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El Pescador Fishing Report 1st February 2024

The weather conditions were excellent this week for fishing with southeast winds. Although we had a slow week, we had a good number of Bonefish caught this week along with other species of fish Snappers and Barracuda. WEATHER: The weather was sunny, and there were some rainy spells along the coast. Moon Phase: New Moon Jan 23, First Quarter Jan […]
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El Pescador Fishing Report 15th January 2024

This past week at El Pescador, we experienced fantastic weather conditions, ideal for fishing. Anglers had a phenomenal time on the flats, with an impressive number of Bonefish caught. In addition to these swift swimmers, our guests also reeled in a few Tarpon and Permit, plus a variety of other species, including Snappers and Barracudas. The waters were alive with […]

El Pescador Fishing Report 2nd January 2024

This week, anglers experienced markedly improved weather conditions, setting the stage for an amazing time on the water. While achieving a Grand Slam proved challenging, the abundance of Bonefish provided plenty of action and excitement. Anglers also enjoyed a variety of catches, including several species of Snapper and the ever-thrilling Barracuda. The diversity of fish and the increased activity made […]

El Pescador Fishing Report 5th December 2023

This past week at El Pescador brought us back to the familiar rhythms of the sea with winds shifting into their usual patterns. Anglers enjoyed the thrill of Permit fishing under the bright Belizean sun and a lively east wind. Though always a challenge, our guests rose to the occasion, landing some impressive Bonefish, particularly on the sand flats. The […]

El Pescador Fishing Report 22nd November 2023

This week at El Pescador was filled with excitement and sunny skies, leading to some exceptional Bonefish catches both in size and abundance. The Permit, elusive as ever, made a welcome appearance after playing hide and seek behind the clouds for some time. Our anglers experienced consistent success with Tarpon, mirroring last week’s catch numbers, but with a thrilling increase […]

El Pescador Fishing Report 8th November 2023

Despite predictions of an incoming tropical storm, Lady Luck smiled upon El Pescador this past week. While the Caribbean was spared a swirling tempest, she did leave us with remnants of low-pressure clouds and rain. But not even temperamental weather could dampen the spirits of our anglers from Montana and the Pacific Northwest venturing into salty flats for the first […]

El Pescador Fishing Report 25th October 2023

Some first-time fly fishers were very successful with bonefish, and we caught quite a few Jack Crevalle this week. The permit that we did catch were excellent fish. We didn’t put as many boats out as usual, but we had some really good fishing for the folks who did get out there. Another great week in Belize! WEATHER: Some very […]

El Pescador Fishing Report 27th September 2023

A great group came down with Mossy Creek Flyfishing in Harrisburg, VA. Nick, we are glad you broke your tarpon curse and we look forward to next year! We also had some father/son pairings come down to try some Grand Slam fishing. The younger fishermen had many “firsts” and were excited about their next trip. We especially enjoy seeing the […]

El Pescador Fishing Report 15th September 2023

A great week with some of our favourite regular customers at the lodge with us! Belize has settled into a regular cycle of good weather and the fishing was excellent. Our overcast days produced good early morning Tarpon fishing, including the big migratory fish. The early morning calm winds allowed us to fish some mainland spots for Tarpon, also, even […]

El Pescador Fishing Report 31st August 2023

It was quieter around the lodge this week, and a few of us snuck in some time off. The guests that were here had some excellent fishing, though. The weather was a little different as a mild system worked across Belize from the Southwest and brought some rain and west winds. Fortunately, the system is past us because it is […]
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