day from these fish, how many you land, however, is up to you and quite often a mixture of angling skill and lady luck, but we have had days with over a dozen fish landed per boat in a single day. Fishing for these fish is mainly using lighter rods 10# rods and mainly all floating lines. The larger fish 80-400 pounds tend to be found in different areas, so when wishing to target the monsters the number of takes would be less, but well worth the wait/effort as these fish when hooked is going to give you the fight of your life. Fishing for the larger specimens will require a 12# rod with sink tips and also full sinking lines. We have got many Arapaima fishing blogs with Top Tips to Catch Arapaima that will help you with your fly fishing holiday to Brazil

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