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Mýrarkvísl Lodge Fly Fishing Iceland Mixed Salmon & Trout Fishing

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Salmon Fishing Iceland

The Mýrarkvísl Lodge is situated on the banks of the delightful Mýrarkvísl river, the lowest tributary of the Laxá I Aðaldal on the northern coast of Iceland, around 400 kilometres from Reykjavik. The Mýrarkvísl is approximately 25 kilometres long, and for the first 15 kilometres, it flows calmly through the plains of the Reykjaheiði plateau. It builds up speed and power during the middle part of its journey before easing and slowing in pace for the last 4 kilometres as it travels through the plains of Laxamýri and into the Laxá in Aðaldal, about 5 kilometres from the ocean. The river has an amazing character, is exceptionally diverse, and is famed among the freshwater fly fishing community for the range of fly fishing opportunities it offers.

Despite being a relatively small river, the Mýrarkvísl holds abundant numbers of Brown Trout and Arctic Char and, throughout the summer months, features a good run of Salmon. Over the past decade and since the ban on worming in the river, Salmon fishing, in particular, has flourished, and over the past five years, some of the best catch results have been recorded. Like many of the other rivers that are part of the Laxá, the Salmon are of high average size, and for many seasons, over 50% of the stock is often multi-wintered.

Whether Trout fishing the plains with small flies or sight fishing the canyon pools for Salmon, at Mýrarkvísl Lodge, there’s something to suit the needs of every travelling rod.

The Mýrarkvísl River

The Mýrarkvísl river flows for over 25 kilometres, and with the salmon ladder built in the 1960’s to bypass Reykjafoss waterfall the salmon can run its entire length, the river is fishable from its source to its mouth. For the first 15 kilometres of its journey across the Reykjaheiði plateau, the river is perfect for casting a nymph or for dry fly fishing. In this area, it’s not unusual to catch 15-20 Brown Trout per day with an average size of around 2-3lb.

While the Trout get spread along the entire river’s length, many fish inhabit the upper beats above the canyon stretches. Here the fish are free risers and very aggressive, actively hunting out any struggling insect on the water’s surface. The fish tend to be slightly larger throughout this area than those found on the Reykjaheiði plateau, and fish between 4lb and 5lb are not uncommon.

As the season progresses into July, the first Atlantic Salmon begin to appear in the river. They soon spread throughout the system and can be targeted throughout the lower sections and into the canyon. Despite the fact, the Mýrarkvísl is a relatively small, clear river, the Salmon that reside within it are shared with the Laxá I Aðaldal and are often sizable, multi-wintered fish. Each year the river produces some true giants, and although they are wise and seldom take a fly, they drive anglers crazy and are an exciting prospect for all travelling rods.

The Laxá Tributaries

The Mýrarkvísl river is the lowest tributary of the Laxá I Aðaldal and offers a wide range of diverse waterways for anglers to wet a fly. It features numerous quality Trout and Salmon beats and a selection of beautiful pools, and even a lake, two of the most famous include:


Along with the fishing on the Mýrarkvísl River, a license for Lake Langavatn also gets included in the permits. The lake holds an outstanding stock of small Arctic Char and good-sized Brown Trout and is a fantastic option for families. It’s a great place to get a few bites, and any fishing style is allowed.


Also included in the permits for Mýrarkvísl is the River Geitafellsá, a charming little river that runs through the plains by the lodge before emptying into lake Langavatn. The river is small, sensitive, not dissimilar to a chalk stream and perfect for dry fly fishing on warm, calm days. In June and July, anglers can expect to catch good size Brown Trout & from late July, significant numbers of Arctic Char from the lake start heading upriver to spawn. The river is fly fishing only and catch and release.

To find out more about the Atlantic Salmon fishing at the Mýrarkvísl Lodge in Iceland, visit our YouTube channel.

Fully Guided Fly Fishing

Although the Mýrarkvísl is not a big river, it can be pretty tricky to fish, especially for Salmon, and a guide is essential to ensure you get the very best out of your holiday. A guide can often be the difference between catching and not, so our package on the Mýrarkvísl is based on two rods and is fully guided, including a car and fuel. Along its 25-kilometre length, the fishing is exclusive to the Mýrarkvísl Lodge.

The river is relatively small, and intimate and single-handed rods between 4 to 8-weight and 9-10ft in length are perfect for the job. On some beats, an 8-weight 11ft switch rod is also worth taking. Sink tips from 8′ intermedium, fast sink & super fast sink are recommended, and for dry fly fishing, tapered leaders between 2lb and 10lbs are ideal. For nymph and streamer fishing, a strong fluorocarbon or monofilament between 5lb and 25lb is favoured.

A vast range of flies are effective, and it’s worth taking a box or two of your own, but it’s also worth pre-ordering a bag or box of flies upon your arrival in Iceland. Your guide will let you know which fly is working on what beat – many parts of the river have a selection of popular patterns that account for significant numbers of fish every season.

The fishing season on the Mýrarkvísl starts on the 1st of April and runs until the 20th of September. Until mid-July, the fishing is mainly based around Brown trout, but as the Salmon arrive in July, the fishing and tactics change to target these hard fighting chrome giants.

Typical Fishing Day
7.00 Breakfast
7.30 Guide pick up and start fishing
13.00 Stop for lunch and back to the lodge.
16.00 Afternoon fishing (After August 10th this changes to 15:00)
22.00 Finish fishing and back to the lodge (After August 10th this changes to 21:00)
22:30 Evening meal and drinks


The Myrarkvisl lodge is a comfortable lodge with all modern necessities.

Built in 2017, it offers four double bedrooms, each with there own ensuite. In addition, it features a large living area, dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, wader/drying room, hot tub and outside BBQ.

Bedding is supplied, and cleaning is included. For your convenience, the Lodge also offers free high-speed wireless access. So you can check e-mails or send bragging photos to your friends, family and fellow anglers back home.

Food and Drink

Self-catering and fully catered food packages are available. If you opt for the fully catered package, you will have the services of your own private chef in the lodge.

Breakfast usually consists of bacon, eggs, toast and oatmeal, and lunch is often carb-loaded, with pasta, soups, bread and lasagne. Dinner is two courses with either a starter and a main or main and dessert. Anglers and guides eat together.

The lodge doesn’t have a bar, so whatever catering package you pick, if you fancy a drink in the evenings, you’ll have to bring it with you. We recommend buying a bottle of your favourite tipple from duty-free at the airport.

Tackle Disinfection

There is a strict policy in Iceland that visiting anglers must have their fishing tackle sterilised before entering the country, which is something a veterinary surgeon can easily perform. They can then provide you with a certificate and a signed inventory of what has been sterilised, which will need presenting to the customs officers at the airport. The most critical items to be treated are rods, reel/line, waders and flies.

Another and more convenient alternative before entering the country is handing your fishing equipment over to customs officers at arrival. They will then be able to disinfect your tackle for you. This takes around 15-20 minutes and costs approximately €40 per person.

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The below itinerary is flexible should you require additional fishing days or additional free days to explore; we can tailor this itinerary to suit you personally. Feel free to talk to our travel consultants who can explain all options available.

Day 1:

Depart Any international Airport (See Details)

Arrive Keflavik

Once you arrive in Keflavik and have collected your bags you’ll need to take a taxi and transfer to your overnight accommodation.

Overnight Accommodation: Airport Hotel (Twin Room) B/B


After breakfast at the hotel, you’ll need to taxi to Reykjavik airport.

Depart Reykjavik

Arrive Akureyri

Once in Akureyri, you’ll be met by a representative from Mýrarkvísl who will transfer you to the lodge. The journey from Akureyri Airport to Mýrarkvísl Lodge is around 50 minutes.

Once at the lodge you’ll need to unpack and get ready for the first half a day of fishing. Fishing starts at 16:00 (15:00 after August 10th) on arrival day.

Overnight Accommodation: Mýrarkvísl Lodge (Single Room) F/B

DayS 3 to 5: Fishing Days

For the next 3 days, you’ll be fishing the delightful Mýrarkvísl river. The lowest tributary of the Laxá I Aðaldal it offers a wide range of diverse waterways for you to wet a fly.

It features numerous quality Trout and Salmon beats and a selection of beautiful pools, and even a lake.

Overnight Accommodation: Mýrarkvísl Lodge (Single Room) F/B


After breakfast, you’ll head out for half a days fishing, fishing until 12.00 pm.

After fishing, a representative from Mýrarkvísl will transfer you to Akureyri airport ready for your flight home.

The journey from Mýrarkvísl Lodge to Akureyri Airport is around 50 minutes.


Arrive Reykjavik

Once you arrive in Reykjavik and have collected your bags you’ll need to take a taxi and transfer to your overnight accommodation.

Overnight Accommodation: Airport Hotel (Twin Room) B/B

Day 7:

After breakfast, you’ll need to transfer to Keflavik airport ready for your flight home.

Depart Keflavik

Arrive Home

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Average Customer Satisfaction Score 87%

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The season runs from April to September.

Atlantic Salmon

Season: April to September
Peak: July to August
Weight: 5lb to 30lb
Average Weight: 12lb

Brown Trout

Season: April to September
Peak: April to July
Weight: 2lb to 6lb
Average Weight: 3lb

Arctic Char

Season: April to September
Peak: April to July
Weight: 1lb to 5lb
Average Weight: 2lb

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Prices from
per person


  • International flights
  • Airport transfers
  • Single room accommodation
  • Food & soft drinks
  • Fishing licence for 1 rod
  • Fishing guide


  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Tackle disinfection
  • Guide gratuities
  • Lodge gratuities
  • Fishing tackle

Optional extras

  • Flight upgrades
  • Rod sharing
  • Additional fishing days

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I've fished in Iceland a few times, but always on the 'big rivers' for the Salmon, but fancied something slightly different. After a little bit of research, I opted for the Mýrarkvísl to sample some of its Trout fishing. The trip was everything I expected and more, the fishing was incredibly busy and the river and its surroundings are truly wonderful. I'll certainly be looking for another similar getaway next year!

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest


This was a first time trip to try for Atlantic Salmon and I am delighted that we came cross the team at Sportquest and in turn The Icelandic Fishing Guide outfit.

After a detailed conversation Peter and Ana confirmed the itinerary, costs and dates, the process was transparent, smooth and all very easy. We were picked up by our guide in Iceland and after a short drive dropped off at the lodge before the evening session on the Myrarkvisl. Water was low and therefore the fishing was challenging over the next 4 days!

Our guide, Daniel Montecinos, didn't stop in his efforts to secure us the chance of a salmon. He changed a thousand flies, leapt from outcrop to pool like a mountain goat and genuinely did his best to ensure that we had our chances.

The lodge was clean, comfortable and we were fed morning, noon and evening by the marvelous Gunnsi and his delicious plates of food. Each and every member of the lodge was interested in how the morning or afternoon sport had gone. Who had caught what, when, where and what fly? They clearly care deeply about their river, the catchment area and the precious fish that reside.

Sincere thanks to Matti and Ragna of Icelandic Fishing Guides for overseeing a warm, professional and very competent organisation that clearly welcomes back repeat customer after repeat customer. To Gunnsi for his wonderful food, sage advice and gentle humour, to Gilbert and the other guides for their help and interest and to Daniel our own guide who was a delight throughout our time. Peter and Ana at Sportquest were simply excellent, as are all the team there. When you call there is always someone to help and their follow up is excellent.

We have already been back in contact with Sportquest to arrange another trip next year and can wholeheartedly recommend their services.

Response from Sportquest Holidays


Thank you for your kind words al the staff do try thier best to help in as much as possible. So happy that you had a great time, we know the river was tough but it is at times like this you realize just how hard everyone is working to put you on fish.

Thank you for your custom and it will be a pleasure to have you back with us again soon.

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest

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