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El Pescador Fishing Report 3rd April 2024

The weather conditions were great; This week has been sunny & cloudy, great weather to catch some fish. We did catch a good number of Bonefish, just not a lot of Permit & Tarpon this week. We caught other species such as Barracuda, Jacks & Snappers.


The weather this week was good, we had a few days of sunny days and some windy days with the winds South-southeast winds.

Moon Phase: Full Moon March 25 Third Quarter April 1
Sunrise / Sunset: Sunrise 5:47 am Sunset: 6:05 pm

What Guests Were Catching

Bonefish: 176 bones were landed for the week, most were in the 2-4 pound range.
Permit: Slow week for Permit, just one landed.
Tarpon: Four Tarpon landed this week.
Other Species: Some Jacks, Snapper, and a few Barracuda.

Flies That Worked

Bonefish: Christmas Island Specials in gold, pearl, and pink sizes 4 & 6, and Crazy Charlies in pink and orange as well as shrimp patterns.
Permit: Squmip rag head crabs, and strongarms crabs.
Tarpon: Toads, chartreuse, and black/purple bunnies are the flies of choice

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