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Giant Trevally Fishing Holidays

Giant Trevally has over the last few years become hugely popular for both lure and fly anglers. Giant Trevally provide the most amazing sport. They are such aggressive fish, often chasing down your lure of fly before engulfing it with a huge explosion. The fighting power of Giant Trevally has been know to reduce grown men to tears. Once considered impossible to land on fly fishing tackle, they are now becoming one of the top target species for saltwater fly fishing anglers.

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11 Tours available

Tour code: MAG004

Sportquest Holidays is proud to be able to offer you an exclusive fishing holiday like no other. We have, with our Madagascan partner, Nirvana Fishing put together an exclusive Popper fishing school designed around teaching you the angler everything there is to know about the art of popper and jig fishing.

   Season: All Year

From: £4,000 per person including flights

Tour code: IND007

This exciting destination is located in the Bay of Bengal on some of the most stunning tropical islands the world has to offer. They are covered in rainforests and mangroves with very close huge drop-offs in the Andaman Basin, which is the perfect habitat for some of the world’s best saltwater sport fishing.

   Season: October to April

From: £3,422 per person including flights

Tour code: MAG001

Looking for your next extreme fishing adventure? Well, we are extremely pleased to be able to offer the very best popper and jig fishing Madagascar has to offer. Utilising our live aboard Catamaran and top of the range sport boats, you will be fishing a huge diverse range of unspoilt and un-fished areas.

   Season: October to June

From: £3,798 per person including flights

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11 Tours available