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Arapaima species spotlight

Species Spotlight: Arapaima

Species: Arapaima

Latin Name: Sudis gigas

ARAPAIMA Description

The Arapaima is torpedo-shaped with large blackish-green scales and red markings. It is streamlined and sleek, with its dorsal and anal fin set near its tail. The Arapaima has a fundamental dependence on surface air to breathe. In addition to gills, it has a modified and enlarged swim bladder, composed of lung-like tissue, which enables it to extract oxygen from the air.

Average ARAPAIMA size

This species can reach sizes of over 3 meters long and 400lb in weight but the average you will catch is around 50lb.

Where to catch Arapaima

This species can be found in many man-made lakes in Asia, Gilham Fishing Resort is the most famous one that has many monsters in its lakes. Alternatively, if you fancy targeting this species and want to tame a natural monster from its habitat then the Amazonian rainforest of Brazil is the place to head to. If you would like to watch any Arapimia fishing videos from our tours, you can visit our Youtube Playlist here.

Arapaima Fishing Methods

Arapaima Fishing on the fly is a favoured method of targeting these fish, using heavy rods, lines and big flies to tame the monsters that live there. Alternatively, when fishing the lakes a nice dead fish bait suspended under a float account for many fish. Just make sure that your tackle is up to the job as these fish can really pull hard.

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