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Jungle Tarpon Lodge Costa Rica Home To Legendary Silver kings

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Fly Fishing Jungle Tarpon Lodge

Tarpon fishing in the Costa Rican Jungle is a world-class fishing holiday that more and more anglers are looking to experience each year. Many fascinating fish species inhabit the world’s tropical freshwaters, and the Jungle Tarpon Lodge in Costa Rica is no exception. While you can catch large Tarpon in many places worldwide, the fish inhabiting the inland rivers of this northern region are pretty extraordinary. Growing to epic proportions, it’s not unusual to see schools of hunting fish well into the triple digits.

As with all Solid Adventures destination, you will be well looked after, and all your needs will be taken care of by their very highly skilled guide team. Their knowledge of their rivers is second to none, and if you need any help with selecting the correct tackle, speak with any of them, and they will put you right.

Jungle Tarpon Lodge, Costa Rica, is undoubtedly one of the world’s finest Tarpon fly fishing lodges and is highly recommended to other anglers by its annual visitors. Jungle Tarpon Lodge has managed to stay just below the radar. It is resulting in giant and aggressive Tarpon who are not afraid to charge and inhale a fly. Please take a look at our Youtube Channel to witness what this world-class fishery is really like.

Tarpon Lodge Costa Rica
Tarpon Lodge Costa RicaTarpon Lodge Costa Rica

What's the Tarpon fishing like in Costa Rica

The fishery consists of vast freshwater rivers, creeks, and flooded lagoons surrounded by rainforest and swampland. The Tarpon have journeyed from the Caribbean Ocean some 300+ inland miles to reach these hunting grounds for an excellent reason. At the Tarpon’s arrival, seasonal rains flood the immense lagoons to create an inland sea surrounded by volcanoes and rife with other primaeval creatures like tropical Garfish, Sawfish, and freshwater Bull Sharks.

This collection of archaic predators explosively feed on the many species of baitfish flushed into the lagoons by the heavy annual deluge, much to the delight of adventurous anglers. The reserve’s dynamic environment requires that you employ various fishing techniques, including sight casting at hunting Tarpon in the river or the shallow lagoons and creeks, waiting to cast at Tarpon as they roll or break bait on the surface. There are even times when Tarpon congregates at the mouth of one of the jungle’s many creeks and line up in feeding lanes like giant trout in an explosive feeding display that one must see to believe.

How to catch Tarpon

In the rivers of this Costa Rican Jungle, Tarpon you will encounter can reach sizes between 100-200lb range, and therefore the method requires that you use a 12# rod, floating lines are also the order fo the day. As you hunt the Tarpon across the flooded delta, having floating lines with interchangeable sink tips or fast sinking lines can also be very useful when encountering the fish in deeper pools. We recommend having one of each rod/line set up on the boat, ready for any different circumstances you may come across.

On some windless days, you will encounter the Tarpon sunbathing in shallow lagoons; this is when you will stalk the fish by push poling the boats within casting distance, and then you will need to present your fly delicately to avoid spooking the fish.

The majority of these Tarpon feed on various types of small baitfish, large 3-6 inch deceivers and variants of deceivers come highly recommended. Other patterns recommended are anything with red, orange, yellow or in contrast black or white. The reddish tannin-stained waters, preferably in combination (orange/black/white, red/black/white, yellow/chartreuse, etc.) We recommend using weighted flies that quickly break the water’s surface and flies with spun deer hair heads that push the maximum amount of water.

What to expect during your week

Guests of the Jungle Tarpon Lodge fish from simple but efficient river pangas (motorised riverboats), with two anglers per boat taking turn on the bow. As in most tarpon fishing worldwide, knowledge of distance casting and accurate presentation is a significant asset. However, this intimate jungle environment provides anglers with an opportunity to get much closer to their quarry than in other fisheries, making this a unique place to hone one’s skills. Overall, anglers can expect shots at fish ranging from 50 lbs to well over 100 lbs each day. 


Even though this is a fishery amid a lush jungle, the lodging is genuinely world-class. As of 2020, anglers stay in a private luxury house located right on the river, complete with four private bedrooms & 3 full baths set across two floors.

The lodge has all the amenities like AC, WIFI, and even a swimming pool. The spacious house has two living room areas with TVs, couches, fly fishing coffee table books, etc. making it a perfect place for fly tying and relaxing between fishing sessions.

The private dock, where you start and end our fishing days, is located on the property and is only a 2-minute walk down the floating ramp from your door.

The food at the Jungle Tarpon Reserve is a combination of on-site gourmet cuisine prepared by several cooks from the local community and relaxed home-cooked meals from several local families and small businesses located nearby.

There has always been a solid focus to involve people from the local community in this community-based tourism project. So whether it’s sourcing local ingredients or visiting a family for an unforgettable traditional meal in their garden, rest assured that the economics of travelling fly fishing benefits as many families as possible.

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Although the fishing days are fixed, the below itinerary is still flexible should you require additional free days to explore at the beginning or end of your holiday; we can tailor this itinerary to suit you personally. Feel free to talk to our travel consultants who can explain all options available.


Depart Any international Airport (See Details)

Arrive Miami Depart Miami

Arrive San Jose

On this day you will need to stay in an overnight hotel.

Overnight accommodation: Courtyard by Marriott San Jose Airport (Twin room) R/O

Day 2: Fishing Day (Sunday)

In the morning, you will be picked up from your hotel around 8 am, then transferred by car or minibus to our lodge (Approx 4-5 hours). You will then get the afternoon and evening to fish for Tarpon.

Overnight accommodation: Tarpon Lodge (Twin room) F/B

Days 3 TO 7: Fishing Days (Monday to Friday)

Over the next 5 days, after breakfast, you will depart for a full morning fishing. You will return to the lodge around lunchtime for a siesta. After lunch and a nice rest, you will again depart for an afternoon and evening session, ensuring that you maximise the best fishing times. The fishing is based on two rods to one guide.

Overnight accommodation: Tarpon Lodge (Twin room) F/B

Day 8: Fishing Day (Saturday)

On this day you can if you wish to spend the morning fishing. You will then be transferred back to San Jose to spend the night in an overnight hotel.

Overnight accommodation: Courtyard by Marriott San Jose Airport (Twin room) R/O

Day 9: (Sunday)

In the morning arrange a taxi with the hotel front desk to transfer you back to the International Airport for your return flight back to the UK.

Depart San Jose

Arrive Miami Depart Miami

Day 10: (Monday)

Arrive Home

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Average Customer Satisfaction Score 83%

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The season runs from July 30th to December 12th.


Season: July 30 to December 12
Peak: August
Weight: 60lb to 200lb
Average Weight: 90lb

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  • All international flights
  • 2 nights accommodation in the Courtyard by Marriott San Jose
  • Transfers to and from Tarpon Lodge
  • Accommodation at Tarpon Lodge Full Board
  • Professional fishing guides
  • 6 days fishing


  • Personal holiday insurance
  • Personal items
  • Drinks
  • Telephone calls
  • Fly fishing tackle
  • Local tips

Optional extras

  • World Traveller Plus upgrades
  • Business Class upgrades
  • First Class upgrades
  • Fly Fishing Tackle Rental $200 pp per week

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This was a fantastic fishing adventure and something I'd absolutely love to experience again. Luckily we were blessed with some excellent fishing conditions and we enjoyed some great sport. The highlight for me was a stunning Tarpon estimated between 70lb and 80lb. A big thanks to everyone involved in making my trip so memorable.

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest


I've been lucky enough to previously catch Tarpon from the Floria Keys, but I fancied something a little different and after a bit of research I opted for the Jungle Tarpon Lodge. I must say what a place... it was everything I expected and more. The fishing was good most days and thanks to the help of my guide I managed fish to over 90lb.

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest


Great place if basic, but as a lone fisher, if I knew that you could book a boat & guide for a single person use, it would have made my holiday so much better.

The wild life & scenery was spectacular. The river & lagoon systems were not at their best, but we saw lots of fish & I caught tarpon to 75 lb.

Response from Sportquest Holidays

Hi peter thanks for talking to me on the phone as its always great to catch up after a trip.

I am sorry if I did not make it clear that there was an option to have a boat as a single angler and not just a single room. However the supplement is quite high, but as you said at least you would not had to share the fishing with another guest who was a bit selfish on the sharing front.

The real nice thing to hear was that you would return anytime as that means overall the trip was a success but maybe with a little unfinished business to sort out on the return trip.

I look forward in seeing you in Argentina soon.

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest


The first thing we saw as we drove into the Cano Negro Reserve was a man walking down the road with a machete in his hand. It was at this point that i knew it was going to be a slightly different tour to what we usually experienced in the Caribbean. This place is a full-on adventure with a bit of Tarpon fishing thrown in for good measure!

The accommodation and food is very good. The cabanas (glorified sheds) that we slept in were bug proof & dry with a good bed but NO air conditioning. We didn't see anywhere else with a/c either so it's not an improvement that's likely to happen in the near future. The shower though somewhat primitive in appearance is excellent despite being big enough to run around in!

The bar/restaurant is 40 metres away. The food is excellent as is the local beer. Pedro, the landlord came around each night with a pen and paper for us to write down what music we'd like to listen to. Luckily all of us loved Zeppelin, the Who, Stones, Hendrix etc so that was a box ticked to the extent on one particular night, one of our chaps was kept awake by the sound Kashmir blasting out of the bar at 11.00.

The fishing:

It's tough, very very tough. We were told on arrival that the average for 2018 is 2 fish per week between 4 anglers. Not great but hey ho, it could be worse. The averages were higher in previous years.

On our boat for the week, we had 9 bites, 4 of which were jumped, 2 of which were well hooked and played, 1 of which was gloved - approx 130lb. The 4 that were jumped were all well over 100lb.

On the 2nd boat, about 10 were jumped, 3 were gloved, 2 of about 100lb & one of about 40lb. Biggest lost estimated at 2 metres long! The 2nd boat contained 2 guys from Iceland who were back for their 2nd year and have booked to return in 2019. Only 56 people fish this place each year & most are return visits.

The fish are totally pre-occupied with tiny 1'' - 1.5'' baitfish. They are very very hard to catch. You will need 2 rods, both 11 or 12 weights. One with a full floating line &; one with a 400 or 500 grain sink-tip. If you have a third rod,an intermediate sink tip or full intermediate would be handy to have. Leaders, about 6' of 40lb mono butt to an 80lb Fluoro bite tippet of about 3'. You'll need a few leaders as you will lose some in the trees - casting to within a foot of the bank is usually the way to go when the fish are 'on'. Flies are small, nothing over a 1/0. Black/orange, black/purple, white/chart. Bunnies or Deceivers.

Fishing over a new moon is meaningless here according to Tom, it doesn't make a blind bit of difference, you're 250 km from the sea. The water is like coffee, you can't see more than 6'' below the surface so you'll need glasses for protection only.

This, is a very tough fishing trip. It's outweighed by the incredible wildlife, the vibe in the village/bar, the fantastic guides, Tom Enderlain the host, monkeys, Caimen, crocodiles, birdlife & many many other things to long to list here.

If you want a 100lb tarpon, you have a good chance here. I'll go back here in a couple of years for another go. It's a brilliant place to be, just don't expect too much!

Response from Sportquest Holidays


I was great catching up with you on the phone and talking about your trip. Sounds like you both enjoyed it very much. As you say it is a crazy place but this place is just more than the fishing, it is the Jungle experience with some great tarpon fishing thrown in.

Talk again soon and remember to post the pictures.

Thanks for your custom

Kind Regards Peter

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest


I would describe the fishing at this resort as "patchy". When conditions are favourable, I think the fishing could be excellent. However, at other times I would have to say the fishing is difficult.

This area of Costa Rica has a lot of rain (be prepared!) during the fishing season August - November and the rivers which are fed from the mountains can change very quickly with colour and flow increasing.

It is still possible to see fish in the lakes / lagoons, but these fish are not really feeding and the random nature of their rolling makes them very difficult to track and cast to.

I landed a fish estimated of 75 kg on the first session, when conditions were good. We then suffered poor conditions when 4 competent anglers all blanked over 4 days. Conditions improved over the last 2 days and two more fish were landed and another 2 fish were jumped.

Costa Rica is an amazing country and the fishing environment at Cano Negro was memorable. Accommodation was adequate (no Air Con), food and guides were good. The host, Tom, was excellent. The resorts website is poor and gives no up to date fishing reports.

Response from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Julian

Thank you so much for the customer feedback as it is all very important to us.

Sounds like you all had a great time even though the rain did effect river levels. Yes it is correct during the fishing season the river can raise and fall quickly, its not normally up for that many days in a row but thats fishing.

So glad that you got a fish over the 100lb mark on the very first day.

Hope to talk to you again soon

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest


Great trip thanks

Response from Sportquest Holidays


Great to catch up with you on the phone and glad the trip all went ok.

Looking forward to us fishing together for the Arapaima in Brazil. I am sure we will have an amazing time.

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest

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