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Sweden offers a playground for hunters with its resplendent forests and hills, farmlands and coastline. From the North to South of the country the list of species is vast and the opportunity to shoot within variety of areas is possible. Species includes Driven Duck and Pheasant days, decoying the world famous Ducks and Geese with the exclusive “No bag limit.” With shotgun and rifle shooting there is something for everyone. The Moose and Roe Deer are a game changer with organised hunts throughout the forests and even the chance to stalk the elusive Capercaile and Black Grouse. The courting ritual of the Capercaile is very charismatic and can be heard in spring throughout the forests of Lapland, Sweden. A truly breath-taking experience.


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Tour code: SWE008

If Wild-fowling is your passion and you crave an exhilarating experience then look no further. Sweden is best known for its copious amounts of native and migratory birds and best yet, unlimited bags. You will have the opportunity to be shooting with the most outstanding guide in Sweden Kristofer Hansson and his professional team giving you superlative shooting trip.

   Season: October 10th - December 31st

From: £4,031 per person including flights

Tour code: SWE007

The surrounding areas of Barsebäck in Sweden is renowned for the being the best Goose shooting in the world as there is no limit on the bag numbers! So not only will you get the most out of your wild-fowling experience but it will be guaranteed to be the most exciting adventure you'll ever have under the guidance of top class Geese hunters and guides.

   Season: August 11th - October 9th and January 1st - February 10th

From: £3,454 per person including flights

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2 Tours available

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With such a bountiful list of species you will find yourself in the best place for hunting. We have to offer incredible estates for you to enjoy your shooting with the best guides and hospitality. For those wishing to accompany the hunter on the Swedish adventure there are many of exciting extra activities and places to visit. We can organise guided tours, deep sea fishing, shopping, Michelin starred restaurants to dine at and many more.