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Tour: Bronze Whaler Shark Fishing Namibia

The Namibian coast boasts one of the largest populations of Bronze Whaler Sharks in the world.  These huge sharks can reach well over 400lbs. You will be targeting them from the shore on heavy surfcasting tackle and bait. The Bronze Whaler is immensely strong and puts up one of the best shore fights you will ever have.   

Tour: Hosted Big Game Fishing Baja Mexico

Our fully hosted holidays to Mexico have been running for many years and this is due to how incredible both offshore and inshore fishing is, for a huge variety of different species. Each year we help many anglers catch their target species and 9 times out of 10 these anglers will book year after year. Fully packaged for your convenience.

Tour: Hosted Popper Fishing Madagascar

This exciting new hosted popper and jig fishing trip is hosted by our guide Ross Johnson and will give you the opportunity to fish the rich waters off the coastline of Madagascar and Nosy Be, for a vast array of blue water species including Giant Trevally, huge Dogtooth Tuna, Grouper, King Mackerel, Amberjack, Black Marlin, and Sailfish, to mention just a few.

Blog: Preparing For a week of Shark fishing In Namibia

Travelling to Africa is an exciting prospect for anybody, let alone when you are thinking of going over there to catch the huge Sharks that patrol the coast from the shore. Here I will give you the rundown of...

Sunset On The Beach

Blog: How To Prepare For A Beach Fishing Trip

Here we will take you through the ways I would prepare for a beach fishing trip anywhere around the world, from Norway to Namibia. These tips will work in any country you are fishing as the variables to take...

Blog: Surf Fishing Tips – How to Prepare for a Fishing Trip

Surf fishing is an ever-growing sport that can be very productive when fishing in the right destination. With fish often moving in close to shore they are there to be caught at the right time and there is something...

Lesser Sand Shark in Africa

Blog: Species Spotlight: Lesser Guitarfish

The Lesser Guitarfish is a member of the Shark family that can be found in and around the waters of Africa. These smaller cousins of the much larger Greater Guitarfish are great fun to catch on light tackle and...

Blog: Shark Fishing Tips When Fishing From The Shore

Having just returned from Fishing for Bronze whaler Sharks on the Namibian coastline I thought I would write a small blog piece on Shark fishing tips. This is so if you were thinking of heading out to target sharks...

Blog: Ultimate Guide To Sea Fishing

Each year Sportquest Holidays sends hundreds of anglers on Sea Fishing holidays to destinations all over the world. These include Iceland, Namibia, and South Africa One area, in particular, we have had a huge amount of growth in is...

SNook on fishing boat

Blog: Species Spotlight: Snook

The Snook is a fish that is targeted by many anglers due to its amazing taste and the fact it can provide great sport on light tackle. These fish are highly valuable to commercial anglers especially and their predatory...

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