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Seiland House Rognsund Norway A Beautiful Island Destination

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Deep Sea Fishing

Seiland, located in Rognsundet, is Norway’s eighth most significant island and the second-largest in Finnmark, behind only Sørøya. A beautiful island destination, most of which was designated as National Park in 2006, covers an area of 583 square kilometres and is located in the Alta Fjord, just a four-hour journey from Oslo.

The island features two glaciers Seilandsjøkelen and Nordmannsjøkelen, a 1,078-metre tall mountain named Seilandstuva and a number of fjords, including Lille Kufjorden, Store Kufjorden, Nordefjorden, and Jøfjorden, all of which provide a wealth of fishing opportunities and attract travelling rods from all around Europe. The sheltered waters in and around the island are home to abundant numbers of Cod, Halibut, Wolffish, Ling, Redfish, and some of the very best fishing spots get found within a stone’s throw of the camp.

Previously a boarding school for children, Seiland House is owned and run by a Cuban – Norwegian couple Diamela and Stig and was rebuilt and refreshed sustainably in 2011. It is famed not only for its first-class sea fishing opportunities but for its stunning landscapes, remoteness, silence, peace and wilderness – it’s easy to see why Rognsund is popular amongst visiting anglers and tourists alike.

Weather Proof

One of the enormous advantages of fishing at Rognsund is the location and the fact that it’s virtually considered weatherproof. Situated in the north of Norway, on the island of Seiland, it’s heavily shielded and protected by the large islands of Soroya to the north and its smaller neighbour Stjernøya to the west. As a result, the coastal waters close to the camp are generally calm, whatever the weather and very few fishing days get lost throughout the season. However, on days when the weather allows, the location is only a moderate steam from the open ocean.

In the straits of water close to the camp, the underwater topography is exceptionally diverse and provides a habitat for an array of different species. The steep underwater cliffs and plateaus house good numbers of big Cod and Wolffish, the deep troughs and drop-offs are the perfect spots for Redfish and giant Ling, while the long sandy runs are prime for trophy Halibut. The area’s of Sørøysundet, Vargsund and Stjernsund offer some of the best fishing and regularly throw up specimens of all species.

To explore the waters in and around the island, 19ft aluminium boats are used, all of which feature a range of 50 and 80HP engines, along with a range of electrical instruments. Despite the destination being fairly weatherproof, there’ll always be someone on hand to keep one eye on the weather forecast and to offer local knowledge on tips for safe fishing.

Sea Fishing On Seiland

The main two species that attract travelling rods to Seiland House are the Cod and Halibut, as with most of our camps and lodges in and around the islands of northern Norway. However, there’s also a range of other backup and smaller species such as Ling, Wolffish, and Redfish.


A shoaling species and a favourite amongst travelling rods, they move in large, size-structured aggregations, and their diet consists of small fish, molluscs, crustaceans and worms. However, they’re not fussy, and with their colossal bucket mouth, they will consume most things they come across if in a feeding mood. The fish at Rognsund average around 15lb, although much larger specimens to over 40lb and even 50lb get landed every season.


A bottom-dwelling fish, found in depths ranging from a few metres to hundreds of metres, in most ecosystems, they are near the top of the marine food chain. A well-equipped predator, they feed on almost anything they can fit in their mouths, from baitfish of all sizes to crabs and squid. They can grow to over 200lb in weight, and although the fish caught at the camp average between 40lb and 50lb, they provide anglers with a real sporting challenge.


The Wolffish, also known as the ‘Devil Fish’ or ‘Atlantic Catfish’, are unique in appearance, and a distinguishing feature from which they get their common name is their extensive teeth structure. Their lower and upper jaws contain four to six fang-like, conical teeth to crush crustaceans and other food items. They are found in good numbers at Rognsund and average around 6lb to 7lb, although much larger specimens get landed every season.

The Ling and Redfish often get found in deep water; the former can grow to epic proportions, while the latter is often found in good numbers and is a popular eating fish amongst the Norwegians.

Sea Fishing In Norway

All anglers who visit Rognsund get provided with a detailed underwater map of the surrounding area and fishing marks. The underwater topography is incredibly varied, and there is a wealth of angling opportunities on offer.

When drifting afloat, depending on what species you wish to target and what grounds you’re fishing over, there are a range of tactics that work. If it’s Cod you’re targeting, then a large shad fished through the water column or a shiny silver pirk bounced along the bottom will produce the majority of the fish. The latter, depending on what mark you’re fishing, often the deeper, the better, will also regularly pick up the Wolffish, Redfish and Ling, although all three species are also very partial to a nice chunk of fresh bait.

For Halibut, there are many different ways to target them, but once again, a large shad fished a few feet off the bottom is one of the most popular and effective. Although, over the last few years, many seasoned Halibut anglers have enjoyed some fantastic results drifting large dead baits, either fished in conjunction with a lead or a large float set up, over a nice clean, sandy bottom.

To find out more about the fishing on offer at Rognsund in Norway, visit our YouTube channel


Seiland House was previously a boarding school for children but was taken over by Cuban – Norwegian couple Diamela and Stig back into 2011 and was rebuilt and refreshed sustainably into the accommodation that stands on the shores today.

With a capacity for up to fifty guests, there’s a wide range of accommodation on offer, from single, double, triple rooms and four-bed rooms. However, most visiting groups of anglers stay in one of the six apartments found at the camp.

Each apartment comes complete with a fully equipped kitchen, with a dining table, living room, toilet/shower and accessible, free Wifi.

By the water’s edge, you’ll also find a hot tub, sauna and Jacuzzi, which can be an excellent spot to end your night under Midnight Sun or Northern Lights.

Food & Drink

One of the beauties of Seiland House is it offers a self-catered or fully catered option depending on your preference. In the lodges, you can quickly cook for yourself at the end of each fishing day, or if you’d prefer, you can visit the on-site restaurant. The restaurant has a cosy feel and features a panoramic view across Rognsund. It serves a variety of cuisine, with many dishes created from locally sourced, fresh ingredients.

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Although the fishing days are fixed, the below itinerary is still flexible should you require additional free days to explore at the beginning or end of your holiday; we can tailor this itinerary to suit you personally. Feel free to talk to our travel consultants who can explain all options available.

Day 1:

Depart Any international Airport (See Details)

Arrive Oslo Depart Oslo

Arrive Alta

On arrival in Alta, you’ll be met by a representative from Seiland House who will transfer you to the lodge. The transfer is made via a minibus with a dedicated trailer for all your luggage and fishing tackle.

The journey to Seiland House is around two hours and also includes a ferry transfer.

Overnight Accommodation: Seiland House (Twin Rooms) R/O

Days 2 to 4: Fishing Days

You’ll be fishing the fish-rich waters off northern Norway’s coastline around the area of Rognsund. Many of the best fishing marks are just a short boat journey away and have a deep history of producing some giant Cod, Halibut and Coalfish and an abundance of other smaller species, such as Haddock, Plaice and Wolfish.
Overnight Accommodation: Seiland House (Twin Rooms) R/O

Days 5 to 7: Fishing Days

As you have your own boat, you can fish as much as you wish and at certain times of the year, it remains daylight 24hrs a day. Depending on the weather you can fish the open ocean or some of the sheltered spots close to camp, both areas offer some excellent fishing marks and produce good numbers of specimen Cod, Halibut and Coalfish, as well as a range of backup and smaller species.

Overnight Accommodation: Seiland House (Twin Rooms) R/O

Day 8:

At a pre-arranged time, you’ll be transferred by a representative from Seiland House back to Alta. The transfer is made via a minibus with a dedicated trailer for all your luggage and fishing tackle.

The journey to Alta from Seiland House is around two hours and also includes a ferry transfer.

Depart Alta

Arrive Oslo Depart Oslo

Arrive Home

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The season runs from March to September.


Season: March to September
Peak: March to May
Weight: 10lb to 50lb
Average Weight: 15lb


Season: March to September
Peak: June to September
Weight: 20lb to 200lb
Average Weight: 40lb


Season: March to September
Peak: All Year
Weight: 5lb to 15lb
Average Weight: 7lb

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  • Filleting shed
  • Freezer storage for your fish


  • Extra activities
  • Food and drink
  • Boat fuel
  • Final boat cleaning
  • Jacuzzi, Hot Tub & Sauna

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The hosts Diamela and Stig we're fantastic and they have something really special with Seiland House. The accommodation wasn't as luxurious as some of the cabins I've stayed in, in Norway, but they were comfortable and done the job. The fishing was busy most days with a good mixture of species.

Staff & Service
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A nice sheltered destination with some good mixed fishing. One of the reasons for choosing Seiland House was because we didn't want to lose any fishing days due to the weather and luckily we didn't. It took us a few days to find some really productive marks, but once we did we were well away. Would love to go back knowing what we know now.

Staff & Service
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Seiland House was a delightful camp and the owners were very friendly and welcoming. We had a good week of mixed fishing and landed all the species we went there for, including Cod, Halibut, Wolfish and even Redfish - although it's quite tough fishing for them in such deep water! On the plus side they were very tasty to eat.

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